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Photos of the courage of the Prophet, peace be upon him

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The courage of Akram qualities that characterize the men, they force the title, and the orbit pride of the nation, a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, Courage recipe is not displayed by only the powerful who do not care about the fear, they do not make the creek and weaknesses Didnhm. It was the Messenger of Allah God bless him and I encourage the people, it has provided him enemies and leaders of disbelief armies in many crucial confrontations, but was tops God bless him and attitudes and difficulties steady heart and a firm belief in, and confirms Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him that what happened to the people of the city days, when panicked of loud, people wanted to know the sound reason, and while they are well as accept them Prophet, peace be upon him on a horse, raising his sword, saying to them: (did you take not you take), any (Do not be afraid nor Tvzawa) Bukhari and Muslim, this attitude shows his courage, peace be upon him, where out before the people to see it, and to reassure them and the rest of appalled. supports the above position, peace be upon him when plotted Quraish infidels to kill him, and prepared the force and men, even took his home nearly fifty men, then and affirmed Messenger God, did not hit him fear, but Nam was not interested about them, and then left them in the middle of the night with courage and strength, Hathia dirt on their faces, past on his way, leaving a high place. sitting Allah peace be upon him in the cave with our master Abu Bakr, and polytheists about Laurel, He says not my Bakr bravely confident save God: (Do not be sad, God with us). and wrestled the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him once Rcanh known by his power and intensity in the fighting, torn him the Messenger of Allah and drop, what courage and strength he possessed peace be upon him. And once seek shelter prayers and peace under the shade of a tree to sleep theory, and was tired of the effect of one of the invasions, has suspended his sword on a branch of the tree, and while he is also accept it as one of the polytheists, taking the sword of the Messenger of Allah, saying to him: It prevents you from me? He answered the Messenger of Allah answer heroes, is the fear of God! Then the Messenger of Allah, and took the sword with courage and strength, and said to the gentile prevents you from me? He replied to the Messenger of Allah: Be the best is. As for his bravery and courage in the invasions and wars, it has been the companions, God bless them, if meaty contested intensified bass sheltering the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, says Ali may Allah be pleased with him: "We were if a red bass and received a folk folk, Atakina the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, what have us a minimum of folk from him. "Narrated by Ahmad. And when hit companions on nostalgia from harm and defeat what they have suffered, some of whom fled from the battlefield, while the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him did not flee, has It was yielding and Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith is Balijamha and the Prophet, peace be upon him say loudly: (I am the Prophet does not lie I'm Abdulmutallab) Bukhari and Muslim. On one, the day that violates the shooters is the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, who controlled the polytheists on the reins of the battle, did not budge Prophet, peace be upon him from his position, but to stop the strong courageous leader position, and the companions around him are falling, and trapped God's peace be upon him by the infidels, it was not around, but few companions defend him, and emerged including Saad Bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him, when he called the Messenger of Allah Venolh dart board and said to him: (toss O Saad, Fdak my father and mother) Bukhari. Then the Prophet power of God be upon him and his courage, were not misplaced, this Aa'ishah says : (What hit the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him in his hand something never, nor woman nor a servant, but struggling for the sake of God, and Neil him something never Ventqm of his neighbor, but that violates something from the tissues of God Ventqm God Almighty) Narrated by Muslim. We have The Prophet positions may Allah bless him and exemplary, and the focus of view, he is brave in the home of brave, strong in the home of force, compassionate companion in the home of compassion, May the Lord be upon him. Finally, we say, enough insured courageous honor that God loves him, narrated that Abu Hurayrah God bless him said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: (The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer in all the best) Narrated by Muslim, and enough cowardly slander that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him was often seek refuge from this trait, it was the Messenger Allah bless him and calls not Adahn, including: (O Allah, I seek refuge in You from worry and sadness, helplessness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice and the predominance of men) Bukhari.

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