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As a paradise shelter (description Paradise and pleasures and degrees)


Did you ever think what the meaning of this word Did you feel that you are in front of a great word you want to know what

In the language

Paradise in the great grove language which Lester what's inside,

They are derived from material: Jenin , which is the sense Jackets,

Therefore named Gin Jana to Asttaarham and disappeared from sight,

Also called embryo to fetus Asttarh in his mother's womb,

And from the mad intensity of any night darkness and a jacket for the ...

The al-Shara in

Paradise House immortality and dignity which God prepared Glorified and Exalted for His believing slaves and given to the most honorable and decent face,

And which of eternal bliss eternal what no eye has seen, no ear has heard nor the heart of man,

as the Almighty said: do not learn the same as hide them from the apple of the eyes of a reward for what they were working {Sajda: 17}.

Paradise names also received the Holy

House Mole
( Those who were happy in Paradise to dwell therein as long as the heavens and the earth only what your Lord willed tender is Mjdhuz )

house built
( and said thank God that I go us sadness that our Lord for forgiving thanks (34) , which we referred house built from the bounty does not touch us where the monument does not touch us where weariness )

Committee shelter
( and I've seen other catch (13) when The Prophet (14) then the
Commission shelter )

Gardens of Eden
( the Garden of Eden they enter solve the bracelets of gold and pearls and their garments in silk )

Gardens of Delight
( Those who believe and do good deeds for them Gardens of Delight )

( in place of the pious Amin (51) in the gardens and fountains )

Dar es Salaam
( and God calls to Dar es Salaam )

described paradise


Brick of silver, and a block of gold, and Mlatha musk, Hbbaaha pearl and sapphire, and soil of saffron, and peace in today twelve rak built him a house in Paradise.

( paradise built brick of silver, and a building block of gold, and Mlatha musk Alozfr, and Hbbaaha pearl and sapphire, and soil Saffron, who enters enjoy not Lepas, and he will abide not die, do not wear out their clothes, and neither will their youth )
true Albanian

" Whoever prays twelve rak'ahs in the day and night, has a built them a house in Paradise . "
Sahih Muslim


the eight doors and the door of his name Rayyan not enter but those who fast, and offer rapid march of the passenger door three days, and it comes on the crowded people.

( eight doors in Paradise, where the door is called Rayyan, do not enter but those who fast ). Bukhari


a hundred degrees between every two degrees as between heaven and earth, and Paradise highest, including the explosion of the rivers of Paradise, and above the throne of Rahman.

( In Paradise hundred degrees, God has prepared for the Mujahideen in the process, every two degrees between them as between heaven and earth If you ask God Vsloh Paradise, it is the middle of Paradise, and the highest heaven, and on it the throne Rahman, and from it spring forth the rivers of Paradise ).
Sahih Bukhari


the river of honey in a refinery, and a river of milk, and a river of wine delicious to the drinkers, and a river of water, and the river Kawthar of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him whiter than milk and sweeter than honey, the bird necks Koenaq islands (ie beauty).

( The Prophet was asked what Kawthar said that River Oatanih God means in Paradise whiter than milk and sweeter than honey where bird necks Koenaq islands Omar said that this is a soft Messenger of Allah, ate the softest ones )
Hassan true Albanian


the tree is going passenger under which a hundred years does not cut it, though trees permanent tender nearby Dania afflicted.

( In Paradise tree, walking passenger under which a hundred years , does not cut it, and if you like Read the: {} remained elongated ).
Sahih Bukhari

the hollow of Pearl tent displayed Stone miles in every corner where people go around them insured.

" paradise in a tent of pearl hollow. Stone presented miles. In every corner, including the people. What they see others. Roams them insured . "
Sahih Muslim

people of Paradise:

Paradise inventory due Mkhalin; not exhausted their youth do not wear out their clothes, and the first group will enter the moon on the night of the full moon, do not urinate or excrete not Eetmkhton not Atvlon, Omchathm gold, and nominated musk, Mbakm of incense .

( the people of Paradise inventory due Navy is not exhausted their youth, do not wear out their clothes )
Hassan Albanian

women of Paradise:

if a woman of the women of Paradise looked to the ground lit up between them and filled in between wind, and see the brain Sogahma from behind the meat from Hasan, but Nsifha on her head better than this world and everything in it.

( if the woman of the women of Paradise looked to the ground lit up between them, and filled in between wind, but Nsifha - means Muffler - better than the minimum and where ).
Sahih Bukhari

first to enter paradise:

our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon upon him and Abu Bakr; and the first three walk: Martyr, and Afif prissy, Abdul best worship God and advised disloyal.

( Showing the first three will enter Paradise and the first three will enter Hell, either the first three will enter Paradise; Valshahyd, and Abdel-owned best worship of his Lord, and advised to his master, and Afif prissy with Eyal. The first three will enter Hell, Emir Msult, and has a wealth of money does not lead the right of God in his money, and jurist proud )
weak Albanian

Naim another to the people of Paradise:

I said to him wished When wishing said to him you that I wished and ten times the minimum .

" I know the people of Hell Last departure from the fire. A man comes out of them crawl. He said to him: zap, enter Paradise. He goes enters paradise. They find people have taken houses. I said to him: I remember the time you're at it? He says: Yes. He said to him: Wish. Veetmny. Said to him: I wished that you and ten times the minimum. He says: Otschr me and you king? "Said I have seen the Messenger of Allah bless him and laughed until Noajzh appeared. )
Sahih Muslim

masters of the people of Paradise:

lord of the elderly Abu Bakr and Omar; and Sida young Hassan and Hussein; and women ladies of Paradise Khadijah girl Khuwaylid, and Fatima girl Mohammed, and Mary, daughter of Imran, and Asia girl Muzahim woman Pharaoh.

( came to me the king greeted Ali came down from heaven, did not come down before Fbherna that Hassan and Hussein, leaders of the youth of Paradise, and that the Fatima Lady women of Paradise )
is true Albanian

served the people of Paradise:

two sons everlasting youth, not older than that age, if I saw them as if they were pearls strewn deployed in the district Hawwaij gentlemen.

to look at the face of God:

one of the greatest bliss of the people of Paradise to see the Lord Almighty
" and faces a green bay that day to the Lord * headmistress "
- Resurrection 23/22

Those who Paradise

Paradise is a great penalty, and great reward, which God has prepared for his heirs and the people of obedience, a Naim full not tainted by the lack of, nor disturb called chagrin, what God told us by them, and were told by the Prophet - peace be upon him - boggles the mind and Ivhlh, because imagine the greatness of that bliss unable mind about recognizing and absorbed.

Listen to saying the Almighty in the hadith Qudsi

" I have prepared for My righteous slaves what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the heart of man , "

then the Prophet - peace be upon him said him -:
" Read the if you like ( do not learn the same as hide them from the apple of the eyes ) [Sajda: 17] " . Bukhari

and show the greatness of bliss comparing minimum Bmtaa, the minimum belongings next to Naim Hereafter fiddling despicable, is worth nothing.

In Sahih Bukhari from Sahl ibn Sa'd al-Saadi said: The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -:

" the subject of a whip in Paradise is better than the minimum and where . " Sahih Bukhari

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