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44990 : marriage of the Prophet, peace be upon him Aisha wisdom despite the age difference

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marriage of the Prophet, peace be upon him Aisha wisdom despite the age difference
A colleague of mine asked me about Christian marriage Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him by Mrs. Aisha wisdom girl nine years was a boat session. Is he intimate with her at that age or what ?? And the fact .. I do not know to respond to that.
Thank God

The Prophet, peace be upon him Aisha, may God married her after his marriage to Soda girl Zama God bless them, which is - any Aisha - the only virgin whom he married God's peace be upon him. He entered by a girl nine years.

One of the virtues God bless them that what revelation in quilts other woman, and was one of the most beloved of creation to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and her innocence was revealed from above the seven heavens, and was one of the horizon of his wives and Oalmhn, but knowledgeable women of the nation and Oalmhn at all, and was senior companions of return to the companions of the Prophet and saying Astvetonha.

The story of her marriage, the Prophet, peace be upon him grief on the death of the mother of believers Khadija God bless them, they were the offers it sanctuary and help him, and appointed by the stands to his side, even called it the year in which she died a year later of grief, then married, peace be upon him after Soda, The an elderly, was not beauty, but he married her to console her, where her husband died, and remained among the people of heathens, and four years later he married the Prophet, peace be upon him Aisha, the age of God's peace be upon him over the session, and perhaps the referee in his marriage what the following:

First, he saw a vision in his marriage God bless him and them, it has been proven in Al-Bukhari narrated from Aisha, may Allah be pleased that the Prophet, peace be upon him he said to her: (I have shown in a dream twice I see you in the theft of silk and said: This is your wife, Vakeshv them If you are Iike I would say that this is from Allah Aamadh) Bukhari number 3682, and is it the vision of prophecy on the face of it, or her interpretation, the disagreement between the scientists said Hafiz in Fath al-Baari (9/181)

Second: what he saw God's peace be upon him in Aa'ishah of signs and introductions intelligence and business acumen in small, I'd like to marry her to be better able than others to transfer the conditions of God's peace be upon him and his words, and indeed it was God bless them - as previously - a reference to the Companions, may God bless them in their affairs and their judgments.

Third: the love of the Prophet, peace be upon him to her father Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, and bestowed upon may Allah be pleased with him in order to call the right of the harm that the patience of him, was the most powerful people of faith, and certainly believe them at all after the Prophets.

It is noted in the total marriage of God be upon him that among the small of his wives, and the elderly, and the daughter of his sworn enemy, the daughter of a close friend, and whom are occupied herself with raising orphans, of whom are marked on the other fasting and praying qiyaam .... They are models of human individuals, and whom the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him for Muslims legislation unique in how to properly deal with each model of these human forms. See Biography of the Prophet in the light of the original sources p. 711

The question of her young age God bless them, and A_i_kalk for this, you should note that the Prophet, peace be upon him grew up in a country lane which is the land of the island, and most of the country warm where puberty early, and be early marriage, and so was the people in the land of the island until recently, and the Echtlvin women in terms of physical infrastructure and prepare for this and among them a large variation in it.

If God Raak I reflected that the Prophet, peace be upon him did not marry a virgin is Aisha, and all his wives ever married him still any virgin more appellants that the marriage of the Prophet peace be upon him the basic motivated is lust and enjoy the women, as This was the intent of it is to elect all or most of them wives of the available beauty recipes and carrots from being a virgin very beautiful, and so of fleeting sensory standards.

Such slanders against the Prophet of mercy of God be upon him from the infidels and toward them indicate exactly inability of that challenge the law and religion that brought him from God Almighty, they tried to look for criticize Islam for them in the outside things, but refuses to God, however, is light, even hatred unbelievers.

Allah grant us success

For more see (re 1/106) increased.

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