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1 wisdom of the Prophet on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:42 am

Fetch known, and shunned evil, and see what admire your ear that tells you if you have people of their own, death, and see who hates to say to you people if you have to, avoid 2) Bring call if you are called 3) Taker and Muti both in Usury. 4) Another dish, the greatest blessing the food. 5) the scourge of courage, a prostitute, and the scourge of ancestry, pride, and pest tolerance, aphids, and the scourge of beauty, showing off, and the scourge of the modern, lying, and the scourge of science, forgetful, and the scourge of dream, extravagance, and the scourge of generosity, exchange rates, and the scourge of religion, fancy. 6) the scourge of religion are three: Fakih licentious, and the imam of an unjust, ignorant and hard-working. 7) lesion science oblivion, and he missed that occur it is his family. Cool commanding Virtue, as actors. 9) ordered the women in their daughters. 10) signs of the hypocrite are three: when he lies, and if he breaks a promise, and if entrusted Khan. 11) God that my father alive a slave, but did not know from where. 12) refused to God makes for a deadly insured repentance. 13) for my father to God to accept the work of his heresy, even beyond his innovation. 14) Aptg greatness of God, dreaming of who the ignorance of you, and give of Ahramk. 15) Forever affection for those who Ladek, it has proved. 16) Begin including God began to do. 17) Start your own and give charity to the preferred thing Vlohlk, the preferred thing for your family Vlve your relationship, the preferred for a thing is how your relatives and so on, including the Start counting. 18) Cheer Al-Ammar, the time, Paradise. 19) Cheer and preached from behind you: It is seen that there is no god but Allah, honest to them, will enter Paradise. 20) most hated thing to God divorce. 21) the most odious creation to God, it is safe then Kafr. 22) the most odious men to God, Alold Al_khasam . 23) the most hateful of people to God, who was Toberh better than his work: that his clothes are clothes prophets, his work and the work of the toughest. 24) Obgona vulnerable, for he Trozkon and Dafaikm be helped. 25) Ezz camels, sheep and a pond. 26), son of man Obey your Lord characterize a reasonable person, and not Tash is called ignorant. 27) son of Adam, if you become healthy in body, safe in Srbak, you have strengthened your day, for the minimum exemption. 28) Son of man, what you have is sufficient for you and ask what Atgyek, the son of Adam does not just convince , and not much saturation. 29) son of Adam, if you have what is sufficient for you, did not ask what Atgyek? 30) Jibreel came to me and said: O Muhammad, nest what you want you dead, and Love what you want, you paradoxically, and do what you want, you do rewarding , and I know that his honor Almmermn night, Azza and letting go of people. 31) came to me and said, Gabriel, your nation of humans that died not associate anything with Allaah will enter Paradise. I said: O Gabriel and stole and committed adultery with that? He said: Yes. I said, and stole and committed adultery with that? He said: Yes. I said, and stole and committed adultery with that? He said: Yes, and that drinking alcohol. 32) taken at the poor hands, they will have their state the Day of Resurrection. 33), fear of the oppressed, they carry on the clouds, God says Taalh: and Azata and Jalali to Onasrnk and if after a while. 34) Fear Fire and if half a date, you can not find the good Fbkelmp. 35) Fear Sacred stone in architecture, it is the basis of ruin. 36), fear of God in people, they are with you Awan. 37) Fear God in Beefk and cheer. 38) Fear God and do not Thakrn known something, and if emptied of wedlock in a vase Almstsaga, and that had your brother and your face to extrovert. 39) Fear the oppressed, for he asks God right, and that God does not preclude a right to his right. 40), fear Allah and treat your children fairly, as you love that Abrokm. 41) Fear discernment insured, it seen the light of God, the Almighty. 42), fear of scarcity, the scarcity of your family came before you and get them to shed their blood, and Asthaloua Mharmanm. 43) Fear minimum, Whose hand is my soul, it's Fascinate of Harut and Marut. 44), fear of the oppressed, they ascend to the sky like a spark. 45), fear of the oppressed, and that was an infidel, they are not without her veil. 46), fear Allah and make amends with among you. 47) Fear minimum, and beware of women, the devil Talaa meteorological, and what is something of Fajokhh closest to catch in the pious women. 48), fear of injustice, the injustice darkness on the Day of Resurrection. 49) Fear slip of the world and waited Viith. 50) Fear His leprosy, also fears the seven, if you dropped a valley Vahptoa other. 51) incest Fear not worship people, and the land with what God you were the richest people. 52) Fear Allah wherever you are, and follow up a bad good Tmhaa, and behave well towards people. 53) Would you like to soften your heart and realize your need? Have mercy on the fatherless, and clear his head, and foods from your food, your heart Whelan, and is aware of your need. 54) Othspon intensity to carry the stones? But the intensity that one of you is filled with rage and then Igelbh. 55) Do you know what the bite? .. Transfer talk of some people to some to ruin them. 56) Leave a curiosity speech, and sufficient for talk is of its need. 57) Minimum Leave for its people, it is taking them above what is sufficient, taken from him and he does not feel. 58) fearing people of said right with him and him. 59) Two Their prayers are not exceeded their heads: Keep your loyal slave, until he returns, and a woman disobeyed her husband, even due. 60) two of them are not seen God the Day of Resurrection: boycotted the uterus, and bad neighbor . 61) Two are better than one, and three is better than two, and four better than three, Flakm the group. 62) two Alma, son of man: death, and death is better for him of sedition, and hated the lack of money, and a few less money for the account. 63) Two Ajlhma God in this world: the prostitute, and disobedience to parents. 64) Avoid the arrogance, the slave still flaunts, until God says: Abdi Just write this in the toughest. 65) Avoid alcohol, they are the key to all evil. 66) Avoid all heady. 67) Avoid anger. 68) Ojrakm on fire, Ojrakm on the bo. 69) Ojrakm the department seriously, Ojrakm on fire. 70) evacuated God, forgive you. 71) they outlined in the lower request, the facilitator for the both of them wrote to him . 72) hungriest people, the seeker of knowledge, and Ohbahm which is not achieving. 73) Accept invitations, and not to return the gift, and not Tdharbwa Muslims. 74) loved the business to God, prayer for its time, and then honoring one's parents, then the jihad for Allah. 75) I like the country's mosques to God, and to God the most odious country markets. 76) like slaves to God, pious Alokhvia. 77) loved the business to God, and if less Odovernma. 78) loved the business to God, from feed from hunger, or pay fond of him, or revealed by distress. 79) loved the business after the obligatory prayers to God: to bring happiness to a Muslim. 80) loved the business to God, save the tongue. 81) loved the business to God, in God's love, and hatred in God. 82 ) I love jihad to God, the right word is said to Imam unjust. 83) like to talk to believe him. 84) like the food to God, what abounded him hands down. 85) like fun to God, horseback action and throwing. 86) loved the worshipers of God to God, is best in attitude. 87) I love God slave allowed if sold, and allowed if bought, and allowed if spent, and allowed if necessary. 88) loved the worshipers of God to God, Onfhm to worship. 89) I love your homes to God, the house in which orphan Makram. 90) Love for people what you love for yourself, not a believer, and nearby is better than Geork, not a Muslim, and the best accompaniment of your companion, not a believer, and I do Pferaid God, not worshipers, and the land of God Department, not ascetic, and Renounce in the hands of the people, Ihepk people, and Renounce the world, God loves you. 91) You shall love your lover what humility, It may be that Bgadk someday, and what the most odious Bgadk humility, It may be that your lover someday. 92) Oahbu God because of its Agzokm grace, and who loved God, the Almighty, and loved Qrapti me. 93) monopoly of the food Mecca, atheism. 94) wary of people mistrust. 95) Agesoa the dirt in the faces of Almdahin. 96) Be careful to see you the effects of benefactors, and you are free of it, Vthacr with the hypocrites. 97) Beware of hidden lust: the world loves to sit him. 98) Beware of a prostitute, it is not the death is brought from death prostitute. 99) Beware slip of the world, his mistakes Tcabacbh in the fire. 100) sheave people Okzationm of rage. 101) charity: to worship Allah as if you see it, it was not you see, it sees you. 102) do good neighborly Yes God, do not Tnfroha, rarely still for people who came back to them. 103) do good if they were not, and discharged what Mketm. 104) Save God, you find in front of you. 105) Save your tongue. 106) Save Dr. father, do not go Vitefi God Newark. 107) Save between the Hieddik and between your legs. 108) Save the nakedness, but from your spouse or possess your right hand. 109) I fear for my nation three times after me: misguidance passions, and desires to follow in their bellies and chicken, and negligence after knowledge. 110) Gabriel told me: that my son Hussein killed after me the land of tuff, Fjana this soil, he told me that in his bed.

111) experienced people Bokhaddanhm, the man Akhadn to like. 112) took Prince gift haraam, and the judge accepting a bribe of Kafr. 113) people lose deal, man Create his hands in his hopes, and did not help him days to his wish, he went out of this world without increased, and presented to God without argument. 114) I'm afraid what I was afraid for my ummah, large abdomen, and maintain sleep, and laziness, weakness and uncertainty. 115) conclude Dink, Ikvk little work. 116) your deeds faithful to God, God does not accept However, the findings of his. 117) The thing that I fear for my nation, every hypocrite Knowing the tongue. 118) brothers chose you, God cannula having them under your hands, it was his brother under his hand, Vlaitamh of his food, and to wear from his clothing, and does not cost him what He fell, the cost of what He fell, Vlienh. 119) ed what you suppose God, not from people I worship, and avoids what Allah has forbidden you, not from Oora people, and God divided the land, including you, not one of the richest people. 120) Secretariat to Ed Aitmank from, and do not betray the one who betrayed you. 121) Odbna Lord, disciplinary so well. 122) Adrooa border for Muslims what you can, because the Imam misses in the amnesty, is better than to err in punishment. 123) Adrooa border suspicions, and sacked valued Osrathm , but in the end of the limits of God. 124) claimed to believe in God and you answer, and know that Allah does not respond to a prayer from the heart of unthinking Lah. 125) Pay scourge pray. 126) minimum Jbmat death, is like a hundred blow with the sword. 127) lowest of the people Fire punishment, wears Benalin of fire, boiling his brain temperature of his shoes. 128) came on the day if not increased with the note brings me closer to God, not to me in Burke sunrise that day. 129) if Obrdtm to Breda, Fabosoh good face, good name. 130) if Aptgeetm known, Vatalboh when Hassan faces. 131) if plagued by one of you eradication among Muslims, not eliminated, and is angry and Lisu them to consider and the Council and the signal. 132) if one of you servant came his food may suffice treatment and tobacco smoke, Vlijlsh with him, it did not Ijlsh with him, Fletnolh eaters or Oklten. 133) if one of you came to conceal himself with his family, and does not deprive Etjrda Alaaran. 134) if Otakm from happy with his creation and his religion Vzojoh, if you do not do not sedition and corruption in the earth broad. 135 ) If God Attac money, Flair effect the grace of God, you and dignity. 136) if Otakm liquid, Settle it therefore in his hand and if the hoof Mahrka. 137) if Otakm cream folk, Vokrmoh. 138) if you praised your neighbors that you Mohsin, you enhancer, and If complimented you your neighbors that you are abusive, you are abusive. 139) if the world and Abed met on the straight, it was said to Abed: go to heaven, and blessed Babadtk, and it was said to the world: Stand here, Vashva whom I loved, you do not intercede for one not accompanied by, so he serves as Prophets. 140) if met convenors, Then answer Oqrabhma Pope, the Pope Oqrabhma Oqrabhma Juara, and that one of them already, Then answer that already. 141) if one of you love his brother Vlielmh, it is kept in intimacy, and proved in cordiality. 142). If you like a man , there Temara, and not trade, and not Charh, and does not ask for one, may be that transmit his enemy, Vijbarak including not in it, engulfing what between you and him. 143) if you have love for you to know what the slave when his Lord, and see what followed from praise. 144) if one of you wanted to sell his estate, Vlierdah on his neighbor. 145) if you want something, you Baltadh, even God show you the way out of it. 146) if you want that God loves you, Vobgd minimum, and if you want to knit people, what was you have of her curiosity Vanbzh them. 147) if I wanted to do something Vtdber consequence, the Voamadh been better, and that was evil Vanth. 148) if you want to remember someone else defects, defects Remember therefore yourself. If you mispronounce, so well, the good deeds remove the evil deeds. 149) if one of you came a council, let him sit down where its conclusion. 150) if one of you hired salaried employees, Vlielmh taxi.

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