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Oh God, prayer Wash me with water, snow, hail Zaghloul El-Naggar

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Hamad Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon the Messengers Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions. The sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his actions is the year that imitate the light that illuminates our path Vnfem assets of our religion. There are a lot of hadith, which is our reference in science and knowledge, what is said or something forbade anything but had a scientific basis .... and will reveal us modern science in the future a lot of the treasures of knowledge and revelation. It has worked hard in the interpretation of the scientific miracles in Surat iron chemically in the year 2004/2005. Today, this interpretation of the oldest chemical and physical in the scientific miracles of his peace be upon him "and speak of passion. It is only a Revelation revealed". Allah says in the Holy Qur'an, "and speak of Alhoya. If it Alaouha revealed" An-Najm verse (2.3). From supplications sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him, "Oh God, wash me from my sins with water, snow and cold this supplication repeat it always, but we do not We know the scientific truth that lies in his own words. " The water, which singled out by God to the cause of creation in the verse, "We made ​​from water every living thing" Â Â Al-Anbiya verse number (30) - his miraculous last in its ability to cleaning, melt the material and I will describe some of the properties of water: - It consists of two atoms of hydrogen associated with one atom of oxygen Association covalent polar These polar (resulting from the electronegativity difference between the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen) is working on a compilation of water molecules by hydrogen bonds weak gain unique characteristics similar to him compounds in the installation and cause changes in its physical properties. The degree boiling high 100 ° C and surface tension has a significant and other properties that can not be mentioned in this research, and the following figure (1) build water molecules link in the three cases is (water - ice - water vapor).
The water, which singled out by God Almighty large capacity to melt the material and that the so-called "public solvent" has a great ability to dissolve many ionic materials as the polar water molecules crystallize attack if the ionic compound, isolating Aionath Almottagazbh within the lattice and the forces of attraction arises between the polar water molecules and ions where overcome the forces of attraction between the ions in the crystal are spread solute between water molecules - as in Figure (2).
A. This semi supplication sins and the sins dirt that cleans the water, how water cleaning process occur? When attached to spots and dirt Balsoub strong attraction between cloth and dirt scientifically called the forces of adhesion and water that God singled out a great ability to melt the polar materials and property due to surface tension spoke to him and help him in the property that penetrate into the fabric yarns (characteristic poetic) Vijtrq spot and moisten the cloth and thus dissolves the dirt to isolate ions from each weakening the forces of attraction between them if they are of the kind that dissolves in water. If the greasy spots not dissolve in water, the water cut off in the form of balls and moisten the surface of the fabric because the adhesion forces between the water and the spots less than the forces of cohesion between water molecules. So it can be washed with soap and water as the soap solution reduces the surface tension of water Venture soap solution on the fat and interact with a component emulsion greasy and increase the forces of attraction between the water and the spots Vtturk dirt with the surface. As in Figure 3.
but pray pointed Another way to clean-up a snow and ice, how is a way to clean up? We all know that when water freezes it becomes ice at zero degrees and Centennial molecules link becomes a way to change such as benzene ring (see Figure 4). There are some that do not go away dirt with water or with soap and water and because the forces of adhesion between these spots and be a big cloth such as wax or chewing gum stains on the cloth. When put a piece of ice by the cold working on the convergence of particles this article (shrink) are considerably less adhesion forces between them and the cloth which leads to separation (and each of us can experience it at home). The cold is composed at a temperature less than zero Centennial If there is dirt intractable, the cold working on these dirt particles larger contraction of snow degree Vtnfsal and go away. This semi supplication which sins dirt to be washed with water and which do not go away with water can remove the snow and ice that does not go away can remove the cold, so as not to remain something of human sins. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in another interview said, "Do you see if the river at the door of you washed it five times a day. Will keep dirt thing they said: No no longer be (Bukhari). This is another proof that water means cleaning of dirt and sins . There are a lot of the Hadith that talk about ablutions and its importance in the washing of sins and the sins. Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he said, "not Shall I guide you to Maimho God sins and raise the grades, they said: Yes, O Messenger of God, said : ablution on Almkarh frequent mistake to mosques and waiting for prayer after prayer Vmalkm Rabat "Narrated by Muslim.
This hadith shows that the sins of God wiped water ablutions. and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him also said that if Todo Al-Muslim or believer, washing the face out of his face all Sin looked at her eyes with water or with the last drop of water if wash his hands out of his hands every sin was tyranny Beidah with water or another drop of water if wash his feet, went out every sin Mstha his feet with water or with the last drop of water until cleansed of sin comes out. ( Narrated by Muslim) In another interview "of Todo so well out of his sins ablutions of his body until he graduated from under his fingernails. (Narrated by Muslim)
was Imam Shafei God's mercy of physiognomy and transparency so that he could see the sins dripping with drops ablutions. Glory of science illiterate Prophet this scientific fact. We can say that water, snow and hail are cases of physical water has a great ability to cleaning and each has a private in the mechanical cleaning. I ask God Almighty to Agslani you from our sins and Aviation, Ij and cold.
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