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justice in the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

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God enjoins justice and kindness, and kinsfolk} (Nahl: 90). And he said: {O ye who believe! Be steadfast witnesses for God Martyrs premium not hatred of any people seduce not Tadloa Adloa is closer to piety} [table: 8].

It pictures pan justice of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that an honest woman of Bani Makhzoom stolen, the most important Quraysh would this woman, and they wanted to Itustoa when the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the prevention of reducing it, they said, of which speak to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon God be upon him)? They said: It is Ajtri it only Osama bin Zaid love the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), was brought by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) spoke to him, where Osama bin Zaid, Vthelon the face of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Ochwa in extent of the limits of God? " Osama said to him, ask forgiveness for me, O Messenger of Allah!

When he was Ashi The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) Fajttab, commended to God what is his family, and then said: "As yet, for he family who was before you, if they were stolen including Sharif left him, and if stole them weak set up by the limit, and I and my hand, if the girl Fatima Mohammed stolen, to cut off her hand "[agreed].

This is the prophetic justice that do not distinguish between Sharif and humble beginnings, or between rich and poor, or between the governor and the governed, everyone in the balance of right and justice either.

And images that also Nu'man bin Bashir  said: my father gave me the gift, his mother said Amra girl Rawahah: do not even see the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him satisfied), came to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: I was given my son from Amra girl Rawahah Attia, Vomrtne to bear witness, O Messenger of Allah! The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "I gave the rest of your child like this?" He said: No. He said: "So fear Allah and Adloa between your sons," Bashir returned, his gift per person. [Agreed].

In the novel, said: "Alec sons else?" He said: Yes. He said: "They are all given like this?" He said: No. He said: "do not attest to Gore" [agreed].

According to a Akhawbarh Tamimi and the Prophet (peace be upon him) divides the money, he said: O Messenger of Allah fairest! The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "Wilk! It amends if not the fairest? Has faded and lost if I did not the fairest" [agreed] He (peace be upon him) that God bounty and amended and entrusted him to his revelation, how can not be amended and the Premium and how not? He (peace be upon him) says: "The Almkstin God the pulpits of light, who adjust in their judgment and their families and what luau" [Reported by Muslim].

The justice between wives. The Prophet (peace be upon him) is doing right to do, where it was divided among them an estimated on divided from the house and expense and the like full premium as traveling and attended, spend the night at each one night, and spent on each one is in his hand to equally, and built for each one room, and if Ding traveled among them, came out the way that graduated its lottery, and did not overdo the thing of it, even in his death, disease, where it was administered by the wives, each one in Nobtha, and to crack it, it, and teach it likes to settle down in the house of Aisha - may Allah be pleased about them all of them - authorized him to get sick at home, he stayed there until Attah certainty, however Justice he was doing with them was to apologize to God and say: "Oh God, this sections as I have, there is no Telmna with have not I have (1) "[Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi].

He warned the Prophet (peace be upon him) from the tendency to one of the wives on the expense of the other, he said, peace be upon him: "Whoever has two women, inclined to one of them, came the Day of Resurrection and Apartment italic" [Reported by Muslim].
(1) the ethics of the Prophet  in the Quran and Sunnah (3/1271).

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