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((((Explain some of the sayings of the Messenger of God "peace be upon him"))))

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We all know the importance of the Sunnah in the understanding of things Islamic religion Come together recognize the meaning of linguistic and religious meaning
then let me provide an explanation of some of the sayings of the Messenger of God "peace be upon him" I wish that benefits everyone

# The meaning of the language in the year:

Year is the way or biography benign or ugly, a word taken from the Sunnah and the Sunnah is the approach or the way

# Year meant the Messenger of God "peace be upon him":

His words are "God's peace be upon him" and his actions and Tgarirath moral qualities as well as his "peace be upon him" and some people think that the Hadith alone is the year but the fact that one of its divisions

So go ahead and talk together to the first:

Abdullah bin Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of God "peace be upon him", said:
"The truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise, and a man of incredible even writes a friend of God, and that lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to fire, and a man to lie until he is God a liar, "

# Linguistics Hadith:

Land: Name collector for each good things and good deeds from
a friend: friendly formula exaggeration of honesty Valsidik is that incredible constantly Vhadith whole truth
Anti mainland and called the tendency to corruption and through sin is inclusive name for the evils of
a liar:
liar formula exaggeration of lying Falcmab is constantly lying and frequently

# Significant words, and characters from the Hadith:

A: began by talking to emphasize what is in it, the benefit emphasis
the difference between lying and investigate lying: There is a difference between the man who is lying in the position of attitudes and between those who investigate the lying and longer weaves tales of his imagination to delude his audience honestly speaking
guides: the intended word guides here arrive Valsedk way up by the Muslim Commission
exaggerated formula: the words "friend - a liar" came in the form of exaggeration to assert that it is incredibly much up to the Committee formula is much lying up to the fire of the words "honest - a liar" They are an actor name to those who do the thing even once
the word writes: emphasizes that everything he does in the human written preserved tablet, which came in Surat "ice"
, "
the contrast between truth and lies, between a friend and a liar and between heaven and hell, and between the mainland and debauchery: highlights the modern meaning and illustrated by

The meaning of the Hadith:

Assures us the Messenger of God "peace be upon him" that honesty in words and deeds In every issue for the creation of man must have done a Muslim always it is the intention of giving the owner and explain his chest to other acts of worship Faisal by the Commission in the Hereafter Bamadaomh to create honesty Muslim and diligently in the Truth everything in it is true always writes the friend of God and people feel the trust and reassure him feels is also serenely self
Unlike lying completely Lying directed his friend to the corruption and sin and evil, and up by the fire in the Hereafter not reassure people of bouncing never not feel comfortable self and must not underestimate the Muslim little lie because it becomes with time usually does not leave him

Posts welcome all those who loved it, of course,
Coming do not know myself how to be the end of the derby
Confident not out of the ground , but that your floor Lord
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Default Re: Saslh explain some of the sayings of the Messenger of God "peace be upon him"
Abdullah bin Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah said, "peace be upon him":
"It is not insured Btaan not suffered for not obscene or abusive"
Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and the Governor

# Linguistics Hadith:

Taan: Taan is the flaws of the people that a lot of what he described as the defect and Ivmanm and Igtabhm (disparage others in their presence and in their absence)
for suffered: curse is that a lot of swearing and cursing people and pray for them
obscene: Actor obscenity or writer and the curser people insulted ugly Iqbh mentioned
abusive: Do not shame him and "Albmae" obscenity is to say

# Significant words, and characters from the Hadith:

It not: came to deny recipe true faith what has been reported from bad qualities reprehensible
Alaba character in the word "Btaan": drag plus the letter came to emphasize the absence of bad qualities of the believer the right is the letter of assurance
to repeat the word "no" in the modern: assurance verbal
repetition of the word " waw ": indicates the multiple deficiencies related word and deed, and that must not be characterized by the insurer
came the words "Taan and suffered the image of exaggeration formula that gives birth to the frequent occurrence of the act to show that it does so frequently is not a believer
but the word "obscene" came the image of the actor's name to clarify that the insurer does not have to commit obscene in said and done even once and he is doing prayers for forgiveness and repentance

# The meaning of the Hadith:

Assures us the Messenger of God "peace be upon him" that the believer who always satisfaction of God Almighty is seeking should not be characterized Balrmail not bad qualities which insult others but must be characterized by virtues and good morals that would make him popular with the people in high regard and appreciate
in this Modern denies "peace be upon him" some vices for a true believer: the appeal and cursing and obscenity and indecency which deficiencies related word and deed, they are a disservice to the same insured and do harm to others and get angry God
For every believer commitment to the good word, and distance from the malignant word of what the word from the psychological effects on listeners The

Almighty God said:
"Have you not seen how God gave the example of a good tree a good word origin fixed and a branch in the sky, pay off all the while with the permission of her Lord and God strikes parables for people so that they might remember, and like the word malicious tree malicious uprooted from above the ground of their decision" ( 26,25,24) Ibrahim

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