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the story of the prophet Mohammed Ali prayer and peace

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Prophet Arab illiterate, of Bani Hashim, born in Mecca after the death of his father Abdullah few months later, his mother died a safe which is still a child, guaranteed by the grandfather H. Abdul Muttalib then his uncle Abu Talib, and grazing sheep For a time, he married Ms. Khadija girl Khuwaylid a twenty-five-year-old, he invited people to Islam, no to the belief in one God and His Messenger, began to call in Mecca Fadthdh her ​​family migrated to the city where gathered around him a number of supporters in 622 AD became this year the start of the Islamic History , died after a pilgrimage Farewell.
Muhammad ibn Abd Allah (peace be upon him) the master of creation and the Imam of the Prophets, and the holder the messages of Lord of the Worlds ring to the people, the illiterate Prophet who Sntjol in the paths of his life, Ntnsm his biography, and track the steps, and Ntsama news, and we are in Arab desert island look, and inspect and turn the history books in order are feeling its effects, and in our journey that we will see the conditions of the world before the mission, and we read pointed his life before the revelation, and understand how it began advocating secretly ?, and how it manifested by ?, and how it came out of Mecca ?, but How He came out of God peace be upon him from Mecca immigrants to his city of Medina, where he founded his call for the state carried by people, and we'll see how labored valiantly Quraish infidels? In defense of his city, even they signed a truce between them. Laziness and the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him then never, and mind to rest in his country, but to make the truce a chance to prove that religion is, and spread the light of truth, that was a conquest, and was bringing people into the religion of Allah in crowds. In our journey that we will not forget that glimpse of his house, and we know she called, and realize what God made ​​on the hands of the miracles glamorous.

We review here the biography of Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) in the following chapters:

the first chapter

in the

elephant, God creates what He wills and chooses {And your Lord creates what he wants and chooses} (stories: 68) created man and the preferred one on another, creating time and preferred one on another, creating a place preferred one on another, and places chosen by the Almighty and virtues to other parts of the world, Mecca, where the old house, which is The first house established for the people, God has bodyguards and surrounded Hama, sponsored by Lord Kid criminals, including the famous incident of elephant God that record the facts in the Qur'an what the news of this incident? This is what we will stand him in these lines:
According to written biography that Abraha was vice Njashi to Yemen, and he saw the Arabs pilgrimage to the Kaaba, and Iazmunha, did not live up to him then, and wanted to distract people about them, built for a large church in Sana'a, the people of pilgrimage instead of the Kaaba , when he heard that a man from Bani Kenana entered the church at night, urinated and defecate where, when Abraha knew it asked for the actor was said to him, making this a man from the Arabs of the people of the house that Hajj Arabs to Mecca, became angry Abraha and NATO to go to Mecca for Ahedmaa, Fjhz a large army, and go, meaning the old house wants to destroy it, and it was among their animals, which rode the elephant-that the Arabs do not know Bordha-, wounding Arabs great fear, he did not find Abraha on his way but easy resistance from some Arab tribes that maximizes the house, and the people of Mecca were holed up in the mountains and did not Iqaomoh.
According to Abdul Muttalib asked Ebla has taken Abraha Army, Abraha said to him: You've liked when I saw you, then you may Zhdt Vic while Kelmtna, Otkelmena in two hundred camel taken from you, and leave the beta is your religion and the religion of your ancestors, I have come to destroy it , do not talk to me about it! Said to him, Abdul Muttalib: I am the Lord of the camel, and of the House of Lord protect him,
he said Abraha: What was to refrain me
Abdul Muttalib said: You and Mak.ooncd says the most important that the slave prevents trip Vamna Rahalk to Aagbann their cross and their shops incapacitated Mhalk If you Tarkhm and kiss ordered what You looked
when he became Abraha mobilized his army, and created Welle to enter Mecca, when he was in the Valley Mahsr-between Muzdalifah and Mny- pools elephant, declined progress toward Mecca, and they were if Jhoh to the south, or north, or east, rescued so, and if Jhoh the Kaaba pools declined, and while they are on this case, because God sent them birds Ababil (meaning Ababil follow each other), with each bird three stones, stone in its beak and two stones in his legs, does not affect them one but stranded members, and perished.
The Abraha God has injury disease, fell because of his fingertips, not up to Sanaa but a chick like the bathroom, cracked his chest about his heart perished evil fatalism. God told this in his book, he said: {Have you not seen how your Lord did the owners of the elephant. Pain makes guile to mislead. And sent them Ababil birds. Throw them stones of baked clay Fjolhm Kaacef uneaten.} (Al-Fil)
was the incident in the month of Muharram by the Birth of the Prophet, peace be upon him almost fifty days. It is occurred agrees February, 571 m.

And signed in conditions helped to access Brha to most corners of the globe civilized in This time, Valhabhh was highly relevant to the Romans, Persians and await the lookout for them and their Bhlvaihm come down, and these two countries were represent the civilized world at that time. This drew the attention of the world, located to the honor of this house and its place, and it is the house that God chosen by the reverence.
Lineage and his family (peace be upon him)

has chosen God Almighty Prophet (peace be upon him) from purer born Ismail proportions, and the honor of lineage man inert does not give a male or honor, but meeting those characterized Bhamid creation, and has acquired prestige, and adorn the mind and the dream, aggravated deal and honor and elevation, and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him is: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttalib, and is divided lineage peace be upon him into three parts:
the first part to Adnan
Part II to Abraham (peace be upon him)
Part III to Adam (peace be upon him)
it has agreed on the validity of the first part, but differed in the following sections, while his mother (peace be upon him) are: Amna girl gave.
The first part
Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib named Shiba bin Hashim named Amr bin Abdullah Manat named marauding (the son Qusay named Zaid bin dogs bin once ibn Ka'b bin Loay bin Ghalib bin Fehr and is nicknamed Baqric ​​and it is affiliated with the tribe bin Malik bin Nadar named Qais bin Kenana bin Khuzaymah bin aware named Amer bin Elias bin Mudar bin Mudar Bin Nizar bin contagious Bin Adnan and this part is the one who agreed to his health people to walk and lineages). good fruit does not go out of malicious origin tree, construction Shamekh he must solid foundation, and the Prophet meant to him to carry Hidayatullah to worlds until the time, it is imperative that maintained by care God and guidance even qualifies to carry out this important task. There is no doubt that the honor of lineage and his family (peace be upon him) and take care of God to him at birth and breast feeding, and pledge to do God's peace be upon him, in his childhood and his youth, and then how they spent the Holy Prophet of his life from the young to the mission, I do not doubt that it was all presentation Mission wonderful great prophet.  The second chapter
of his birth and breast feeding (peace be upon him)

is safe girl Wahab bin Abdul Manaf bin flower bin dogs -om Messenger of Allah, and the best woman in the Quraish proportions and the subject that day, but her father built Vsad flower proportions and honor. She married safe from Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, and when he took it considered that came out of her light lit up his deficiencies Sham, then Toimit and her unborn child after not seen the light, and placed it was better than put a woman to do time, he has died Balaboa between Mecca and Medina, which is on its way back to Mecca after he visited Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the son of six years of his maternal uncles built Adi ibn al-Najjar. The sons of Adi ibn Najjar brothers and sisters to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) because of them Salma girl Amr Nagarah wife Hashim mother Abdulmutallab grandfather the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).
Carried the morning of Monday, the ninth of the month of March for the first year of the elephant incident, and corresponding to twenty or twenty-second of April (571 m) carried on the morning of that day to a minimum the most beautiful and for the gift: the birth of Mohammed (peace be upon him) did not find safe or Seal of the Prophets hand Abdullah her ​​husband; for patting them, and shared her delight Pulidha small, but they were sent to his grandfather Abdul demand Tbhrh Balghulam ignoble, and filled the heart of the Sheikh, who Ksah sadness; the loss of his son, the young man Alotar- filled with joy and humans, the faster he took him, and walked him until the Kaaba income, then God called and thanked him, and chose him Muhammad's name, and what was the seventh day of his birth circumcised him on the custom of the Arabs and ordered Bnaqh Venhrt, then called the men from the Quraysh They came and vaccinated. The usually urban dwellers from Arabs that day to seek nursing mothers to their children, to strengthen their bodies, and master the Arab tongue in Mahdhm, and look for something Abdulmutallab from suckling grandson beloved, until he became a command to a woman from Bani Saad bin Bakr are: Halima girl refused Dhu'ayb, and in the homes of Halima grew Mohammed (peace be upon him) and move his tongue, including learning, and debt feet seeking in the land of Bani Saad and Badithm, this Badia occurred to him (peace be upon him) Incident of his famous al-Sadr, which was the precursor of bone would (peace be upon him). In the courts of Halima I came out Halima girl refused Dhu'ayb Saadia with the wives of Bani Saad bin Bakr seek Alrdaa, and once reached Mecca even picked up every one of them a baby Oalghemth her ​​nipples, leaving Mecca only one infant and nursing one, while the baby was Muhammad (peace be upon him), leaving for orphaned, were every one of them says: orphan! And it may be that made ​​his mother and grandfather?!, And the wet nurse was Halima Saadia, and it seems that the transfer to us of novels that she was on the case of extreme weakness and fatigue, and she refuses mothers Quraish that Adan her Bnihn, did not satisfy Halima to return empty-handed to their homes, she went back to an orphan Mecca After that Zhdth, encouraged by her husband Kabshah Abu al-Harith bin Abdul Azi said: No you can do, May God make us a blessing. Once • Do not mouth Mohammed (peace be upon him) her nipples until filled with after dry milk, drank, and drank his brother slept, and was accepted make it, and if Daptha lean precedes beasts Soihbadtha, and if udder captured from a busy milk cycle, Halima, her husband and her son in good night, and he became her husband tells her: learning and God, Halima ?! We have taken people's blessing. There were breaths Mohammed (peace be upon him) in pure Dar Halima, running for the equivalent to the pond, captured from Vsmont, and increased milk and God bless her in all that she had, even the sons Saad Raeianhm to say: Wellcome! Asrhawwa offing Sponsor girl refused Dhu'ayb. And did Mohammed (peace be upon him) two years, Vaftmth Halima, and it went to a safe insists it -lma saw him from Aljer- to leave her more time, and still until he has received it, he stayed in Bani Saad, until the age of four or five . In this age occurred to him of his chest incident, Vkhchit it Halima to be infected ill, Ferdth to his mother in Mecca. Incision chest incident Pena Mohammed (peace be upon him) playing with the boys, in the homes of Halima Saadia, has Nahz age that day fourth or fifth, occurred to him strange incident, as it came to him King, took him torn him, then slit his chest and extracted his heart, and took out of it leech, then wash it off in the basin of gold with Zamzam water, and then returned to his place, and tomorrow the young men to his mother Halima Ionnbhunha saying that Muhammad had been killed, he hastened to Halima, and received him a Mentqa color, and feared Halima and her husband to be infected ill Fbadra his response to his mother safe in Mecca. his childhood and his youth (peace be upon him) returned Mohammed (peace be upon him) from the land of Halima into the arms of his mother, the long-longing to him, and Hnt it safe until then amounted to six years, then the widow faithful in remembrance of the young man her husband, Abdullah, had been meaning to leave the city, you see his grave and see Muhammad is his maternal uncles of Bani Najjar, it emerged safe on a journey of five hundred kilometers, accompanied by her son and her maid Umm Ayman , and accompanied by Abdulmutallab, hold out all of nostalgia to the tomb of Abdullah, and stayed safe in the city months, and then was determined to leave, but Mohammed (peace be upon him) have I read his eyes the tomb of his father Vtjsd has involved orphanhood clear, the Fates hide his painful another surprise the disease has insisted his mother and subsequently dispatched, so was dead Balaboa between Mecca and Medina, and returned orphan parents sad with his grandfather compassionate to Mecca, Vikrema grandfather, and loved, and Ihno it, and even offered to his sons, and tells that the bedding was simplifies to Abdulmutallab in light of the Kaaba not bring him closer A tribute to him until he came out to him, was the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) comes sit Accordingly, the uncles wanted to Aakhroh and Mham grandfather forbade them about it, and passed on what is made, but where to find Sheikh eighty plenty of time in which his grandson creates? It addressed the away Abdul Muttalib died, was recommended his son Abu Talib sponsored grandson orphan, and the Abu Talib task brilliantly, and has been supporting the afternoon Mohammed (peace be upon him) and sustains his more than forty years, and departed Mohammed (peace be upon him) with him to Sham time he was twelve years old, Vlkie in the way Bahira the monk, knew that the Prophet of this nation and a throwback to Mecca for fear of him, and participated Qureshi war against Qais Eilan, he was still in the fifteenth in the ungodly war, then saw the effect that NATO curiosity Dar son Jad'aan as allied themselves to defending the oppressed and strange. And so spent the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), childhood which was mixed with tenderness seriously the pain of orphanhood and separation, playing and fun diligent and war with adults. While the Mohammed (peace be upon him) twelve years he traveled with his uncle Abu Talib to Syria in trade him, and went down behind am looking Valtekayam favor monk named Bahira (named Zarzis). Monk and is aware of Mohammed (peace be upon him) what his ignorance of his people and his family, he asked Abu Talib said to him: My son. He answered: What should his father be alive !. Abu Talib and an exclamation of science Bahira! He said to him: It's nephew, his father and his mother pregnant with Matt. Bahira replied brief and advising: ratified, refer him to your country, and beware of the Jews. Hurried Abu Taleb, his response with some of his servants, to Mecca, and it seems that Bahira had known of the prophecy ring which his back (as stated in some reports), and which was read by his books from near the Prophet mission after Isa (peace be upon him), and the UAE that the Prophet and his grades. Follows
Call secretly

all defilements of ignorance, and multiple Hamaqatha, and disadvantages of different, distanced Mohammed (peace be upon him) and walked away, his spirit is not pure, but also his body. It was with the number of nights stay in the cave of Hira worshiping the Lord and Mottagrba. And alert him or without expectation; surprised (peace be upon him) revelation revelation to him, and communicated messages of his Lord. And the prophet was Secretary (peace be upon him), but to reach the light that carries to the people around him, thus allowing a call secretly for three years, selecting from seeking the goodness, Visamah Koran house him, and his collections with his brothers who preceded him to the religion of Allah, Mthaia and waiting for the descent of God's command to speak out loud calling.

call openly

once came down the right, the Almighty is His Messenger (peace be upon him) to call to speak out loud, even the Prophet on Mount Safa; declare publicly the fact that his message. But the ears, which is not used to hearing the truth, and minds that draw complacency and sleep, and the souls that fell in love with even Odmenth delusion, does not satisfy the light of God that shines between Hnaya Mecca; even have a role in preventing and share. The Prophet bearing (peace be upon him), and his cohorts insured risks and pain of confrontation and abuse, and Stroa with their blood and their lives finest verses of patience and fortitude. They said Admoa refuge sheltering him in the paths of Mecca and its role on the variety and breadth they found in the house of their brother Arqam remote some security and some of the box, between the walls of this house blessed were learning the provisions of their religion, and brought up on the value-Semitism, then had to migrate to Abyssinia after the intensification of abuse protection and the strength of, in a country known king of justice and fairness. The Muslims of Mecca who had not migrated to Abyssinia, has thrived Islam of Hamza and Omar (God bless them). When Quraysh's East of confrontation and abuse methods resorted to methods of bargaining and temptation, but hard for those who saw the light of the right to deceive glitter desires. And on a diet neighboring collection Abu Taleb of Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib, in support of his nephew, and here it was left to Quraish only declare public boycott of the Muslims and their supporters, and as Muslims patience on the pain of abuse, and the temptation of temptation, walkers with their feet on the thorns of this province to reach their goal noble. And a desperate last-ditch attempt Akea Quraish sent a delegation to Abu Talib them, come back to bargaining, but no longer including deserved: hidden nostalgia. In the tenth year of the prophecy has befallen the Messenger of Allah and Muslims Museibtan: the death of Abu Talib, and the death of Khadija (God bless them), was called this year a year of grief.

Speak to call

down God Almighty for the great prophet (peace be upon him) Al poets began to tell him and his faithful the story of Moses (peace be upon him), Pfsolha successive: of prophecy, and migration, and the face, and escape them, and the destruction of Pharaoh and those with him; to be this sura a model for Muslims, and cited God by the ends of the rejecters of the people of Noah, and returned, and Thamood, and others, then Allah revealed Come by saying Qur'an: (And warn your tribe of kin), and that was commissioned to Mohammed (peace be upon him) is safe with him to speak out loud invite them, and began the Holy Prophet invited relatives as ordered, then was his second trip on Mount Safa, ominous stomachs Quraish as a whole, and warning them Fire Hereafter, which do not grow old, until Allah Almighty commanded: (Vasda including commanded and introduce the infidels) was the fault of the right diligence and habit, do not leave breath only heard of message Rabbo what God intended it to be heard, I believed then, or did not believe in.

invitation kin

initiated by the Prophet (peace be upon him) to implement what cost him warning his clan relatives, called Bani Hashim They came and with them a group of Bani Muttalib ibn Abd Manaf, and almost Prophet matter by talking to them until urgent Abu flame (Tibet with his hands) windy attack, threatened him a counselor Ali the hands of the Quraish, and Tauahm of the Arabs, then his ill-fated concluded by saying: What I saw no one came against the children of his father preached, which come by. Vskt Mohammed (peace be upon him) did not speak, and what to say to those standing in front of the light of truth, Afeema his heart so as not to see anything? He returned the Holy Prophet to try again, he gathered them together and then talking to them glorified God and commend him, and informed them that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to them private, and to the public, and warn them of the Baath and numeracy, and heaven and hell, either Abu Talib has burdens, and declared his and his triumph , The Abu flame has stimulated people to take on his hands before taking the Arabs, Abu Talib replied, saying: God Nmnanh What we stayed.

on Mount Safa

surprised Quraish day with those who climb Mount Safa, then insists flagrant: Hey two mornings! Met stomachs Quraish him, if blatant Mohammed (peace be upon him) and if it is warn them of the hands of the suffering, but the Quraysh that teach sincerity Mohammed tongues had held surprise, what answered, but the enemy of God uncle Abu Lahab said: Woe to you the rest of the day! We brought us that why?, Came down Al-Masadd. And it tells that eating a stone to throw the Prophet (peace be upon him).

rift right

down divine guidance to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) a decisive conclusive: (Vasda including commanded and introduce the polytheists), went Mohammed cruising Mecca whole, of diameters to diameters , and their markets to clubs, awakens sleeping on the night of paganism, and screaming Pegriqi seas of ignorance, and shake the hearts of Oceans on the religion of their fathers, and announce to everyone that there is no god but Allah, and that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), exploded the volcanoes of anger in Mecca, land and Madt under the feet masters and servants of her idols, Akon is God ?! And to God alone?! What keeps us after that ?! Mohammed northeastern Lord between us and the slaves and slave ?! The so-called treasure money unjustly ?! It does not become the preferred Quraysh Ali than others ?! But preferred an Arab foreigner does not become only piety ?! What Naim minimum after that ?! But and stay in it? !!. Unanimous in the hearts of the infidels in Mecca on the war this new prophet, and the annihilation of his followers, and extinguish the fire of revolution before it goes on everything, was the confrontation and was abuse.
Confrontation and abuse

Sarh Mohammed (peace be upon him) his people Bdilalhm, and confronting them with the light, which holds, but the eyes that onsite darkness If faced lights Abt and hurt, Mecca declared war on prophet and his followers from the first day, launched by the propaganda war for the disposal of people with him, then used my weapon irony, and raise suspicions, the TFT in Eddh, and took in the invention of tricks to occupy people with him, and between the carrot and the stick was used to bargain visits and persecution more times, and became a pressing weight garrison in Mecca: his uncle Abu Talib, while Muslims who believe in him have the availability to them of patience and fortitude what pleased them through this ordeal, and the clarity of the way what helped them to walk into this darkness factors

propaganda war

is still publicity Since the dawn of history weapon all the power in the land, wanted this good or bad she wanted power, and Musharko Mecca -ali naïveté Albedwih- that was not lost on their arms, especially has learned that Muhammad peace be upon him Sabgahm him, Vovwag pilgrims at the gates of Mecca, even heard of Muslims and their prophet; nascent call spread across the whole island. Quick Quraish meeting Baloulid bin invasive, and were determined to unite their word in front of the Arabs, there is a difference as saying a reason to discredit them, and suggested to, inter several, Again and say priest, and others say the poet, then crazy or enchanting, all of that and the son of marauding do not like the opinion, nominates Mohammed and attributes Sakzban fabrications blurry, and took the newborn turns the idea of an hour, but it seems that the confusion that was not his conception of the thing was finally Ali and this description of vision when he said to them: We have seen silicosis and what is the magic Bnfethm nor their contract. However, the devil has guided him to the analogy of what brought him peace be upon him of witchcraft because it differentiates between a man and his father, and between man and his brother, and between man and his wife, and between a man and his clan. Quraish and almost up to this abhorrent leveling up scattered on it, and then went all the way through in Mecca calls by calling false, led by Abu Lahab, who was a trace of the Prophet peace be upon him, saying: Do not Ttiaoh it Sabi liar. But as the Arabs: Actual itself says Gent Baraqish; because the pilgrims had left Mecca do not speak only about the prophet who deny his people, Vantcher said peace be upon him in the land of all Arabs.

Chapter III

occupancy people

Quraish learned that the accused Mohammed * peace be upon him * lying or crazy, and throw Ehanh or magic is useless behind him, and they thought Bsagam their minds that the people but they gather around him for the sweetness of his speech, the beauty area, forgetting the fact spotless, they gather around him the sincerity of his speech , the power of logic, since his is the Koran Lord of the Worlds, and the persistence of the people in their transgression they saw that the newly attractive make a hadeeth Mohammed !! And initiated Nadr bin al-Harith to implement this plan, the ailing went to the confusion, and learn the stories of the kings of Persia and sayings of Rostam and Esfandiar, then returned crowds * Prophet peace be upon him and his council * says: God, what Mohammed recently the best of me! Astonishment and then wonder: What Muhammad newly best from me? Because modern Nadar does not attract only idiots like him who like myths and nonsense vocals for the plain truth has bought some singers, even if he heard that a man has money to the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * Sultha him, feed him and Quenching and sing to him, so as not to keep his tendency to Islam !!.

bargaining and persecution

because the worship of idols of Quraish earning a profit and Vera, and their trade is active, it has bargained polytheists * Muhammad peace be upon him * Ali faith as they do in buying and selling, trying to reach the proper settlement !! * Went to Muhammad peace be upon him * offer him something strange: to worship the god worshiped their gods years and years beyond; Taatradi until all parties. Though the polytheists before leaving the gods-year-old Muhammad peace be upon him * did not accept to leave the worship of his Lord for one moment, or without it.
Unconscious logic, colorless opinion, why has the while defying the right but to reach out Bbth and harassment? That's what made ​​Musharko Mecca Muhammad * God's peace be upon him * and his companions righteous, trying again and again to kill the Holy Prophet, either to hand over Abu Talib Muhammad them to kill him, and either threw a rock on his head Sharif during his prostration attempt dad failed ignorance, and either strangled him gown from neck Ksnaa enemy of God obstacle ibn Abi, and either trying to Omar bin al-Khattab, which ended Bisalamh, while the polytheists failure in the loss of his soul * God's peace be upon him * has reached from their evil many, many, the beginning of throwing a stone as Abu flame did at Mount Safa, through Status of thorns on the door and in the way, and the extension of the tongue offended him, slander him, as were manufactured Wife beautiful mother, then what he is made ​​by neighbors of littering it during prostration, and repeated obstacle at the sanctuary when he was Salé roots on the back * peace be upon him * he knelt, and what he did Alokhans bin Shareeg arrogance towards him and bravado, this happened to the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * It Sharif in his people, inside the fleshy Abi Talib Sayed Bani Hashim and small obeyed, let alone what happened to his family, especially those who are vulnerable? The torture stories Wendy affront to humanity, and the pictures heroism lift Hamathm in the sky, what ladder one of them from harm, the beginning of Abu Bakr, and then Uthman, Omar bin al-Khattab, and Musab bin Omair, and Bilal al-Habashi, and Ammar bin Yasir and his father, and his mother, and my father Vkihh, and art-Khabab bin. What was just torture men, women and even leading up to Islam secretly had a large share in the persecution! As Khadija, may Allah was her first of the safest The toxicity * God rest her soul * first cited and stories of torture Znarh, and Alnhdah, mother Obeis, and ongoing built expectancy, and others Bus and painful, but these heroes sons have American actors for themselves a clear path, was a factor of patience factors and fortitude to pass that ordeal.

Pressure Ali Abi Talib,
the father of a student he grew Mohammed * peace be upon him * in his house, and old before his eyes, and saw the cream qualities, and Sami morals, is venerated by the same, feels the fact that Muhammad is his son, not his nephew. He is a prophet, this truth that fills Fouad Abi Talib, and proud of his tongue, which is the same uttered while Bahira the monk asked him: What is this boy you? Muhammad was escorted boy on his journey to the Levant, and that his son, but it Mohammed * peace be upon him * who knows him well was Nasser Abu Talib Muhammad in every position, supported in every tight, supported when passed to his son, his followers, and when he announced his support on the Messenger Bani Hashim, said Abu Talib advocate Mohammed in the corridors of Mecca and clubs, and what was next to Abi Talib * Large Mecca and Sir Bani Hashim * close by who assaulted him; so Quraish saw no way to Mohammed only by his uncle, I took the walk to it again and again, She walked him in the beginning he spoke line up in response to thin, and walked him in the sixth year of prophecy casual that Abdloh Bin Al Waleed bin invasive architecture * Onhd boy Quraish and outlined * Muhammad * peace be upon him * to kill him, marveled Abu Taleb of the display and answered them Dahisha: Otatona your son Ogdhuh you, and give you my son?!. I went to him and the Quraysh third time Mtaheddh promising: Tcfh us, or Nnazlh and you in it, so one of the two teams perish. And I am tired nerves Abi Talib and shaken at this time check with his nephew, saying: Hold on and on yourself, do not hold me to it so I can not stand, replied the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * sad: my uncle, God, if they put the sun in my right hand, and the moon in my left I have to leave this matter to show what God or kills him what his legacy, then tears in his eyes and move * God's peace be upon him, * The Abu Taleb has called him and said to him: Go O son of my brother, say what you like, I swear not Oslmk for something

patience and fortitude factors

ten years complete his Muslims with their prophet under torture, they bear the brunt of Quraish, and Asamon grievances of Svhaiha what one of them fails to religion, and the lack of days their number or their faith, and it was behind that of the stability of the faith, and spread to the invitation despite the darkest circumstances, a prominent factors are many reasons :
First, deep faith in God: So they knew the right knowledge, consecrated certainty of their hearts, and Hunt adversity on them.
Second: Aadthm beloved: Mohammed * peace be upon him * decent man who meets him hearts, and are attracted to him souls, and sure a capacity, and admit it enemies to him by friends.
Third, a sense of responsibility: So that Ohdthm faith teaches positive note, it is charged from his Lord {g Almighty} to carry the message to the Worlds, and the patience for that.
Fourth: for sure the Hereafter: and the curse of to see the Baath and numeracy, and heaven and hell, seeing eye so that the work does not dictate, and be patient is not tired.
Fifth: the Qur'an: who was the revelation comes by day and night, handling their cases immediate, and answer their questions confused, and responding to their opponents and enemies, and roams them across the wide universe, and then turns them into what behind This universe, Vtnscherh chests, proving their feet.
Sixth: To Bisharat: that the Koran descends, and the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * tell them about understanding the patience that are certain of victory, Mthinon introduction.
Seventh: These Education minute which was performed by the Prophet himself, Vigve their lives, and endorsing them, and purify morals day after day, from the defilements of ignorance and Othatha.
Eighth: insatiable with all this were not sitting surrendering to Asomem by Musharko Mecca of torture and ill-treatment waiting Faraj Allah without work, but it was the people a clear path, Abesrunh all, and marching him harder; to get out of this excruciating crisis.

The clarity of the road of peaceful resistance and

Muslims charted and their Prophet Mohammed * peace be upon him * for themselves a path well-defined, so that the wise should understands his memoirs, and he knows what allows him to it, and prohibited it, so do not standing in front of each bump or a curved back accounts had finished them, and repeats the thought was it had finished !.
and distinction this way the rules of several of them: peaceful resistance, and rescue the oppressed, and to benefit from polytheism laws, and not compromising on faith, and to benefit from the partnership between Islam and religions Asamawitin : Judaism, Christianity, and neutralize some entangling characters, and asked strength of outside of Quraish, and profess to call in all the time and all the while.
Among the three hundred fetish Ihootoon the Kaaba, and thousands of drunken who roam the streets of Mecca, and knocking on the role of prostitution by morning and evening, came the call conclusion to the worlds, and advocacy nascent collide in essence Mecca antique systems, and the lives of her family, is written on the believers to slam into the people of Mecca, and the call after the initial steps? Koran forbade them to have endocrine Lisboa gods, and they declined to respond to their offenses were infidels and their machinations malicious. The Arab who had been living a war for many years and not Iqadha for the horse prior to another without right, became the day after that the religion of Allah income knows how to control himself, and gag Jmahaa, has learned from Nabih * peace be upon him * Sincerity, mother of revenge? ! He noticed himself to do ?, forbid! But if God and His Messenger and his religion then it is good work permission in patience and possibility. This was the plan seriously impact on the hearts of the people of Mecca and around, they see some people do not say, but right certificate, and then they see others Thaira head, disturbers mood, Iswmunhm Khosva after eclipsed, and Iviconhm wrongfully, was this scene irritates souls generous; to hear the right call Immaculate , pure clear, that have not cluttered or fighting the same war, and left considerable room only for the ayatollahs, turned right, and illuminate the way, and to respond to the infidels.

Save vulnerable

not Mosro Muslims when they meet with the poor and vulnerable of them believe that their duty towards them is peace and smiling, then the benefit of supplication, but they knew that they have to save these vulnerable people who believe in God as Lord, and Muhammad * God's peace be upon him * prophet and messenger, though spend in the cause of God all their money, are not they know that the brotherhood of Islam are superior to brothers ratios? Should not them to be one family interdependent shoulder to shoulder? I have free Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him * * alone six necks, Bilal Sabahm, and answered his father when he said to him: My son, I see you unredeemed Rkaba are vulnerable, if you have done if she freed men and their skin Amnonk dunk ?! He replied: O my father, I am but I want what I want God Almighty.

Benefit from polytheism laws

lived call for a long time in a society governed by laws, and community polytheist Mecca were governed only polytheism laws, and the law of idol-worshipers, but call it seeks between the paths of this community , ask themselves what they find when legally Mecca laws, to put this law ?, but was replaced by two questions: Is this law contradicts the law of Islam or its provisions? Does this law helps me with something. The initial answer was no, and the second is yes, I've ever had worshiped him and went on their way !. The weak are entitled to enter into a strong neighborhood is not digested right or touches introduced a Mecca laws that day, to met him call in their way, and found consistent with the principles, the servant of interest and benefiting by whatever interest, Mohammed * peace be upon him * recite his call day and night, which is in next to his uncle, do not touch him ill, and Abu Bakr owner friend comes out of Mecca immigrants to Abyssinia Vilqah Aldegnp son Sayed tribe continent, do not satisfy it, but says to him: that like you, O Abu Bakr does not come out and not come out, you earn zero, and bear all, and report the ***, and had the ravages of the right, I'm your neighbor, go back and worship your Lord in your country, and returns Abu Bakr to Mecca in the vicinity of gentile saves for adults destinies.
not compromising on faith
did not accept the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * from Quraish compromising his faith, So did the Muslims, and the position of Jaafar bin Abi Talib, a representative of the Muslim migrants to Ethiopia before the Negus king confirms it has received news about having some companions to say something about Islam hated under torture are not borne by humans, was it these ex-eminent in the position of bargaining ?! . No, I took them (.. not by compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith).

partnership between the heavenly religions

stop Abu Jahl once in a group of Quraish objected Rkba may they leave Mecca, saying: God Ikhyeekm from behind, Boskm from behind you from the people of your religion Trtadon them and Totonhm the news of the man, did not reassure him until your gatherings Varguetm religion and Sedktamoh what he said! We rkba know what a fool of you. The knee was a delegation of Christians of Abyssinia, and the man who sought the experience was * Muhammad peace be upon him * that the prophet who sat with him asking him, they read out the Koran until their eyes overflowed with tears. In the past before this Aelloukah melancholy Muslims to win the Persians sunflower fire on the Roman Christians, even to Atrahen Abu Bakr, one of the polytheists Ali Nasr rum over the Persians in a few years, and as was the case with the Christians was with Jews, Muslims are in a truce with the two parties, even if the polytheists of Mecca while questions the Jews returned to Yathrib * Muhammad peace be upon him * answered them, they feel that both sides, Muslims and Jews in the same trench. And in the folds of the beholder Biography * feel that Muhammad peace be upon him * and his family were looking for points of convergence, and seek towards convergence, with Akablonh despite the lack of Msahumichm Ali creed.

Neutralize some of the characters

unbelievers Alamaandon are not either !! Thus, the rule that walked by * Muhammad peace be upon him * and those with him. Father of ignorance that hurts saying and did not as the son Aldegnp which Leger Abu Bakr even worshiped the Lord, and the son of Aldegnp not such as Abu Talib, who Leger Muhammad even calls to his Lord, and not all of them there does not harm nor Leger, or in other words does not hurt does not help, involuntarily doubt the good of those who hurt does not help! Sat threshold bin Rabia Syed Umayyad to the Prophet Ifawdah, what interrupted the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * not Astjlh, but listened to him with an open mind, knows how to debate with opponents, and respects their dissenting opinions, even if they end the threshold of his speech, he asked the Prophet * Pray God him * and gently Literature: Waaqid empty O Abu Walid ?, replied threshold: Yes, departed the Messenger of Allah * God's peace be upon him * read from Surat separated until he came to the subject of prostration bowed himself, and the threshold to Quraish say to them: devoid between this man and what It is in it. The threshold has not believed in but the Apostle * peace be upon him * could Bhawwarh that Hristidh is Umayyad largest Arab gathering after the children of Makhzoom, and the fragmentation of the infidels Nasr row large no doubt.

Insist on pronouncing the invitation

since he sailed forward Mohammed * peace be upon him * Mount Safa Makkah Jepehr calling, and modern Islam in every home, and the news of his call in every club and through, Muslims hid in Dar al-Arqam mother appeared, they announced their Islam or captured, Brha The call and are the subject of talk time and the axis. Polytheists thought that the call smothered its light in Mecca, ones find Abu Dhar al-Ghafari seen them at the Kaaba to scoff their gods were safe, and believed Illusionist them that their voices may suppress fear, Vivajion voice Abdullah bin Masood Isdh the Koran in their midst, and Eetmton days barren has been reassured that the call got caught at home, wake up at the feet of Muslims knock the streets of Mecca in two rows on the one Hamza On the other age, and so Muslims keen throughout this period not to forget their call not miss mentioned, the Musharko Mecca who want to prevent the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * the publication of his religion between tribes pilgrims in the season, they have provided a great service to Islam while tribes roamed the pilgrims and their stomachs warning them of this new prophet, because they may spread the news themselves in the whole island, while Muslims could not at the time that they should make it.

Chapter IV

Dar Al Arqam

situation in Mecca is very dangerous, The call nascent flow to each house, shaking entity Mecca religious services, and undermine the pillars of the Quraysh in the land of the Arabs, and the eyes of the infidels and their ears are Muslims their breath, and count their steps, and Taatsama their news, to equip them, and so it was to be Muslims should Asttroa, and Atkhvoa at the meeting, and Dar al-Arqam ibn Abi Arqam was their regular meeting Npihm * God's peace be upon him * and was behind the choice of this house are good reasons. As for what was happening inside, away from the eyes of the Quraysh, was unique in the history event, the companions of the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * first believed in him and believed him and defended the religion of God, sitting to the Messenger of both worlds by himself, receiving from him the last thing down by Jibril Secretary from his Lord * Almighty *, always a constant received, multiplies by them, and purify their hearts, and are formulated their minds and their lives a new formulation, God bless Arqam and be pleased with him, I have to make his home port of the ship of faith, and the cradle to the call of God Almighty, and the school where the ancients receive their religion.

causes Choose the Dar al-Arqam

was behind the choice of Dar Al-Arqam ibn Abi Arqam many reasons aimed at all to withhold Muslims from the eyes of their enemies.
The first of these reasons, it is ignorance Quraish Islam of Al-Arqam.
The second is: The fact that al-Arqam among Makhzoom, the banner of the war holders and compete with Bani Hashim, no never mind to the Quraysh that Muhammad is his enemy throws his family in the house of their standards of ignorance.
The third: it is that Al Arqam was young when his conversion to Islam, within sixteen years of age, it is unreasonable that Muslims gather in his house, without adult of them houses. It was the reserve of the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * and his family in the choice of this house cause of latency ordered them, and lack of exposure movement that day.

Migrate to Abyssinia
to self-defense, and the fight of punk and assaulted, did not come down the command of Allah after, stay in Mecca has become impossible, with This persecution and torture, what Muslims do then? The Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * Rahim his nation, have felt them to flee their religion to a safe Diar, he pointed them to immigrate to Abyssinia, migrated them in Rajab five of prophecy twelve men and four women, their chief Othman bin Affan, and his Wife Ms. paper girl * Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, * Having these companions emigrated infiltrated and hidden, in two ships trademarks Obhrta them to Abyssinia, where King Negus fair, that does not oppress him one. No sooner Muslim immigrants settle Balhabcp even went to them are common Islam of Quraish, Vagafloa Returning to Mecca in October of the same year, and indicate the truth only after an hour of the day in Mecca. And it intensified torture them infidels, was the second emigration despite the vigilance of the infidels, and the severity of heed. And numbered in this time eighty-three men and eighteen or nineteen woman, but I have to fire Quraish to ease fueled, I've Izz them to learn that Muslims have found Momna worship the Lord, was Mkidtha send Rcolin to Abyssinia for they reclaim from Negus, have disappointed their quest and champion their cunning, responded Negus apostolic Mecca without serving them need, but declared his belief in what he brought Mohammed * peace be upon him, * Those immigrants, has stayed Balhabcp, even God Nabih enabled the city, came back to it, and most recently The Return of Jafar bin Abi Talib after the opening of the Khyber.

Rumor Islam Quraysh and Mkidthm

Pena pad and elders of Mecca were sitting around the campus in a large collection, in Ramadan of the fifth year of the prophecy, as it were surprised by the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * seen them, Jepehr reciting An-Najm, and took the word of God shown to grips with their minds, what they could from him trapped in, and arrived prophet says: (Vascdoa God and worship) bowed himself, and refrain from getting polytheists themselves even worshiped together with him, has been disrupted verses stubbornness them and Acetkbarha, here they are confused detest what has happened to them and did not know what they are Assanaoh, and feared reproach and blame those who were following them or oppose them, Vaanallowa for that ploy dirty, and plotted bad cunning, and slandered the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * lies and slander, Vzamoa, he said: those Algranqh Ali, though Chweathn for leads expect, after that followed: (Have you thought about Lat and Uzza and Manat the other third) they want to argue that they are worshiped the god of Muhammad, but Muhammad is the one who said their gods okay, it was of the consequences of this incident strange it reached the migrants of Abyssinia, but in a new image, it has reached them that Qureshi had converted to Islam, and worship to God , Fastbd Balqom joy, and were determined to return to Mecca, Vdechloha in October of the same year, Vsamthm Quraish torture and abuse, and guarded not escape them again, but the measure of God is greater, migrants have returned to Abyssinia in the new immigration despite caution Quraish and warned her.

intrigue Quraish
migration Muslims to Abyssinia for the second time and the number of five times the number who immigrated first time, was a slap afflicted temple Quraish and coined the brim !! Anhzha movement and not only hatred, but only Aihduha pain of defeat, the Quraysh sent two of the finest its men to Abyssinia, Lisala Negus to respond immigrants Muslims to Mecca again, as far as the request is fierce, strange as it was funny !! People who were worshiping their Lord, their country their people to worship Him My father, Vhagroa to a distant land, where they worship their God, do not annoy the neighbor or abusing citizens, the logic in that Astrdhm Karhohm? The wisdom in that they are the aggressors m ***?!. Spoke a messenger Quraish Amr ibn al-Aas, and Abdullah ibn Abi Rabia to Negus in the response of Muslims, and repulsed Btargueth, My father a just man that separates in the case without hearing all the parties, and spoke Jaafar bin Abi Talib for Muslims, he described what it was like his people from ignorance, and Aban What ordered the prophet peace be upon him * to do good and ordered them to leave him from evil, and explained how persecuted Quraish and Samthm torment, even fled to the home and took refuge in his country, and read to him from Maryam, even Bucky Negus and tears in the eyes of his bishops, and here Negus launched his reign , and the separation of his case, saying: That which came by Jesus to come out of one niche. Set off, and there is no God gave them up against you do not hardly ever. Went out Amr and his empty-handed but Amr ibn al-Aas shrewd Arabs did not give up, I thought Ali Negus next morning to be signed between him and the Muslims saying: O king They say in Jesus son of Mary word great; called in Negus Ja'far to ask replied: say where that came to us by the Prophet: He is the servant of God and His Messenger and his spirit and his speech delivered to the Virgin Mary; and believes Negus on it and taking promises of land, and then said: God except Jesus son of Mary what I said this lute. And the security of Muslims themselves responded to apostolic Quraish Hdayaha, and Oaadahma  to Mecca.

Strong Muslim fork

whenever increased the darkness of the night, and the more heated up the sky darker, whenever it would herald a new dawn. Abu Jahl passes the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * When Safa Veve and obtained from him, do not respond by the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * something, Yapi recalcitrant to leave Muhammad is the cream of creation goes on his way, even hit him with a stone in the head noble; Wiesel including bleeding blood , then this tragic incident be a prelude to the end is happy Islam Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib. Diet at first, then firm belief beyond. Hardly three days of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah of the sixth year of his prophethood * God's peace be upon him * pass after Islam Hamza * may Allah be pleased with him * until Omar ibn al-Khattab slugging his sister Fatima on her face severe blow; for its faith in Muhammad * God's peace be upon him *, so the blood fluid from her face a reason for the faith of Ibn Khattab, and his declaration certificate right, in the days of three changed the conditions of Muslims, and advocacy trapped in Dar al-Arqam in finding their way to the Kaaba, in broad daylight, and the hearing Quraish and Mraha, feet Muslims make their streets of Mecca, in two rows of benches, offers One Asadullah Hamza, and never the other Omar al-Faruq, who my father hide, and I swear to * Nabih peace be upon him * saying, and who sent you the right to Nkrzin !, he was out Muslims and was Azathm. Suhaib describes that state, saying: Why Aslam Omar, appeared Islam and invited him publicly, and we sat around the house shaved, and Tefna House, and who Antcefna thicken us, and we gave him some of what comes by !. bargaining Quraish bargaining means permissible! But to be on the doctrine, it is not for him, and the Quraysh has seen a thorn Muslims have strengthened, concealed hostility inside her chest, and came compromise on the doctrine of the Prophet * peace be upon him * and those with him, but what bargained him, was to raise money so that the Prophet the most money, and the king and sovereignty even be the most prestige, and the treatment that was what it gets from Massa elves! The truth is that the Quraysh those Bmsahumicha has announced two things: first vacuum sleeve, and the weakness of her resolve after the strengthening of the Muslim fork, and the second: that money and wealth then the souls of the Creed and more expensive as what I imagined when offered its cargo, they Stiob it was replayed Prophet * God's peace be upon him * Mohammed has found himself in a valley and the people in another valley, My father to bargain or compromise, and returned to his home sad regret. Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib public boycott gathering best when the confrontation not only responded to your opponent, but put yourself in his place, to predict including intends to make it , Vtpadrh before Espqk. Thus learning Abu Taleb from his environment desert volatile, and reasonable man who is keen to his nephew, also examined the events, and found the Quraysh had arrived with Mohammed * peace be upon him * to a standstill, no longer in front of her but killed Mohammed, pleased with Abu Talib after it or discontent, then The events successive became confirms he has his intuition, Valmusharkon threatened Mounazlh, and Saomoh Ali killed his nephew in exchange for giving them the Ibn Al Waleed him rears and take instead, then try Abu Jahl bowed head of the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * stone speech, and try enemy of God obstacle ibn Abi choked robes, and exit age * * before his conversion to Islam with his sword determined slaughter Mohammed * All of these events to confirm that Abi Talib, the idolaters will not heed to his side and discharged. Here was left to Abi Talib, but the initiative and firmness, he gathered his family of Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib and I have Abd Manaf, and invited them to prevent his nephew and do without him, replied to that Mslmanm and Ccaffrhm, diet Arab neighbors, and admitted to the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * in their people , to prevent him who wanted to kill him, fall on the hands of the Quraysh, was left in front of her only Advertising & Public province. public boycott events in Mecca became successive, Hamza enters Islam, hardly three days pass even followed by age, and the Muslims are coming out on the streets of Mecca, they declare their faith and Quraish waive some pride and go to Mohammed * peace be upon him; * to whom to bargain, but the Prophet * God's peace be upon him * Ardha unrewarded, and then announce Abu Talib gathered the Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib Ali Prophet Muhammad, the Apostle enter into their people take shelter from Kidd Quraish. The events speed and sequencing in a short period of time, not exceeding four weeks predictors of an event very gravely missed, was soon even resulted in his face days, the guidance of the Quraysh their own devil to write a newspaper suspended Ka'bah; to boycott the Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib fully County lead to their destruction, and the patience of the Messenger of Allah * Pray God be upon him * and Muslims, and with them the sons of Hashem and the children of demand Mslmanm and Ccaffrhm the people of Abu Talib, the father of a flame, it is apparent Quraysh Ali mercy, from the night of Muharram crescent seven years of the mission, for a period of three years, connected, even of God to them, and overturned The newspaper unjust, cutting of the uterus. writing paper undone met masters of Quraish in Khaev Bani Kenana of Valley Mahsb, Vthalfoa Ali Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib, not Enakhohm, nor Ibayaohm, nor Ijalsuhm, nor Akhataiwhm, do not enter their homes, nor Ichaelmohm, and not to accept the Bani Hashim never made ​​peace, not take them their mercy, even deliver him to be killed. It is said that Mansour Bin Sabri bin Amer bin Hashem is the one who by, and is said Nadar ibn al-Harith, and true that hateful bin Amer bin Hashim, has been called the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * the author, and failed his hand. Not to execute the lower men with creating, rule their minds, but their eyes deviated from the right to see the religion of Allah! Of these Hisham bin Amr men from Bani Amer bin Louay, similar in calling him a humanitarian advocates, scattered through the ages, and from all religions, the same man refused to see people starving, and the reasons for the food received in the streets of Mecca to the lack of Aklleha, was supplying Bani Hashim food at night without that one remembers him, but even affected the province over the three years, Vfim stand and wait? Defrauded Hisham Ali Al Quraish wisdom and cunning, he went first to the Zuhair bin Abi illiteracy Makhzoumi * and his mother was Atkp girl Abdulmutallab * provoking his diet: satisfied that feed the food, drink drink and Ojoalk so learn ?, and red face Zuhair and said to him: Woe to what I do and I'm a man One ?, The God, if I had another man to you in undone! He said, have found the man, he said, it is ?, said: I, Zouhair replied: Abgena third man. And Hisham still working Lakelth even gather with Zuhair three men other: Restaurant bin Uday and father Albchtera bin Hisham, and Zama black bin, they became all five, and in the morning tomorrow Zuhair to the Kaaba, and he did seven, then turned to the people, saying: O people of Mecca, Onokl food, clothes we wear, and the children of Hashem Halki, is not sold nor buys them ?, and God, do not sit up to make their unequivocal this newspaper of the uterus unjust, Abu Jahl said angrily: lied! God does not make their; railed Zama Ali Abu Jahl then endorsed Abu Albchtery, Valmtam, Vhisham bin Amr, here are stunned Abu Jahl then said slyly: This is spent at night, Thwoor there without this place. The Abu Talib sitting in the hand of the mosque, told them the words of the Messenger of Allah * peace be upon him * that termites have eaten their newspaper, until he left the only "name O", and challenged them Abu Talib saying: if a liar Let between you and him, and that was true you turned About Kotaiatna and our iniquities, they replied to it, and the restaurant is to rip the paper, and found as he said Abu Talib, Venqdt returned Banu Hashim and the sons of Abdul Muttalib to contact with Quraish, which was shaken by this verse curiosities under hair for Kfarha and stubbornness. Another delegation Quraish to Abu Talib serious events passed Abu Talib affected in it, has exceeded the age of eighty, the last of these events and cruel boycott, which cheered the disease, he pressed Ali Sheikh great chasing him, the Quraysh felt that Abu Talib other to his death is hurry and I was afraid to kill Muhammad * God's peace be upon him * after his death, Arabs Vtaerha cheese Snaaha, while surrounded his estate since his uncle, then Anthishth while Crown him, Vojmat her mind to go to pass the Msahumich, until you reach Mohammed with a compromise. And next to the bed Abi Talib ruled Quraish her ​​master, who cornered him until recently and exhausted recovered * wisdom between them and Mohammed, called in Abu Taleb, his nephew, to see his mind in the words of Quraish, he heard them prophet, then answered them, saying: Do you see that I have given you the word you have said it, Mketm by the Arabs, and condemned by the Persians to you? Amazed of saying and Thiroa, even answered Abu Jahl said: What ?, and the father of Nattiykha and ten-fold !, said to them, Prophet: You say there is no god but Allah, and Tkhalon what you worship other than Him; applauded the people with their hands, and then said: Do you want to O Muhammad to make the gods one God ?, The order to wonder !. They went to their homes, they have learned of a new * * there is no way to bargain with this hard Prophet Ali principles. follows
succession delights and sorrows, and relay ease and hardship, the year of the ways of life, and the tenth year of the prophecy he has seen ignited by His Excellency the Muslims and their Prophet (peace be upon him), extricating themselves from the people, and set aside newspaper prostitute that plan Quraish, was soon {this year} that took place days rolled, Vozart of accidents ached what the Prophet (peace be upon him) and all Muslims. The first of these incidents was the death of Abi Talib, cousin of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his armor who fears him Kid Quraish, and the second is: was the death of Khadija {God bless them}, the husband of the Messenger of Allah, and partner struggle, and sponsor of prophecy house. And as they were two incidents calamity Rze by Mohammed (peace be upon him), they were also the door of evil Ali from safe with him; dared Quraish against the Muslims, even resorted Abu Bakr to migrate from Mecca, and his response but Aldegnp son, as introduced in the vicinity, and won the Quraish of the Prophet (peace be upon him) unless Tnlh in the life of Abi Talib, and amounted to Gore that hampered ribald of Svhaiha, Vinther dirt on his head, and says Karim and his daughter {a Ngzle him and crying}: Do not cry, O my daughter, God blocker father . To pursue this grief called the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) this year, a year of grief, it has witnessed a month of Shawwal of this year marriage Prophet Ms. Soda girl Zama, may Allah be pleased with them and complacency, and perhaps this marriage was a cool breeze pleasant in the heat of the tenth year of the mission.
death Abi Talib: In Rajab of the tenth year of the prophecy, AFL star Abi Talib, the Prophet's uncle, the man who was a bulwark of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the new religion, Abu Talib, who Lord Muhammad is a child in his home, and to inform and it grew it became a prophet guiding, Abu Talib, who was Thabh Quraish and respects its neighbors, Muslims and appreciated for his status and the role played by them, and Abu Talib, who was quick to Quraish on his deathbed requests to stay on the religion of his fathers, and the greed of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) throughout his life that is guided to the religion of God was his words I heard the ears of Quraish in Mecca hesitate: go, O son of my brother, say what you like, Fu God does not Oslmk never to anything. The words that are suggested by his son High: Either it is not only a good scrub then cling, then was the last of his words and the Quraysh and the Prophet Ihotanh on his deathbed, and Abadranh, "on the religion of Abdul Muttalib." And the death of this great man was lost hope Muslims in his faith, and cut off most relevant channels between Mohammed (peace be upon him) and his people, and cut off the fence, which was walled by Abu Talib Muhammad and those with him.
The death of Ms. Khadija: In Ramadan of the tenth year of the prophecy, the prophet, not even Muslims have all prophecy House sponsor, and partner of the Prophet's life, first to secure the religion of God, and the first to insist the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), which remained throughout their life safe harbor Tiob the Prophet stressful tired ship, as was the mother of the believers, all of us, Khadija may Allah be pleased with them and complacency, promising a house in the paradise of the cane, not the hustle and monument. follows

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