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forgivenessmodels of the Prophet (peace be upon him:

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"boy from Quraish came to the Prophet - peace be upon him - asked for permission in adultery, he railed companions and they were about to do; for his boldness on the Prophet - peace be upon him - but the prophet - peace be upon him - to stop him stand another, he said: ((Adana, )) delegation, he said: ((Would you like to your mother ?!)), he said: No, God, God made ​​me Fdak! said: ((people do not like their mothers)), and then said to him, such as that in his daughter, and his sister, and aunt, and the aunt .. ., in all of this to say: ((Would you like to such and such?)), he says: No, God, God made ​​me Fdak.

He says - peace be upon him -: ((people do not like ...)), he put his hand on him, and said: ((Oh God, forgive his sins, and cleanse his heart, and Fort reappearance ...)), it was not then turn to something " [1] ; but a worker of the Prophet - peace be upon him - this animal, an improvement to suspect him, and that the goodness inherent in it, and evil emergency him, and he kept interviewer; even convinced his mind, and reassured his heart to slag adultery and foul mouth, and win with this prayer of the Prophet - Peace be upon him.

• It may be said: This man did not commit sin after, it is the people to be treated kindly and Almlainp, instead of vulgarity and Almkhashenh, here it goes, it is those Ghaamidi woman a woman who committed adultery, which is fortified, and charged of adultery, and came to the Prophet - peace be upon him - to purifies the establishment of reducing them, are still doing so established the limit, and what convictions on from Khalid Bin Al Waleed among the Sabha, said his Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((Ozbha O Khalid? God has Tabet repentance if divided on seventy beta of people of the city Usathm for, and whether you see the best of themselves generously to God - the Almighty?)) [2] .

Or like a companion who was drinking wine, and forbade - peace be upon him - all of him; so as not to appoint him the devil [3] uh [4] .

• this, came a Bedouin days ask the Prophet - peace be upon him - something he gave him, and then said to him: ((Well done to you?)), the Bedouin said: No, not outlined, angry Muslims and they to him, he pointed them to Stop, then entered his house, and sent to the Bedouin and Zadeh something, then said: ((Well done to you?)), he said: Yes, Vdzak God of the people of the clan good, he said to him the prophet - peace be upon him -: ((You said what I said at the same my friends None of this, if you like, tell in their hands what I said between my hands, so go of their chest that is in them you)), he said: Yes, said the Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((This is the Bedouin said what he said, Vzdnah, including claims that Radhi, Okzlk?)), Bedouin said: Yes, Vdzak God of the people of the clan good, he said - peace be upon him -: ((if like me and this Bedouin: like a man had a camel displaced him, Vtbaha people, did not Izidoha only averse , Venadahm owner of the camel: devoid between me and Nagueti; I enclose them and I know, so he headed to it by the camel in her hands took her from Qmam ground, line up in humility humility, even came and Astnacht, pulling them Rahlha and ripen them, and I if left you where the man said what he said Afqatltamoh , Fire income)) [5] .

This is Islam, realistic system in the face of the human soul and the human reality, and it does not carry them over their energies, nor are supposed permanent greatness that never fails and never falls, and does not require them to cancel Bharithm to be Muslims; but treat them as human beings, and requires them to what estimated by human beings, and how to face moments of weakness that displays the bar for people in their lives because of the weight to the ground, and how to seek treatment; souls to rise again, up to the desired level and then the desired [6] .

It is forgiveness - God bless him - he says Anas bin Malik - the Prophet - peace be upon the Custodian of him - "I served the Prophet for ten years, what he said to me: ( F ) never, nor told me of something I made: I have not created? not for nothing left : When you left? It was not oppress anyone reward " [7] .

This is not accommodate his human foul, and can not be like him only come to those who God said:) and you are creating a great ([Pen: 4].

Says Aisha - God bless them - "What hit the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - something never in his hand, nor woman nor a servant, but struggling for the sake of God, and Neil him something Ventqm of his neighbor, but that violates something from the tissues of God , Ventqm God. " [8] .

Trustworthy and tells that he accepts Excuse me abuser, not confront anyone he dislikes, and if a language error for a cautioned for his mistake formats of Commons, he says: ((what is wrong with people doing sic)), without mentioning the offending name, and then guided to the right path; clearly benefits so abuser and others.

And he does not like that does him one, sitting where he ended the Council, and he was saying - peace be upon him -: ((not Ttroni as Christians extolled the son of Mary; I am only a servant, say, Abd Allah and His Messenger)) [9] .

It was down to the markets Virushd people to the secretariat, and forbid them from deception and fraud in the transactions, and his habit to be bash the face, natured divorced with sitting him; even think that he loved his friends to him, and that almost the former in Islam and in the jihad if they were from the midst of the people and to consult with opinion in matters of politics or war or minimum Affairs, and come down when their opinions if it turns out his senses, as happened in the Battle of Badr and others, and was attending his companions while working, and bears the odds that bear, and that what happened in the Battle of the Trench, the It was transferred from the dirt with them which they were Ihvrunh trench around the city with the advice of Salman the Persian; so as not to break into the city Bjuhavlhm parties, and is the son of hair Rawahah:

Oh God, not for what you are guided
We do not believe us and we prayed
Sakina we Vonzln
The foot and proved to Akina
And the polytheists may Goa us
If they wanted to charm our Father

Do you see Akram breath, and the greatest modest than the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - which is made ​​such that, with who is in ready to exert restraint and precious in the process, and carry with him the odds ?! He God and prayers [10]Imam Ahmad narrated from Black fast Ben and directed that the Prophet - peace be upon him - brought a prisoner, he said: "Oh God, I repent to you, do not repent to Mohammed," he said the Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((knew right for his family)) [11] , see to Eminence - peace be upon him - with this dry thick, good interpretation of his behavior with him, as narrated by Bukhari narrated from Anas - may Allah be pleased with him - said: "I was walking with the Prophet - peace be upon him - and the cold Najrani boor footnote, Fjbzh, make it a Bedouin robes Jbzh severe - ie, the intensity and pull him - and then said: passed me the money that you have God, she turned to him laughed, then ordered his bid " [12] .

He told the governor and others from Zaid bin Sanh - which for Jews who converted to Islam - he said: "no more than a prophet signs of anything but has been known in the face of Muhammad - peace be upon him - when I looked at him - only two have not told them of it: Do you never dream ignorance? does not increase his intensity ignorance it only a dream, I figured Otlotf him; because Okhalth I understand his dream and his ignorance, Fabtat him to Tamara to order I gave him the price, and when he was before the place of term two or three days I approached him, I took Bmjama his shirt and sarong and I looked at him generally thick, name said: not Tqdana O Muhammad my right, I swear You, my son, Abdulmutallab view, Omar said: any enemy of God, Otcol to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - what I hear? I swear it not for what I fear his cruelty to hit my sword your head, and the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - seen to life in stillness and unhurried and smiled, then he said: ((I, which we were in dire need to is this from you, my life; that Tomrni good performance, telling him in good litigation, I go by my age, Vaqdah right, and Zdh twenty saa somewhere sponsored)), and he did , I said: O Umar, all prophecy signs may have defined in the face of Muhammad - peace be upon him - when I looked at him, only two have not told them it Achtbernhma, bear witness that I have chosen for Lord God and Islam as a religion and Muhammad - peace be upon him - a prophet " [13 ] .

• You do not find the coolest of amnesty when estimated, and humility at the victory, tolerance and generosity with abusive oppressors, all of which represent the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - in the Battle of the conquest of Mecca [14] .

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