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Modesty .. Masterpieces ethics Prophet

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1 Modesty .. Masterpieces ethics Prophet on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:34 am

1. "Visthieddi you":

Anas bin Malik said: Passed by us in Bani Rvaap mosque heard him say: The Prophet passed Bjunbat if properly entered her mother greeted them, and then said: The Prophet bride Zaynab, she said to me or sound: if Ohdana to the Messenger of God gift. I said to her: Take Action.

She just to pass and margarine and pickup, I have taken the Hash in screw sent him out with me, So I went to him, he said to me: " put ". Then he told me, he said: " Call me men -smahm- and invite me to have received . "

He said: I did told me that, if she went back home with his family, diving, and I saw the Prophet put his hands on those Alehish and spoken by God wills, then make calls ten ten eat it and say to them: " Remember the name of God, and eat every man that followed . "

He said: even Tsdawa all about, some of them went out and stayed out talking turnoff. He said, and then made ​​it distressed the Prophet went out towards the cabins, and exited in effect that I said, they had gone. And he returned and entered the house, and loosened Jackets and I am in the room, he says: { O you who believe, do not enter the Prophet houses only be authorized you to non onlookers food patience but if you are called Vedjloa If Taemtem finished, then disperse and Remodel A to talk that. That is the harm Prophet Visthieddi you, and God does not shy right } [parties: 53] [1] .

2. Hallelujah purification !!

Aisha, a woman asked the Prophet about washed menstruation, he told her how to wash said: " Take a chance [2] of the maintenance, Vttehra out . " She said: How purify? He said: " purification out . " She said: how? He said: " Hallelujah! puritanical . " Vajtbztha to me, I said: tracking the impact of blood [3] .

Ibn Hajar in Fath said: saying " Hallelujah "has increased in the following story:" Asthia and introduce " [4] .

3. shy of Osman:

Aisha said: The Messenger of God lying in my house, revealing his thighs or legs, asked for permission Abu Bakr, authorized him as he was in that state he spoke, then ask permission Omar, authorized him as he also spoke, then ask permission Osman, sat the Messenger of Allah and only his clothes, went in and spoke , and when he came out Aisha said: Abu Bakr came to him did not Thtc Tbalh, then age Thtc his income did not Tbalh, then entered and sat Osman Sweet your clothes. He said: " not ashamed of man be ashamed of angels " [5] .

[1] Al-Bukhari: Book of Marriage, the door of the gift for the bride (4868), and Muslim: Book of Marriage, Zainab girl colt marriage door (1428).
[2] ie a piece of wool or cotton, or wool lashes out.
[3] Al-Bukhari: Book of menstruation, knead the door of the woman herself if cleansed of menstruation (308), and Muslim: Book of menstruation, door Mustahabb Amotzlh use of menstrual chance of caught in the position of blood (332).
[4] Ibn Hajar: Open-Bari 1/416.
[5] Muslim: Book of Virtues companions , the door of the virtues of Uthman (2401), and Ahmed (484).

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