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Elements of power in the personality of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family

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Since the Personal Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and Alhaa personal distilled process for change comprehensive and arduous, it was Allah exonerated her Almighty and Anagaha of each deficiency, Sanha of each defect, and endowed with elements of power, to face the obstacles, and the treatment of the negatives, and to challenge the positions of rejection ignorant, and the most important thing in this elements are: first - the element of Antioch in the formation of the prophet, so that the first thing that human eyesight is located on the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and God and peace finds himself in front of the beauty of amazing unmatched, and personal talented, and appearance cast a halo aesthetic absolute take Bmjama hearts, and occupies the bottom of our hearts . (Directed by al Jabir bin Samra said: I saw the Prophet, peace be upon God and peace on the night Odhyan - any moonlit, thus giving - they made look at him and to the moon Velho as the best of the Moon) [1] has been configured God bless him and God and peace Nora in fact does not Metaphor, as evidenced by the verse: {has come to you from Allah Noor and book shown} [2] as if he had walked not see his shadow on the floor, because the shadow effect of the effects of physical intensity, but there is no light Latif under him. Ibn Al-Mubarak and Ibn al Ibn Abbas: It was not the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and him under, and has not from the sun but never defeated wudoo the sun, and has not from Siraj, however, never overcame wudoo OS) [3] cited Zargani words of Abu Huraira: (what I saw something better than the Messenger of Allah, the sun was taking place in the face in its orbit). He said Zargani: The intensity of the light and the effect in the face of the beholder him home status sun that afternoon its light in the face, and then cited the words of view: Why not illuminate your presence and night the morning of your beauty Misfer Fbhms your beauty every sunny day and Badr your face every moonlit night from Ibn Abbas, He said: Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him said God: (God created me Nora under the throne before the creation of Adam twelve thousand years, when God created Adam threw a light in the heart of Adam, turned to moves that light from a solid to solid, so we parted at the center of Abdul demand between Abdullah and Abi Talib, Fajlgueni Lord of that light, but no prophet after me) [4] It is - permission - Noor Lights secret secrets, the key to the door of the left, a light bright, bright moon, full moon horoscope, and flood Alhama, broad and periods, what prostrated God knelt and bowed kneeling if he saw the devil sorties light in the face of Adam was first worshiped Jesus and Adam and chests all are the eyes: it is its light as stated II: care miracle the Lord: and not to be here show a breakdown of the types of miracles the Lord to prove the genuineness of prophecy, as it is displayed Miracle properties for about a year, and it represents a source of strength to the positions of the prophets and messengers with their own people, then the difference between a miracle and what some might occur. Perhaps one of the Massadik justice of God Almighty is: strengthening the positions of the Apostles carefully miracle function on their sincerity, because they Gp of the people, and God can not be a miracle but who is honest in saying and do. Valaajaz work is extraordinary, and based on sincerity suit the divine office, and that all human beings are unable to come up with, which is in front of him, which can not all human wills, whatever the capabilities and potential, and can not stand in front of him for any of the positions of rejection. Because the miracle is always moving in line challenge against the deniers of the divine office, because the adopter to make this extraordinary work usually is God Almighty. If we go back to the intellectual base that we have, which is (our faith), which states that God pours his decisions and actions in accordance with the wisdom, and with the requirements of the interests of the religion and the message. Through this limited Nstouha that miracle always flowing into the line of wisdom, and are not in vain and without the benefit of spend have made, so be a miracle to prove the divine position of two types: first: of miracles is haunted by apostolic missions, was not linked to what if people request it or did not ask, comes Miracle suitable for the finest art era in which sends the prophet, without God's Prophet sender cost more than invite people to faith in the message that came out of his Lord, which is what they march all the messages sent by the prophets. II: from Alamaadz as requested by the people of the Prophet, if God answered them, the Almighty did not believe that God Asbhm pains of his own, as the Koran told us about a lot of verses that were the cause for the destruction of Nations, which was pressed on the request of the prophets, and did not believe in Viegelha God lowered torment. So closed Allah door respond to a request miracles that requires denial by landing torment, God said: {and prevent us to send verses, however, lie by the ancients and gave Thamood camel photoreceptor but they wrongfully rejected them and send verses but frightening} [5] and so in honor of the Prophet of Mercy Prophet peace God, him and God God Vookl people to their minds to reflect in the finest miracles, a miracle (the Koran) and that is that there are conditions pose - combined - the balance and the officer of the miracle, and these conditions are met: (a) to be a miracle in conjunction with the pretext of the divine office upon who is the people of this position, and in the circumstance as possible to his claim, so it is not entitled to a claim to a position of positions of prophecy in this time, because the Prophet, peace be upon God: (However, it is no prophet after me), and a position of the positions of the Imamate, the lack of objective merit to this defendant after clarity series Imamate. B - not to be the miracle Unlike cosmic year or be fatal or impossible with reason as requested by the Quraish of the Messenger of Allah bless him and God {They said you would not believe until the outbreak of us from the ground springs * or are you a committee of palms and grapes unleash rivers to suicide * or fall sky as we claimed lumps or bring Allah and the angels as a warrant;} [6]. We note in this application is contrary to the cosmic year, and from the things that are contrary to the deadly aim of the mission of the Prophet God bless him and God, and it is impossible mind, and so I do not find such requests acceptable to God Almighty. C - not to be the miracle of things Almljih people in the faith, in the sense that they rob the choice, so what size the Prophet and the God of the reluctance of people of faith to the letter, signed in the same pain and anguish for them, because they did not believe, God spoke to him, saying: (albeit the size you reluctance, the I could, seeking a tunnel in the ground or a ladder in the sky Vtotehm verse if, God willing, to gather them to the guidance not be among the ignorant) [7] narrated from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased: the plowing bin Amer bin Nawfal bin Abdul Manaf came to the Prophet God's peace be upon him in a group of Quraish, they said: O Muhammad inflict from God as they were prophets do, I believe your God refused to come to them by Voaradwa from the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him was too difficult so it, came down this verse, and meaning, though Enlarge You reluctance of faith in you, and the health of the Koran, the I could, seeking a tunnel in the ground or a ladder in then do the sky) [8] d - not stripped miracle for the purpose and goal, as if they were in response to more earnestly or the stubbornness of the people, and they are not ready to believe in and selling under the banner of the guidance and the right. Because Alamaadz goal in the history of messages, is: connecting people in God on the one hand, on the other hand, the establishment of the argument on the unbelievers and stubborn. And you get this end of the first miracle is based on the sincerity of the defendant, as in the ring miracles Koran, based on the sincerity of the message, which closed the Almighty God by the door of each application, and confound him all the plaintiffs, and the expected emergence of fantasies. Thirdly -: awareness of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family of Responsibility: natural, none of the activists reformers, as the owner of a thesis wants to put it in the hands of the people, in order to have an influence and acceptance in the reality of the nation, should be a scientist and containers for the details of this thesis, which enhances of his positions, and doubles as a responsibility to bear for the sake of promotion, how the Messenger of Allah bless him and God, which is the date of the sky to receive it in word heavy, and afford a comprehensive global secretariat ??. So it was a component of the success of the apostle movement may Allah bless him and God, that he had taken all the lines of his letter, which carry the nation, and was aware of and insight as called for by the principles of this letter and its concepts, {I invite unto Allah with sure knowledge, I and Follow Me The Glory of God and I am not of the idolaters} [9] did that thesis is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family as a profession of professions practiced by ordinary people to return, pending a physical, or hoping to return Jaha, or in anticipation of a social center. But he had the thesis of this ambitious aspirations, and aspiration of the aspirations and goals of the goals and objectives, which live in the same influence and spirit and mind has since opened an eye on the world, and that Tsagrt Tephant in front of her and all material and worldly desires. So it was consciousness and sense of responsibility towards it, pushing the motives of persistence and determination to continue the road to it, was to say to his uncle Abi Talib, peace be upon him: (O uncle if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left to leave this matter is left to show what God or kills him) Believing that this new thesis is the subject of hope for all humanity throughout history. So what was this thesis aspiration in all his feelings and his feelings, he remained watching and following the degree of impact in the depth of the soul, and in the manifestations of human behavior. Fourthly -: his process committed: It means commitment to the decisions of his letter, which calls for it, and work principles and application of concepts in the reality of dealing and behavior, to see the nation's image of the new message has been represented in the form of messenger calling for the faith, and include Biography process Massadik including: A - morals religious scholars: it was inspired by the Messenger of Allah bless him and God of his attributes and qualities and moral values ​​of the bulk, so the Koran did not talk about the physical qualities Ktol tall or restricted, or eye color or hair color, because the Koran is not a newspaper of media and propaganda newspapers even care about appearances, but it is a book breeding and change. So talking about the depth of that messianic character, and the spirit and characteristics and _khasalha and morals, God said: {And you are creating a great} [10] and the Almighty said: {I've messenger came to you from yourselves upon what cursed keen on you believers Merciful} [11] and the Almighty said : {the great mercy of God Lent if you're rough and the heart to shake around you forgive them and ask forgiveness for them and go ahead it determined, then put your trust in God that God loves those who trust} [12] This suggestion us when we take the lives of the prophets and great men, and leaders in our approach educational and transformative , that do not concern ourselves in physical qualities, nor in their privacy and family relationships, but in relation to the movement of the message and the movement of people with them in the curriculum. B - the patience to harm: The more valuable the purpose and goal, the road to the most complex, requires patience longer, so what was the goal of the Prophet, peace be upon God to establish a humanitarian and builds human society. Society does not have a human unless it is characterized by a dream and patience, patience and capacity of the chest, so it did not freeze his humanity in dealing with reality patiently, his humanity was moving like the sun above all righteousness and licentious, and above all Mohsen and abusive to him. At a time when Jesus Christ the son of Mary says: (Be like the sun looked on the mainland and the ungodly) [13], and the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and God faces Photo harm and pain, which Akilh ignorant Quraish and Musharkoha, was faced by humanitarian slogan known (Oh God, forgive nationalist They do not know), it kicks off this intimacy to God Almighty from starting points: 1 out of mercy and compassion nation, it likes to see forgiven her, and loves her hardship, suffering and harm, as we know from the paper edition and the capacity of the chest. 2. out of the knowledge that these decoy rather than through their knowledge counterattack, but through ignorance, which lacks science and awareness component. C - loyalty and honesty in speech and action: It is the personal strength and balance guide, which is required by Islamic education curriculum, which always hurt in the words of compatibility between the breeder and the framework of his work, one of the reported influence factors. So it was the Messenger of Allah bless him and God does not order anything but the first two conferences do, is not forbidden for something and it was only the first Almenthan him. The application of the decisions of the thesis offered by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and God himself, above all, evidence of the harmony of the mind and spirit with the essence of faith and mission, which is reinforcing the strength of his personality and sincerity in her faith and her faith, because faith combines three elements, as stated in Kassar governance Imam Ali peace be upon him: (faith knowing the heart, and the adoption of the tongue, and the work of the pillars) [14] Hence teaches Islam to believe to say work and application in all of our issues and our positions, starting from the smallest circles that we deal with, and the end of the general social circuit. As it stated in the hadeeth: (If you promised the boys Vvo them they see that you are who Trozkounam) [15] In another interview: (most people heartbreak Day of Resurrection from the description of a fairer and then goes against the other, and a man preaching people something they made him they entered paradise did not work it went Fire) [16] V. -: his quiet talk: Because each owner of an idea or thesis, needs to be an objective manner talk show to promote his idea, and invite people to accept his thesis and delivery of his convictions. On this basis, built a Messenger of Allah r his religious scholars in the reality of the pre-Islamic society polytheist, and according to repaint his Koran of lines substantive dialogue, which is - any of these lines - as follows: - to provide an atmosphere of freedom of Roaalakhr: climate change, which is being in the scope of dialogue and purification of attitudes and prejudices, to find his way to the upcoming dialogue result. The atmosphere should be empty of attitudes and prejudices, which stand in the way of dialogue, and a factor of pressure on the freedom of axes, if a party of the same interlocutors assume that in front of his opponent on the right and right, making it a psychological barrier to the freedom of the other party. So Arshad God Almighty Holy Messenger r to put forward his convictions in his opinion aside, and that suggests to his opponent Bchke in what adopted the opinion or position, until proven guidance and the right through dialogue based on the basis of the need to find out the truth of any party was, God said: (Say of Arozkkm of the heavens and the earth? Say God or I Beware of guided or in manifest error) [Al Sheba / verse 24] b - humility axes in front of his opponent: to have a discount freedom talk movement, do not feel that powder under the headings and other considerations, may be addresses a giant whip in her hand stuck intellectual terrorism against the opponent, so the Koran teaches us, how the Messenger of Allah r income in the midst of dialogue with the People of the Book and the idolaters, in a very humble and the waiver of all titles that might suggest to them turning a deaf ear to them. Was able r can be proud of their prestige, power and position, Scientific and understanding, but claimed assure them of his humanity as the common factor between him and them, only one difference a (revelation), who did not submit it in a place of pride, but in a position to draw attention to the proof against them, otherwise what assured them of his weakness in front of all the symptoms and emergency weaken in front of her human nature. As guided him the Koran, God said: {Say: I do not have to myself useful not hurt unless God wills though you know the unseen to Acetkthert of good and what touched me so bad that I am but a plain and Bashir for those who believe} [Al norms / verse: 188] He says: { Say I am only a mortal like you revealed to me that your God is one God it was hoping to meet his Lord 'let a good work does not involve the worship of his Lord anyone} [Al-cave / verse: 110] c - detachment from dependence blind: ie that dialogue be away from the emotional effects that Do not let the axes is moving under his own opinion, but shall be subject to subordination to move within the framework of the collective mind and under its influence. Almighty God has guided the Holy Messenger r to call the island community, who prevailed in them the phenomenon of dependency blind, to do God Muthana and individual, and Etjrdoa emotional year for air, and then reflect on their opinions and attitudes towards him. He says: {Say Oazkm but one God, that you will then flexed and individual Taatvkroa what Besahbkm of the Commission It is only a warner to you in the hands of a severe torment} [Saba: Verse 24]. Source: Summary of Search Sheikh Abdul Razzaq al-Faraj al-Asadi God - participating in the Seventh World Cultural Spring Festival message. [1] - signs of prophecy: 1/196: 1 [2] - Table: 15 [3] - Zargani talent: 5/249 [4] - Sailor Lights: 15/6. [5] - Isra: 59 0 [6] - Isra: 90-92 0 [7] - cattle: 35 0 [8] - Razi [9] - Yusuf: 108. [10] - Pen: 4 [11] - repentance: 128 [12] - Al-Imran: 159 [13] - Sailor Lights: 95/167 [14] - tricked Verdict: h / 227. [15] - enough: 6/50, [16] - enough: 2/175.

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