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Of the commandments of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him for women

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Abu Huraira may God him said: The Messenger of Allah (peace God it and peace): (( if reached woman prays, and silent months pregnant, hardened her vagina, and obeyed her husband, said to her: Enter Paradise from whichever of the gates of Paradise you wish )). [Reported by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad, and Ibn] talk instructs women to acts of worship connected to heaven, and the first of these acts of worship: prayer , where the bone of God Almighty of, he says: { and ordered not to worship God sincerely his religion Hanafa and establish prayer and pay Zakat and that Value religion {5}} [evidence] and said peace God it and peace in the modern which made ​​prayer a pillar of Religion: (( Islam is built upon five: testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, establishing prayer, and Ata Zakat. pilgrimage House, and fasting Ramadan )) [Bukhari and Muslim] as the well is held accountable by the One Day of Resurrection prayer, so to speak, which was narrated by Abu Huraira may God him that the Prophet peace God it and peace, he said: (( the first to be held accountable by the people on the Day of Resurrection of their prayer ... )) [Narrated by Abu Dawood, and women] and prayer also expiation of sins and the sins, and for saying peace God it and peace : (( the five daily prayers, and Friday to Friday is allocating to whom it avoids major sins )) [Rua Muslim] also stressed God and his festival those who left the prayer where he says: { Behind after them behind missed prayers and followed lusts will be thrown in Gia } [Mary 59] and canceled here is a river in Hell malignant taste, is very deep. He ordered Allah Almighty also slaves with the aid of prayer in their heads when he said: { Seek help in patience and prayer ) [Cow 45] The peace God it and peace freak to prayer when adversity, blown her night parties, and the day of Badr. These states creams from the book of God Almighty sayings of the Prophet Saheeh Muslim Family want to prayer and warning her of leaving. He says: ("{ Keep the prayers and the middle prayer and stand obedient to Allah } Cow 238 and the Almighty said: ( O ye who believe! bow down and prostrate yourselves and worship your Lord and do good that ye may prosper ) Pilgrimage 77 and said: ( tarry ye prayer and pay Zakat and hold fast to Allah is your Protector, yes Mawla and yes protagonist ) Pilgrimage 78 and Ibn Masood may God told him: I asked the Messenger of Allah peace God it and peace: any business better? He said: "Prayer offered on time," I said, 'Then what? He said: "honoring one's parents," I said, then any? He said: "Jihad for the sake of God . "[Bukhari and Muslim] has provided the Prophet peace God it and peace prayers for her time on the righteousness of the parents and the jihad for Allah. And Abu Huraira may God him said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace God it and peace says: ( ( Do you see if the river at the door of you wash it every day five times, you keep dirt thing? They said: No dirt would be left thing, he said, so too, such as the five daily prayers, erase God them of sins )) [Bukhari and Muslim] Ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him: The Messenger said God's peace God it and peace : (( The slave if he prayed came the whole Bznoppe, has placed on his head and his shoulders, the more knelt or bowed fell with him )) [Narrated by Abu Dawood] was contained in the smuggling of praying, saying peace God it and peace in the hadith narrated by Jabir ibn Abd Allah , may Allah be pleased with them: " Between a man and disbelief praying . "[Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim] scholars have interpreted those praying Tkasla, either left ungrateful it is kufr disbelief Aatviadea. And have this belief has come out of the fold of the faith. 'Abd Allah bin brother Aqeeli may God him said: The owners Mohammed peace God it and peace do not see a bit of business left Kafr is prayer. The second obedience that Arshad forth Prophet peace God it and peace women in The way to paradise, they are fasting never Fasting, and the fast of Ramadan, especially the acts of worship that bone God reward them, he said peace God it and peace in Qudsi hadith which he narrated it from his Lord: " said Allah Almighty: all works of Adam are for him except fasting, it me and I shall reward for it, and fasting Commission, if the day fasting one of you, do not utter nor Ackb, nor ignorant, the Hatmh one or murderer, let him say: I am fasting, and whose Hand of the smell from the mouth of a fasting person is better before God than the scent of musk, leaving his food and drink and lust for me, the fast to me and I shall reward for it, and good ten-fold . "[Bukhari and Muslim] meaning Committee has no prevention and Lester from falling into the sins that are SESR Sppava enter the fire, or prevention of entry of the fire and the meaning of obscene speech is speech obscene and meaningless unaware of any not do something of ignorance Kabakh and extravagance and irony and the meaning of mouth odor is the smell of the mouth changing because of fasting and the meaning of fasting for me and I shall reward him: that God Almighty made ​​the reward of fasting Twaya is identified commensurate with the generosity of God and grace. And Abu Huraira, may Allah NH said: The Messenger said God bless God upon him: " not to fast from eating and drinking, but fast from idle and obscene speech, the one or SABIC ignorance you, say I am fasting ... I am fasting "[Narrated by Ibn Hibbaan] Jaber Al-Radhi said God with him: If fast, then let your hearing and your sight and tongue from lying and incest, and let harm neighbor, and let you tranquility and dignity on your fast, and do not make on your fast day Aftrk either, and was the predecessor if fasted sat in the mosque, and said, we keep our fasting nor Ngtab one . Imam al-Maqdisi said in a statement the secrets of fasting and etiquette: Fasting mattresses three : fasting the whole, and fasting particular, and fasting especially particular. As for fasting the whole: it is the palm of the abdomen and the vagina spend lust. As for fasting in particular: it is the palm of view, and tongue, hand, man, hearing, sight and other birds of prey for sins. As for fasting especially particular: it is fast heart Alhmm despicable and ideas estranged from God Almighty. The best voluntary fast: fast on Mondays and Thursdays of each week, and white days the three of each month and is the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth of each lunar month Day, as well as fasting six days of the month of Shawwal sequential or sporadic, and the fast of the Day of Arafat, a ninth day of Dhul Hijjah, and fasting the day of Ashura, ten Hijjah, and Muharram. The best voluntary fast fasting David peace, used to fast on alternate days. The obedience third Prophet exhorted the peace God it and peace women them are saying peace God be upon him: ((... hardened her vagina )). At that, referring to the need to maintain the offer, it lawful to God, marriage and the campus of adultery, and all roads leading to it, because the adultery of sins that back injury which the community Aokmlh, as adultery is inherited enmity and hatred among the people, and it comes to bloodshed, especially of Crown Aba women was, husband, brother, it inflicted damage to the psychological and social difficult to overcome, and adultery as well as the cause of the loss of genealogy, because it is not to the son of adultery father legitimate nor brother nor sister nor uncle and cousins. Ibn al-Qayyim mercy of God in his kindergarten-loving: the evil of adultery contrary to the goodness of the world, the woman if weighed introduced shame on her family, her husband and her relatives, and turned over their heads among the people, and if she were pregnant from adultery van killed her son collected between adultery and murder, and that the kept him campaign for the pair, he has brought on her family and his family foreigners, not one of them, Furthm and not one of them, and saw them, and during them, and belonged to them and not one of them, and the weight of the man, it requires mixing of lineages, too, and spoil the women protected, and exposed to damage and corruption, in the big world ruined and religion. Because the great adultery risk, the imposition of God the veil on women, and considered the decision of the woman in her house and dedication to her husband and children to do them is the original, while not demanding alimony themselves, make their own expense to her guardian, even if they are rich with money, and ordered her Gunn came out of the need not to Taatberg show adornments, and look beautiful for mesmerizing people out, where the Almighty said: ( and stay in your houses do not display yourselves flaunt ignorance first ([parties 33] has ordered God Almighty turning a blind eye to the believers, men and women alike, in order to satisfy the roads leading to adultery, where he says: Say for believers turn a blind from their eyes, and keep guard that is purer for them that Allah is Aware of what they do (30) Say to the believing lower their gaze and preserve representative vaginally )) [Nur 30-31] as the campus of God Almighty to enter homes without permission, and shake hands with foreign women, and being alone out, as well as a woman traveling without a mahram, and exit of women wearing perfume wearing perfume, as the campus of God Almighty break to speak Reem which drives the lust ... all from the principle of dam excuses leading to adultery. has permitted God at the same time marriage as the only legitimate way for a meeting between women and men In the marriage propagation of offspring, and the stillness and the convenience of the same, and the tranquility of the heart, and Ahassan to predators men and women alike, and the Lester and maintenance, reason for atomic drinking that benefit man in this life and after death. Also at the wedding integrity of the individual and the community of decay that brings physical ailments and psychological. fourth Obedience which exhorted them peace God it and peace are: ((.. and obeyed her husband )): that in obeying the woman to her husband obedience to God Almighty, where he says:) O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those of you ([ Women: 59]. The peace God it and peace: (( If I were to command anyone to prostrate to other than Allah, women are ordered to prostrate to her husband, whose Hand, women do not lead right Lord even lead right to the whole of her husband, even if he asked her herself on Guetb did not prevent him )) [Narrated by Ahmad] It is no secret here that obedience be kindly, no obedience in sin, where there is no obedience to the creature in disobedience to the Creator, here it is clear that obedience to the husband be in obedience to God Almighty as long as both men and women had met in hold holy matrimony to fortify themselves and obedience Rabhma, the basic principle of faith in obedience to God Almighty. Then the doors of paradise will be open to those good wife intervention Dear she wants the permission of God Almighty. our meeting renewed willing, God with Part II

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