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Wonderful Wonderful .. Description Paradise and pleasures and a description of what the ... Wonderful Wonderful

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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon paradise ?? talk about paradise and some of where God made ​​us from her family Oh God, Amen Paradise Key Paradise Private Key is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of God and good deeds are the teeth of the key by which works and the first to enter our Lord the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him After that intercedes for believers to enter -> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <- doors and taken those who fear their Lord to Paradise see troops even if Jaha and opened their doors and told them stored Peace be upon you Tpettm Vedjloha flow (Surah Zumar 73) eight gates of Paradise are told that their names door of Mohammed, peace be upon him is the door of repentance - the door of prayer - - Bab Al Rayyan of fasting, a door - the door of the Zakat charity door - the door of the Hajj and Umrah -

- Jihad door
- the door of the connection with -> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <- degrees of Paradise, 'and the highest degrees of Paradise and the highest paradise which is under the throne of Rahman Almighty and from He graduated rivers of the four main Paradise (River of milk - honey River - River wine - water river) and the highest shrine in the highest paradise is a shrine means a place of our Lord the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and God asked him waseelah his intercession God bless him and the Day of Resurrection and then people Illiyun rooms, a multi-role of Durr and substance palaces underneath which rivers Atran of the people of Paradise and the people of the planets and the stars in the heavens Ela see a status of the prophets and the martyrs and the patient of the people of affliction and sickness and Almtahabin in God and in the Paradise Rooms of gems transparent sees face value of its interior, which is for those who speak good speech and food and feed is in place and people are asleep and then the rest of the people of the stairs, a hundred degrees and Odnahm status of his king was like ten times the kings of the world's richest -> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <- -> <- mentioned the names of some of the rivers of Paradise and the eyes and the Committee rivers and eyes, originating from the four emerging from the highest paradise rivers have reported some names mentioned in the Koran and Hadiths which Kawthar - River , a river gave the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him in paradise and drink it Muslims in position doomsday drink not Azmoon from then never praise of God has been named one of the verses of the Qur'an in his name, calling the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him that the banks are made ​​of the domes of hollow pearls and soil musk and Hbbaah Pearl whiter than snow and one hundred and sweeter than sugar and vessels of gold and silver - River Alipidkh a river where dunks martyrs Vijrgeon him the moon to full moon night has gone from them what they found from the minimum harm - Superficial River which Nehraly the door of paradise sitting with him Martyrs Viotehm livelihood of paradise morning and evening - eye Tasneem a supervised drink the people of Paradise, one of the sealed nectar and drink close purely and blends with musk to the people of right - eye Salsabil a drink people of the right and mixes them with ginger - Ain mood camphor , a righteous syrup and all beverages does not intoxicate not cracked and do not go the mind but fill Harbhe pleasure and euphoria does not know people of this world go around them by two sons everlasting youth as if they were pearls scattered cups of gold Bottles of silver and food of the people of Paradise and bird meat, fruit and everything themselves wanted the (to them what they want with their Lord, that penalty benefactors) Surah Zumar: 34 -> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <- paradise trees , all of which stems from the gold and leaves of green and substance Emerald has mentioned them blessed tree - said by the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and it resembles a walnut tree, a very bone in size and burgeoning fruit for clothing the people of Paradise in all the fruit Seventy dress colors colors of Sondos and Aloestbrq like people of this world gain from the insured did not see what he wants and then meet people of Paradise Vizkron minimum fun also cause God made ​​a wind of paradise move that tree all the fun was in the world - The Prophet is a great tree under the throne of Rahman and goes out of its origin four Onharweghaha the light of God and many of the angels, a shrine of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, and with him the children of believers who die while they are young caregiver cap to all of them and leaves flagged creations and no one knows except God Almighty In Paradise Ohjarmn all fruits colors known in the world is not them, but the names either substance is What no one knows except God and human beings who believe and do good deeds that for them Gardens underneath which rivers whenever Rozkoa them from the fruit, they say: This is what our livelihood by and brought him similar and they have antiseptic pairs they will abide therein Sura 25 was reported from the fruits of paradise figs grapes pomegranate Acacia Balah Seder and all of God's creation, the Almighty to the people of the fruits of the world -> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <- status of the people of Paradise men send men of God the people of paradise in the image of their father Adam inventory Marda Mkhalin in the third and thirty years of age on the swab and the image of Joseph and the heart of Ayoub and San Muhammad peace and blessings God has bestowed on them Pettmam perfection and beauty and youth are not dying nor sleeping women and women of Paradise are two types virgins virgins: They are creating creatures for the people Paradise and Cefhn the Almighty God in His Holy Book that they if they are rubies and coral Ar-Rahman 58 Like unto preserved pearls Sura located 23 if they were eggs innermost Saaffat 29. They are women Ndharat beautiful Naamat if one of them had seen the people of the earth to lit up the world and the Maalaha and locked them what countless He said peace be upon him that the cloud to pass the people of Paradise Visolunha that are bombarded with Keb Oturaba Vtmatarhm what they want virgins minimum women believing women who Adechhin paradise of God rest in peace and those are the queens of paradise They Ashraf and best and most complete and the most beautiful virgins In an interview with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him the mother Salamah by God that the preferred minimum women on the eye poplar Kvdil apparent dress on his entourage God has prepared for them palaces and bliss Mamdoda gave them God youthful and always beautiful not seen him appointed by the young men who are created from creating paradise they served young paradise roam the people of Paradise food and drink and those in charge of their service They are fully bliss for the people of Paradise Their vision alone without the service of his good pleasure (and them immortal everlasting youth if I saw them Hspthm pearls scattered) Al rights 19 born in paradise and this mercy to those who denied Reproduction in the world and if I desire one of the people of Paradise boy God gave him mercy as he pleases ( them what they want with their Lord, that penalty benefactors) Surah Zumar: 34 Make us from the heirs of paradise and welcome to your grace and Oskna palaces mercy and grant us Top Vrduzc affection from you and us and that we did not have a Welcome We have no work what informs us that hope, but love love messenger, peace be upon him and Praise be to Allah by sending this message you may be reached verse you may stand Patroness Day of Resurrection Allah reward you and us all the best

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