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Justice Prophet, peace be upon him

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1 Justice Prophet, peace be upon him on Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:25 am

In light of the gloomy atmosphere that prevailed in the Arabian Peninsula, and the proliferation of images of aggression and colors injustice practiced against the weak and the poor, Sharia conclusion came to out people from Gore religions to the justice of Islam, and Allah has revealed the best written and sent the best messengers to reside justice and lay the foundations right, to return rights to their owners, and people feel safe and secure, and this is the Prophet - peace be upon him -: {and ordered the fairest among you} (Shura: 15).

Was the justice of morality prophetic and merits Muhammadiyah, which was characterized by - peace be upon him - and raised them, justice near and far expanded, and friend and foe, and the believer and the unbeliever, justice weighs the right and staying straight, but preserves the rights of the beasts and animals, to the point to ask the others to Aguetsoa for fear that it may be right to injustice or harm, which have informed the Justice of images.

And between our hands the position of the positions that attest majesty - peace be upon him - narrated that Abu Sa'eed may Allah be pleased with him, he said: While the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - divides something, accept man Vokp him, stab Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him Bargeon - It promises palm - was with him, the man came out, he said to him the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -: (Come Fastkd - any reprise me -) , the man said: You may have forgiven O Messenger of Allah) Narrated by Women .

It is within the prophecy house stand out other pictures of the justice of the Prophet, especially with the existence of natural differences known between co-wives and jealousy, narrated that Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him, he said: "gave some pairs Nabi, peace be upon him - the food in the bowl, hitting Aisha Kassa her hand she miscarried what where, said the Prophet - peace be upon him: (food by food, pot and a pot) Narrated by Tirmidhi , and its origin in Bukhari .

It pictures amended - peace be upon him - justice among his wives when he divided the days between them, and he would say: (Oh God, this sections as I have not Telmna as have I do not have means heart) Narrated by Abu Dawood , as well as the peace and blessings if determined to travel The path is chosen from go with him by lot, as Troy that Aisha, may Allah be pleased: "The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - if he wants to come out Ding traveling between his wives, Voathn share came out," agreed came out, Imam says Manaawi commenting: "( Ding between wives) show respect to upset them, and without careful of penalties weighted in accordance with justice. "

In the shadows of the fair approach of the Prophet - peace be upon him - the rights returned to their owners and flag each person what is and what it, and people felt - Mslmanm and Ccaffrhm - integrity of the judiciary and justice provisions, after laying - peace be upon him - a system senior and years ago staying right wipes justice, approach in which the victory of the oppressed, and oppression of the unjust wanton, not the poor fear of too right, nor rich tempted to get what is not his, nor Ahafon covet ward off the limits of God, and see the prophet - peace be upon him - so he says ( It modifies if not the fairest? has faded and lost if not the fairest) agreed and pronunciation of a Muslim .

In Almkzumip the woman who stole the story, hired people to Osama bin Zaid to intercede for them when the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - did not accept his intercession, and said a word immortalized in history: (O people, but your family who were before you if they were stolen including Sharif left him, and if stole them weak set up by the limit, and Im God, if that girl Fatima Mohammed stolen to cut off her hand) Agreed.

In the most expensive day of Badr the Prophet - peace be upon him - the redemption of his uncle Abbas bin Muttalib until he reached a hundred ounces, it did not accept to give up the Ansar anything about him; even Zan do not think that the kinship of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - served on its owner.

And when he wanted Nu'man bin Bashir, may Allah be pleased with him to witness the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - the gift of one of his children told him: (O Bashir Alec was born only this?) said to him: Yes, he said to him: (eating endowed him like this) , He said: No, said the Prophet - peace be upon him -: (Martyrdom if not; I do not attest to the Gore) Narrated by Muslim .

Fearing to miss the rights of others - especially in the judiciary - says the prophet - peace be upon him -: (You Takhtsamun to, and perhaps some of you robin his argument from some - ie, better able to show his argument -, it spent his right of his brother's nothing saying for he cut off a piece do not take it from the fire) Agreed.

And decides the Prophet - peace be upon him - the rights of vulnerable and warns people of Bouksha says: (brothers chose you - any of Akhaddmonakm - God made ​​them under your hands, it was his brother under his hand Vlaitamh than eat, and wear what is worn, nor Tklvohm what will overcome them, the Kfattmohm Voainohm) Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim , also says: If one of you server came Vliqadh his food with him, or to Anolh of it; it is the Crown that a free and tobacco smoke - any cook who began winning Tmla harm from the heat and smoke -) ( Narrated by Ibn Majah .

He praised the Prophet - peace be upon him - on some attitudes and words that were issued by the people of ignorance - in spite of disbelief - for agreeing to the right that brought him and, to the verse: {and do not hatred of any people seduce not Tadloa Adloa is closer to piety} (table: Cool, it is so exalted - peace be upon him - on Labīd saying: (truer word spoken poet word, however: not everything except God void) agreed, and praise of the alliance some people of ignorance on defending the oppressed by saying (you may have seen in Dar Abdullah bin Jad'aan Halfa if invited him to answer in Islam) Narrated by Al Hamidi bond properly, and that of his sack him blessings and peace and fairness.

Even animals were impair fortunate than patronizing - peace be upon him - and his sack, narrated Abdullah bin Jaafar may Allah be pleased with him, said: The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - a wall of a man from the Ansar, if sentences, when he saw the Prophet - peace be upon him - crave and shed his eyes, Votah Prophet, peace be upon him and he wiped it remained silent, he said: (For whom is this camel) , came a boy from the Ansar said: me, O Messenger of God, said to him (do you not fear God in this beast that thy God them; It complained that you Tjieh Tdibh - any Taatabh) Narrated by Abu Dawood .

This is the master of the prophets and the Imam of the pious - peace be upon him - and these aspects of the biography preserved in the memory of history and in the conscience of humanity, witness to and caught up with his sack.

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