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Description Paradise and bliss in detail

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1 Description Paradise and bliss in detail on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:12 pm

Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of God and his family and companions and allies ...
the wonders of good things, money eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the risk of heart Bhr- to roll up seriously believers in anticipation of Blessing and tender, due to him heedless desire mercy and paradises. Messenger of Allah, peace be upon said upon him says:) I have prepared for My righteous slaves Mala eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the heart of man ((Bukhari and Muslim) and Read the, if you will not learn the same as hide them from the apple of the eyes of a reward for what they were working (prostration 17 ].
Come with me, come Maa..lnoukz .. heart oblivious to the touch of a cold quiet .. reflection of the agents of God and grace in the Garden of Eden. Come with me .. recognize the women of Paradise .. and glimpsed something of beauty and Hassanhn, and Rguethn and Hur their eyes .. FRP thought on Hur paradise Zorah Tvkirh..vlm still fluctuates between homes repent and seek God until God befell them in blessing and blessed by the resident of the killed .

Do you know paradise :

We knew the paradise of God .. .. where carrots and between us some of the pleasures and concealed from us other, an increase in the carrot and the thrill. Therefore, the paradise whatever description, is not aware of minds because the good money that comes to mind does not know a condition. Is known paradise? !
It's Dar immortality and survival .. not be fair or misery, nor grief nor crying .. does not expire for the same Emsradtha not expire .. whatever it amazes and enchants the mind of thought .. .. Wesker majority pulp and Bara ..
is the paradise Tabat and merry bliss ××× Venaimha not staying van
is sparkling light, and Rehana Thtz.ouksr constructed and River Matard..ovakeh Ndajh and wife .. .. many beautiful Belle and analyzed in the shrine never, in petechia and supple, high in the role gorgeous sound perceived by the people as the planet's discretion Dorry relief in sight .
Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him - he said: "I said, 'O Messenger of Allah mm created the universe? He said: From the water I said what building paradise? He said: brick of silver, and a building block of gold, Mlatha [mortar: mud] musk Alozfr, and Hbbaaha pearl and sapphire, and soil, saffron, of their income smooths not Lepas, and he will abide not die, do not wear out their clothes, and neither will their youth "(Tirmidhi and Ahmad and horses )
What a thrill: What a bliss to those who fear their Lord Gardens underneath which rivers flow, and pairs antiseptic and pleasure of Allah, and Allah is Seer of His slaves ([Al-Imran ]
and the Garden of Eden decorated and then brought near ××× to folk piety durable Tbtheloa
each What loves souls and crave ××× and the apple of the eye is not about turning

my brother .. Is it possible that the mind of one realizes this bliss then Isahd it? This unnecessary goodness is calling you .. and stir competition and hasten Activity ..) and quick to forgiveness from your Lord and Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the righteous (Al-Imran 133] rushed to forgiveness and King Alazim.vkd invited Bashir ..

O minimum student Aldnip It ××× trap dirt and his decision to death the
house once in Adgt day ××× Cried tomorrow heck of a House

of Vallbeb sold the lower the Hereafter. He says and the Hereafter is better for you than the first (morn 4] and the bag of making happiness with his hand examining through Paradise Vslleke but the way the unification of God and follow His Messenger, peace be upon him and the performance of obligations and duties, and distance from the immorality and sin and taboo and to draw closer to God Balnoavl and Saleh acts of worship, and turn and repent to God in the darkness retreats and seek forgiveness of sins and gaffes and the oven light of knowledge and a sound understanding of the work so the inherent sincerity and honesty with God, the fairway of this road does not disappoint him nor impede walking or wasted his quest ...
He says, 'Asr (*) The human in lost (*) Except those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience (age

gates of Paradise
when people freak out doomsday come to the Prophet, peace be upon him, say: 'O Muhammad, you are the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets, I have forgiven you of the above past and future sins, intercede for us to your Lord, Do not you see where we are! The Prophet, peace be upon him say: So he went, he came under the throne, Luxury prostration to my Lord, then God Ali open from Mhamayor and good praise him nothing opens on the one before me, then said: O Muhammad, lift your head, sales give him, and intercede intercede, raise my head , I say: O Lord, my nation, O Lord, my nation, O Lord, my nation, he says: O Muhammad, Enter from your nation who does not calculate it from the right door of the gates of Paradise, and they people partners with only that of the doors, and then said: and my hand, between bivalve shutters of paradise as between Mecca and abandoned, and also between Mecca and Bosra. If the committee to eight doors, what their Baban but walking passenger them seventy years, including the door interference from the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him, was introduced march passenger Almjod three times, then they are to press him until almost Mnakphm go away .
They are distributed: it was from the people of prayer invited Prayer of the door, and it was the people of Jihad called from the door of jihad, and the charity of the people invited a matter of charity, and was invited by the people of fasting door Rayyan, was named insured of all these doors. And pride of God and majesty, if the slave was a believer in this world I will cut off the hands and legs, pulling on his face the day God created the Day of Resurrection since, stopping at one of these doors, he would like what he saw miserable cat .
As the gardens degrees, on each other, were down as well , and the door of the high heaven above the door of paradise underneath, and the higher the Paradise widened, Falleha wider than without him, and the capacity of the door, according to Paradise capacity, some of which are among the wide march of forty years, and some are among the wide march seventy years, and some are among the floodgates as between Mecca and abandoned , including between wide as between Mecca and Bosra, some of which currently march passenger Almjod three times. See the face value of its interior, and its interior from the face of it, speak and speak, and understand what is said to her, Anfthi Anggay .

the first to enter Paradise
says the Prophet, peace be upon him: {I am the first to enter Paradise on the Day of Resurrection and pride, and come to the door of paradise took Bhlguetha, they say: who is this? I say: I am Mohammed. Vivthon me, enter, I find Jabbar future, bow down before him, he says: Lift your head, O Muhammad, and spoke hear from you, and say to accept from you and intercede intercede, raise my head, I say: my my nation, O Lord, and says: Go to your nation, it is found in his heart weight of a grain of barley of faith enter that paradise, go, it is found in his heart that the weight of Odechlthm paradise. I find Jabbar future, bow down before him, he says: Lift your head, O Muhammad, and spoke hear from you, and say to accept from you and intercede intercede, raise my head, I say: my my nation, O Lord, and says: Go to your nation, it is found in the heart weight of a grain of mustard from Faith enter that paradise, go, it is found in his heart that the weight of Odechlthm paradise .
and finished the expense of the people, and enter the left of my nation in the fire with the people of Hell. He says the people of Hell: What's richest you worship God you were not doing something Chrcn. Jabbar says: Fbazata to Oatguenhm of fire. He will send them, Vijrgeon of the fire has Amthacoa, going into the river of life, in which they shall spring up as the bean sprout in scum Torrent, writes between their eyes (those redeems God), goes going into their paradise. He says to them the people of Paradise: these hellish people. Jabbar says: but these redeems Jabbar}. Bherna and that the first to enter the paradise of my seventy thousand, with each thousand seventy thousand them not account. And gave me Kawthar, is the River of Paradise, dripped in basins, and he gave me that I am the first of the prophets enter Paradise .
Abu Bakr the first to enter the paradise of the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and owned if obeyed God and obeyed his master, the poor and immigrants who fill their stomata, and fear their Almkarh , and one of them dies and the need in the chest can not eliminate them, will enter Paradise before the rich half a day; and that five hundred years. He says God Almighty to whom He pleases of His angels: Aitohm Vhiwam. Angels says: We population heavens, and Khertk of your creation, that we bring these Ovtomrna Venslm them! They said they were devotees Aabdona not associate me something, and fill their stomata, and fear their Almkarh, and one of them dies and the need in the chest can not spend it. Vtotehm angels at that, going into them from every door, and say: (you peace as you endured yes Ukbi house ).
If the first group will enter Paradise in the image of the moon to full moon night, and those who follow them on the most dry planet in the sky lighting, each one of them receives seventy thousand server as if they were pearls, they do not urinate or excrete, nor Imitkhton not Atvlon, Omchathm gold, and nominated musk, Mjamram aloe, and their spouses houris, morals on the creation of one man, in the image of their father Adam; sixty cubits in the sky, every man of them wives two, see brain Sagahma from behind the meat, and in Paradise Single .
and whose Hand, it's whoever hopes to be a nation half the people of Paradise, and that that paradise does not enter only the same Muslim, and we are the people of shirk only white Kalsharh in the skin of black bull, or black hair in the skin of Red Bull .

Number havens and names
for the creation of God Almighty havens Day created and preferred each other, make it seven gardens, house mole, and Dar es Salaam, and the Garden of Eden, a reed paradise, a supervisor on the whole heavens, the Dar al-Rahman, the Almighty, is not nothing like Him, and looks like nothing, but the door of the Garden of Eden Msraan: from emerald and aquamarine of light, as between the East and the West, and the Committee on the shelter, and the eternal paradise, and paradise, and paradise, seven gardens created by the Almighty God of all light, Mdainha and palaces, and homes and honor, and doors and Drjha, and the top and bottom, and his furniture and jewels, and all varieties of the fruit dangling, and rivers embroidered beverages colors, tents supervisor, trees Nadharh fruit colors, and herbs Alabakh, and flowers thriving, houses Gorgeous

status of the people of Paradise
Videchlha the people of Paradise, inventory Marda Mkhalin , sons of thirty, or thirty-three, they have crowns, although the lowest pearl them to light up between the East and the West, though less than a fingernail, which in Paradise seemed, to Tzachrvat him between Joavq heavens and the earth, though a man of the people of Paradise briefed seemed Swara, to blur wudoo sunlight also blur the sun Starlight .
If opened Paradise doors entered the first group on the image of the moon to full moon night, and those who follow them shining star in the sky lighting, their hearts to one's heart, not a difference between them and jealousies, praising God morning and evening, not Asagmon where do not die, do not bleed, do not urinate, do not excrete, nor to hope, nor Imitkhton, nor Atvlon, their vessels of gold and silver, and Omchathm gold, Mjamram aloe, and nominated musk, their spouses houris, morals on the creation of one man, in the image of their father Adam, sixty cubits in the sky, and the beauty of Joseph, and the heart of Job, and Omar Issa, creating Muhammad, all of them blessings and peace .
Each one of them wives virgins, each wife Seventy suit, sees brain Sogahma from behind to Homanma and Hllahma, as seen red drink in the bottle white .

** Description Paradise in detail like you see eyes

Degrees the people of Paradise
and climb in degrees, and in Paradise hundred degrees, prepared by God Almighty for the Mujahideen in the process, between each two degrees as between heaven and earth, and between every two and a hundred years, if the worlds gathered in one of them to Usathm, the best Paradise; they are middle of the garden, and the highest heaven, and above the throne of the Almighty Rahman, and from the explosion of the rivers of Paradise. And the highest way, they score in the highest heaven, do not incur only one man, we hope to have our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him is that man .
The lowest scores paradise of his paradise march of five hundred years, and married five hundred Howrah, and four thousand Bakr, and eight thousand house and that to embrace the wife minimum age is not delayed and one of them for its owner, and it's placed the table between his hands do not expire Sheba minimum age, and it's put the pot on a not expire Rih minimum age, and it's come to him king between fingers hundred suit, greeting from his Lord, the Almighty, Vigayha on his body, he says, the slave: Praise be to Allah, the Almighty Lord, the Almighty, I am astonished at what Kaajaba this gift. King says: Like? He says: Yes, Vipadr King lowest tree of eternal paradise, he says: I am the messenger of your Lord to you, be for another crown God as I love, Vtthelon him on what craves .
and brought reader Koran, be given King with his right hand, and the mole with his left hand, and placed on the crown of the head groupers, and coated and parents Hlten, they do not have the minimum and say: Bam Ksena this? It is said to them: taking and Dkma Koran, then said to him: Read and go up in the drawer of Paradise, 'and, it is on the rise as long as reading or reciting .
, and a man of the people Illiyun to oversee the people of Paradise, Vtadhae paradise to his face, like a dry planet, but beneath them see them as Star-fated see in the sky .
In paradise kings, king and vulnerable man weak, with Tmaren, not negligible, if I swear to God for Oprah. Smell the fragrance of Paradise, even before the entry, each according to his degree, some of them smell the smell from a distance of a thousand years, and some of them smell the smells of five hundred years away, and a hundred years away, and seventy years distance, and forty years distance, each according to his work .

and the martyrs, who are four: a man locked good faith, met the enemy, killing Vsedk God, it is seen that people Thus, raising the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him until his head fell hood. The second man believer, killing the enemy if he hits his back Bhuk acacia, came west, killing him share, the same is in the second division. And the third man believer, mixing a good work and another bad, killing the enemy of God Almighty Vsedk even kill, the same is in the third grade. And fourth believer man, ladle on the same extravagance frequently, killing the enemy Vsedk God even kill, the same is in the fourth degree .
The dead included three: a believer labored himself and his wealth for God's sake, if you met the enemy fought until he kills, it is the martyr examiner, in the tent of God under his throne, the prophets not only favored by a degree of prophecy. The believer mixing a good work and another bad, labored himself and his wealth in the way of Allah, if met the enemy fought until he was killed, that it Mmsamsh, erased his sins and sins, that the sword Mh for the sins, and will enter Paradise from any willing, the gates of Paradise. And a hypocrite labored himself and his money, if received enemy fought until he was killed, the same is in the fire, that the sword does not erase hypocrisy .
The martyrs Superficial River door of paradise, in a green dome, comes out on them their livelihood from paradise morning and evening, their lives in the bird Khadr attached to the fruit of paradise, or people attached to the fruit of paradise or Cjrha, he says: (Think not of those killed in the way of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord), lives in the green birds roam in the garden where she wants, and is home to jellyfish hanging throne, check them Lord informed, He said: Do something Tstzidon Voziedkm? They said: Our Lord and Nstzad We Nsarh in paradise where we like it, then briefed the second to them, he said: Do something Tstzidon Voziedkm? When they saw that they did not leave they said: restore our souls in our bodies even go back to the minimum, Venguetl in your path again .
Come and martyr of the people of Paradise, he says, his God Almighty: O son of Adam, How did you find your home? He says: any employer good home, he says: sales and wish, he says: I ask that I am receiving a minimum, Voguetl in Sbelk ten times, to see the grace of the certificate, and no one will enter Paradise likes to return to this world, and that he has what on earth from nothing , is the martyr, it hopes to return kills ten times, to see dignity .
To martyr for God six characteristics: forgive him in the first batch, and sees his place in Paradise, and protected from the torment of the grave, he will be safe from the greatest terror, and placed on the crown of the head groupers, ruby of which is better than the minimum and where, and married seventy-two wife virgins, and intercede for seventy of his relatives .
and Ashkelon a couple, sending them the Day of Resurrection seventy thousand does not account for them, and send them fifty thousand martyrs, delegations to God Almighty, and the ranks Martyrs, their heads cut in their hands, Ttj Oodajhm blood, they say: Our Lord, give us what he promised us on the apostles you do not fall behind the promised, he says: Believe Abedi, Agslohm River egg, Vijrgeon including pure white, Weserhon in Paradise where they want .
Why not, we know that of a murderer in the way of Allah Almighty side and nothing hiccups him Paradise, and God asked the killings of at the same honest then he died or was killed hath martyr wage, and injured a wound in the way of Allah or the catastrophe inflicted It comes doomsday Koegzar what they were, their color Kazaafran, and fragrance Kalmsk, and injured a wound in the way of Allah he has the character of the martyrs .
They who are intent of God Almighty in saying: (and breathed in the pictures Vsak in the heavens and the earth but from God willing), understand who God willing, not Aassaqgua, where God Aboshm Mottaglden Ociafhm on his throne, Vtotehm angels of the resurrection Benjaib of Sapphire, crisis White Durr, Berrahal gold, necks Sondos and Alaestbrq, and Namargaha Allen silk, extending it down to extend the nose of men, walking in paradise on horses, they say when the length of the promenade: drove us look at how serving God between his creation, God laughs to them, and if God laughed to Abdul at home do not calculate it .

Paradise Rooms

though the people of Paradise to Atran people of rooms above them as Atran Planet Dorry past glory on the horizon, from the east or Morocco, to differentiate between them, albeit in a paradise for rooms see their bellies of their appearance, and the appearance of their bellies .
If Almtahabin in God in this world are in paradise on a column of red rubies, in the seventy thousand rooms column header, overseeing the people of Paradise, if you look someone filled classed houses of the people of Paradise Nora, also fill up the sun houses of the people minimum, he says, the people of Paradise: Come out us look at Almtahabin in God, Vijrgeon, Vinzeron in their faces like the moon to full moon night, their clothes Khadr, written in their foreheads with light: these are those who love God .
Tents paradise
and live in a tent paradise, a pearl hollow, leagues in the league, with four thousand shutter of gold, and her seventy Pope, all of Dora, a length in the sky sixty miles away, and presented sixty miles, in every corner of which Ohlon, Hur booths in tents, what they see others do not see each other, cruising They believers, and sit down where the couches matrix, some of them along with some, and on couches inwrought, Reclining the opposite .
and they go to their property, and every Muslim in Paradise finest, and all the finest tent, and each tent four doors, enter them every day of every door masterpiece and gift and dignity, were not before, not Mzjat nor imprisoned and, in Bkharc not Tmahat, Hur eye, as if they were eggs innermost .

rivers of Paradise

and come -aa Abd Allah rivers of Paradise and seas, you see the water Sea, the Sea of Honey, the Sea of milk, and a sea of wine, drinks herself of them, and blessed them . Then cracking rivers, Seyhan and Ceyhan and the Euphrates and the Nile, all of the rivers of Paradise, and these rivers Tchkb from the Garden of Eden, then cracked then rivers, they enjoy the picturesque scenery, and drink from its water fresh .

And go to Paradise, and in Riyadha River from rivers, is the origin of all the rivers of paradise, shown by God Almighty in terms of what he wanted. And the Nile River, a honey river in paradise, and the Tigris River, a river of milk in paradise, and the Euphrates, a river of wine in paradise, and the Seyhan and Ceyhan, the two rivers of water in Paradise, floating around them one by one, Vthmlq your eyes in its beauty, and the wonder of the thrill of taste , like in a dream. Then comes the river is called the "Alipidkh", the domes of sapphire, beneath Hur junior, released him, Vtaatcefh those slain, and if I was impressed Bjarah of which affect her wrist Vtaatbek .

- Kawthar River :
and come to Kawthar River, a river in the middle of the garden, banks are made ​​of Gold, being on Darr and rubies, soil best of the scent of musk, and tastes sweeter than honey, and one hundred whiter than snow and mud. And my hand, for vessels more than the number of stars in the sky and the planets in the dark night Msahah, drink a drink of them did not last Azmo what it is. Currently such as its length, as between Amman to Ayla, or as between Kufa to the Black Stone, or as between Elah to Sanaa. It Mazapan Antaban of Paradise, one of the paper, and the other of gold, from drinking it did not Azmo even enter Paradise, where pitchers number of stars in the sky, banks are made ​​domes Durr hollow, and the domes of pearls and gold, mud caught Ozfr, the Palace of pearl and aquamarine, its course on Jnadl Durr, rubies, pearls, unchanged musk, Rdharadh Tom, Napata gold bars, fruit colors essence, and one hundred whiter than milk and sweeter than honey, if I drank of it tinged never Tzmo after him .

tree of the garden and fruit

and going among the many paradise trees, and its fruit abundant, you see the Prophet, a tree moving passenger-Jawad implicit rapid under which a hundred years does not cut it, bench God Hokha, and started to place each fork fruit, and it's sprout fruit, taper the fruit of which about seventy-two colors of food, what the color looks like the other, and the mattress Gold, though the fruit Kallal .
and see another tree on the leg, as far as walking passenger glory under which a hundred years, come out to the people of Paradise and the people of the rooms and others, Vihdthon under which, will desire some of them mentions the minimum fun, sends God made ​​a wind of paradise, he moves that tree all fun was in this world. And pass on the stumps tree of gold, and branches of aquamarine and pearls, Vthb her wind Vtstefq, what hearers heard the voice of the tastiest of it .
and up to a tree out of the top analyzed, and beneath the horses of gold, oil lamp Mljmh of Dr. and Sapphire, not Truth nor urinate, her Wings, Khtoha D sight, Fterkpha, where you want your Vttir, who says you down degree: O Lord, including slaves reached this dignity? Said to them: they were praying in the night and you Tnamun, and they were fast and you eat, and they spend and you Tbouklon, and were fighting and you Tjbnon .
considers grape paradise, bone bunch of them march Month crow crows, which does not fall does not bend nor abated, which, as between Sanaa and Amman , the skin of a large grain size of Tess, which is bound to saturate the entire clan. And Taatbesr in the palm, and the trunks of palm trees paradise of emerald green, and the anguish he went red, and drew a sketch of the covering of the people of Paradise, which Moktathm and look their, and fruits, such as Kallal, buckets, whiter than milk and sweeter than honey and softer than butter, which is not Ajam, though the length of the fruit of fruit twelve cubits .
and given the pomegranate sweet unto heaven, clastic, and the pomegranate of pomegranate paradise meet many human beings around, eat them, it was on one of them said something he wants and grandfather in a position where his hand to eat. And in Paradise tree only leg of gold, and assets of pearls and gold, and above the fruit, and the people of Paradise to eat the fruits of paradise standing, sitting and Amaddjaan, when they want, and any tree they want, Fetmar paradise does not cut nor forbidden .

- Tree Blessed :
While you between trees , moving from tree to tree, can hardly believe what you see your eyes; the severity of her beauty, do not come tree only eat the fruit, and enjoy its beauty, and sit in the shade, and while you walk among them, and going under the branches, if your in front of a tree often heard about in minimum, Vachtd Hawkk her; she blessed tree, a tree in Paradise, resembling a tree Baham called Acorn, sprout on one leg, and Ernfrh highest, origin bone if traveled torso of a camel what took its origin even break Trkotha pyramid, even if the passenger is moving in shadow hundred In no travels. Btahaaha ruby red, green and emerald, and soil caught white, ward grizzled and Ouhlha, and Kthbanha camphor yellow, and her secret emerald green, and its fruit analyzed zero, and watered and Samgha ginger and honey, and filled the saffron delightfully, and whose leaf chilled green, and Zahrha Riad zero, and Oguetabha silk and brocade, and Hacischha saffron and Alolnjoj flaring of non-fuel, explode of origin rivers nectar and appointed and nectar, and under which the boards of Paradise, a place Aolfonh, and a spokesman in common .
bib people of Paradise graduated from the sleeves, and no one will enter Paradise except launched him to the Blessed, opens his sleeves, it takes from any so willing: willing white, though willing, red, and green willing, though yellow willing, if he wishes black, such as anemones, thinner and better .

- The Prophet :

as well as the end of Sidra, a tree in Paradise, where the colors do not know what is , and where Hbail Pearl, soil musk, Nbgaha such as jars, such as Kalal abandoned, and whose leaf ears like elephants, conceals from God is what conceals, turning to sapphire or emerald or so, come out of her leg rivers Azahran, and rivers with tons, two hidden in paradise, and visible rivers Nile and the Euphrates .

recipe paradise

Valjnh -orb Alkaabh- sparkling light, and Rehana vibrating, and the Palace built, and the River steadily, and many fruit Ndajh, wife and beautiful Belle, many analyzed, and the shrine of Forever in petechia and supple, in the role of high sound gorgeous. Built brick of silver, and a building block of gold, and Mlatha musk Alozfr, and Hbbaaha pearl and sapphire, and soil of saffron, of their income smooths not Lepas, and he will abide not die, do not wear out his clothes, and neither will his youth .
They Dar God planted in his hand, and made ​​it the headquarters of the loved ones, and filled it from His mercy and His pleasure and dignity, and described the great pleasures of winning, and its king great king, and kept all the good entirety, and purity of each defect and the scourge and the lack of .
I asked about the land and soil are musk and saffron. If I asked for the roof it is the throne of Rahman. If asked about it Blatha musk Alozfr. If asked about it Hbbaiha Pearl and substance. If asked about the construction Vbannh of silver and gold brick. If asked about what the trees from a tree and only leg of gold and silver, not of firewood and wood. If I asked for fruit Vomthal Kallal, Allen of butter, and sweeter than honey. If I asked for and leaves so well what it is Blazers chips .
If I asked for rivers collapsed from milk taste it has not changed, and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers, and rivers of honey in a refinery. If I asked about their food than Vvakeh Atjern, meat and fowl, which they desire. If I asked about their drink Valtsnim, ginger, camphor. If asked about their vessels Vannes gold and silver, in the purity of the flasks. If asked about their doors capacity Between bivalve march of forty years, and it come on a Kziz of hustle .
If I asked for applause for the wind, it is blessed with trees of joy for those who heard it. If I asked for shade tree Under one passenger glory rapid walking a hundred years does not cut it. If I asked about the capacity of Vodny people walking in the kingdom and Srrh and his palaces and Bassatinh march two thousand years. If I asked for tents and domes per Valjimh of Dora hollow, sixty miles in length. If asked about Alalleha and Jusgaha rooms are built from above rooms, underneath which rivers flow. If asked about the height of the planet to see the horoscope or sit back on the horizon, which is hardly affixed sight .
If I asked about her family's clothing it is silk and gold. If I asked for furnished Fbtainha of brocade, furnished in the highest ranks. If I asked about it Oraikha family by Alepeshkhanat, Mzrrh gold buttons. If I asked about the faces of her family and Hassanhm For a picture of the moon. If I asked about the children of the age of thirty-three, in the image of Adam, peace be upon him. If I asked about hearing Vgina spouses of houris, and sweeter than hearing the angels and the prophets, and the sweetest of them speech Lord of the Worlds. If asked about Mtaaahm that visit one another by Venjaib which, God willing, going where they want them. If I asked about their jewelry and Harthm Vosawr gold and pearls, and wear crowns on their heads. If I asked about Glmanhm Woldan everlasting youth, as if they were pearls innermost .
home white, and soil white Dermkh, keeping sincere, Arstha camphor rocks, took him musk such as sand dunes, where rivers steadily, it shall meet the people, Odnahm and most recently, Viarefon, also cause God Wind Mercy , Vthaj them the scent of musk, and it's smell from the march of a hundred years, Fterdja my brother, your wife has to step up Well and good, says to you: I came out of my own and I'm impressed, and now I am your greatest admiration. While believers day talking in the shade of a tree Blessed as it came to them angels Benjaib Msmomh chains of gold, as if their faces light bulbs freshness and well, and Brha twinge red, white and genius, Mokhtltan, blush in white, and white as red, they have not seen gazers to like him well and splendor, made ​​easy it is plight, sire of non-sport, sail from Sapphire Green, coated genius and purple, and restrain gone, clothe silk and brocade, Vonachoa them that Murahaleen, and Hiwam peace from the Lord of peace, and told them: answer the Lord Almighty, it Astezirkm Vzoroh, and greet you and received Thus, seen you and look to him, and speaketh unto you and Tklmoh, and greeting you and Thioh, and abound of His bounty, it is a vast compassion, and has a great virtue .
we will look to him and look at us, not Ndhar in his vision, takes our Lord Almighty hand room of water, Vindh our faces, and what err face one of us drop them, Vtda our faces like white Rith, Ventalaa the basin Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and simplifies one of us, but put his hand on a glass purging of the raft, urine and harm. And lets the sun and the moon, we do not see either one, Venbesr such sight in the world, before sunrise, the day brightened the land .
and we learn in paradise on a sea of milk, and the Sea of Honey, the Sea of wine, and rivers of honey in a refinery, and rivers of the Cup, what her from headache nor remorse, and rivers of milk taste has not changed, and the water is putrid, and Pfakeh what we know, and like him better than him. And pairs antiseptic,, good, reformers, such as Nlz them for ourselves in this world, and Alzzn us. Though to us what is between the east and Morocco, where we like to solve them .

Rawahel paradise

Transforms every man us on his camel, then walks us a description and one moderate, the man to the side of his brother on his right, do not miss the knee camel knee accompanied, not transgressed authorized camel authorized accompanied, tiger tree of paradise trees tend to us about our way of hatred that divides us, if We stood Baljabbar the Almighty resulted in us for the face-Karim, and manifested us in great greatness, it Venslm, Vireh us, our peace and our greetings to say: Our Lord you peace, and peace from you, and have the right of glory and honor. Lord says most of us majesty: Ebadi, Peace be upon you to me, and you, my mercy and love, hello and welcome Ebadi, who Otaona unseen, and who kept my will, and sponsored the covenant, and they were to me in any case Mhfiqin. We say: Your glory and the glory and greatness and altitude where you are, what your destiny Qdrnak right, nor convicted of you all right, authorized us to prostrate you. He says our Lord Almighty: I have raised you, subsistence worship, it while Oran you Obadankm, and this while Ovdeetm to my soul and my mercy, cheeks and my dignity, and the amount of promise and promised, Vasolona what you like, and wished to give you some Omanicm, I will not Odzekm today as your work, but Odzekm as much as my mercy and my dignity and Rofti, and Uzzi, Jalali and altitude where I am, and the greatness of my business, Vasolona what you like. What is still in the aspirations, so that negligent in his wish to say: Our Lord compete with the people of the world in their world, with some pride to some, so make received from paradise everything in it was the people of this world, from the day created to day courtyards, I Rvdhanaha and Zhdna where, and smaller in our eyes , Chagla u, and Iazama you, and pay homage and Aazaza .
honor God
says our Lord: We have Qsrtm in Omnatkm, and indulge without luck, and less than your right, has necessitated you what you ask and Tmaneetm until you know yourselves, and caused you what failed him Omanicm, and see to what I have prepared for you, and what not to inform him Omanicm, it did not occur to your hearts. Venaty that, we say: You are deserving of our Lord, security and compassion, even Kltna to ourselves and our aspirations for our luck we lose. If domes in the high-top has erected, and rooms of Durr and Coral have been lifted, the doors of gold, and fora of light, and Srrha of Sapphire, and furnished silk and brocade, boiling of Oarasa and their mouths water, light Sunbeam has Knorr Planet Dorry, if they congestive tall in above Illiyun, of Sapphire, blooming its light, but do not honor God for His slaves for refrained sight of the severity of serenity, and freeing essence, what was that white is white sapphire, a bed of white silk, and some are red, it is red rubies, a bed of red genius, and some are Green is green sapphire, a bed of green Balsnds, and some are yellow, it is yellow sapphire, a bed of yellow Balorjoin. Classified gold red, silver white, bases of the essence, and pillars of gold, and Hvovha domes of pearl, and Broujha rooms of Morgan .
While you are in your home, as Attac Messenger of Allah Almighty, he said to the ear: ask permission of the Messenger of Allah on the Crown of God, enters the ear, He tells you: O guardian of God, the Messenger of Allah asked permission from you, says: Let him, authorizes him, enters you, and then formulate your hands masterpiece, he says: O guardian of God, The Lord reads you peace, and commands you can eat of this, and it shall devour them , you will find them taste all the fruit in paradise .

horses paradise
and while you also, if horses close to Sapphire Red, made ​​the Spirit, Bjunbha neonatal everlasting youth, and however each newborn wisdom horses of those horses, all four of them rank of mattresses paradise Kalrahalh, bottom a bed of rubies, and all beds, including the Dome of gold, vicious, in each dome, including bed of brushes paradise, not in heaven color good, but it is where, not a good Perfume but fragrant them, performs light and Johhma thicken the dome, so think of seen it without the dome, it shows her brain in her bones as can be seen in the white wire net ruby, then Allah commands you turning in your vehicle with Sahpetk, Vtaangk and accept you, and Tmanak dignity of God Almighty. And the dome either pearl, emerald and either, or rubies, and either Dora. If the Dome of those palaces pulpits of light, angels failure, Antzeronkm to Ihniokm and Hristiokm, transforms each one of you on the vehicle wed those horses, Bjunbha neonatal everlasting youth, Chiekm Angels close, cut you Paradise, and when he lifted up to Qsourkm I got angels in your honor Fastnzlokm and Safhokm, and pinned their hands in your hands, then Ocilokm them, then Oqubltm to laugh and even caressing it raised your voices

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