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The fulfillment of the Prophet (peace be on up him

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Fulfilling: is to maintain the covenants mixtures.

It is - peace be upon him - such as a model for the meet, which is one of the attributes of the prophets - peace be upon them - as stated in the hadeeth of Ibn Abbas - God bless them - and in which he said: Tell me that Hercules Abu Sufyan said to him: I asked you what commands you? Vzaamt pray that order and honesty, and chastity, honoring, Hercules said, and this recipe Prophet .....; modern [1] .

He urged to fulfill saying: ((Muslims in their own terms)) [2] .

It was - peace be upon him - for example, a model in the sayings of bright, luminous and work, including:
1. Great and his loyalty to Wife Khadijah - God bless them - and that the fulfillment of that crisis and stayed in his heart - God bless him - and then shown and expressed on many occasions, including:
• What day sent the people of Mecca in the redemption of captives happened, immediately sent Zainab - God bless them - girl Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - in the redemption of Abu al-Aas (her husband), and sent the collar her was when Khadijah - God bless them - (her mother) , introduced by the Abu al-Aas, she said, when he saw the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - No. her stiff paper, and said - peace be upon him -: ((If you have seen that shoot her captive and retaliate by which a)), they said: Yes [3] .

• Khadija was little to great positions, and that after her death; even had slaughtered a sheep, then guides them Khaltha [4] .

• And Aisha - God bless them - she said, was an old comes to him, he said: ((How are you? How are you? How do you after us?)), I asked him: of this old that accept them? He said: ((used to come anytime ... Khadija, though covenant of good faith)) [5] .

2. did not stop to fulfill - peace be upon him - at the borders of aluminum and CABAL, but move beyond them to the enemies; as it appeared in the Galilee position Agah us Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman - may Allah be pleased with him - said: what prevented me can attest is full, but I came out I and my father Hasil, said: We took the Quraish infidels, they said: You want to Muhammad, we said: What we want, what we want, but the city, they took us to the covenant of God and his covenant, for Nnasrven to the city and fight with him, and come to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - Vokhbernah news He said: ((Anasrva, deny them Bahdhm, and we use them God)) [6].

Look at this great creation, the prophet - peace be upon him - on the verge of war, and the soldiers with him a little, and desperately needs to be to men, but he is committed to the fulfillment of the Covenant.

Prayed God - the Almighty - the morality of the world aware of this.

[1] Bukhari 7, 1773 and Muslim, from Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with him.
[2] Narrated by Abu Dawood, 3594, and horses Perfusion in 1303, from Abu Huraira and Anas and Aisha - God bless them.
[3] Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2692 and the ruling (3/236) of modern Aisha - God bless them - and a man in Perfusion (2/1216).
[4] Bukhari 6004, 2435 and Muslim Aisha - God bless them.
[5] Narrated by the Governor (1/63 - 40), and a man in the right 216.
[6] Narrated by Muslim, 1787 Hudhayfah - may Allah be pleased with him.

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