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Secretariat .. Masterpieces ethics Prophet

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1 Secretariat .. Masterpieces ethics Prophet on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:33 am

1. Re deposits to their owners when immigration:

Aisha, may Allah bless them in the migration of the Prophet said: The Messenger of Allah ordered -tni - high to lag with him in Mecca; even lead the Messenger of Allah deposits that were with him to the people. The Messenger of Allah and not in Mecca one has something feared him but put him; to know of sincerity and honesty ... went out, the Messenger of Allah , and stayed Ali bin Abi Talib three nights and days; even led the Messenger of Allah deposits that were with him to the people, even if the finished ones the right of the Messenger of Allah [1] .

2. Re Kaaba key to Othman bin Talha:

Son of Greg says: { Allah commands you to make over trusts to their owners } [ women: 58 ] , he said: I got in Othman bin Talha bin Abi Talha, arrested him Prophet Kaaba key, and entered by the House on the opening, he went out, reading this verse , called Osman and pushed the key [2] .

3. Do not eat Tamra probably fell out of charity:

Abu Huraira from Muhammad the Messenger of Allah , he said: " God, I turned to my family I find Altmrh fallen on my bed - or in my house - Vorfha to eat it, then I am afraid to be a charity - or charity - Vogayha " [3] .

[1] Baihaqi: major Sunan 6/289 (12477), and Ibn Kathir: Beginning and the End 3/218 0.219, and DSi Nations and kings 1/569 history.
[2] Al-Tabari: Collector statement in the interpretation of the Koran 8/491 0.492, and the son of a lot: the Holy Qur'an 2/340. interpret
[3] Al-Bukhari: the snapshot book, the door if there is a date on the road (2300), and Muslim: Book of Zakat, Zakat door prohibition on the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him (in 1070).

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