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Models of the wisdom of the Prophet, peace be upon him in the treatment of his people

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- Aisha, wife of the Prophet, peace be upon him, they said to the Prophet, peace be upon him: ((Do you come day was worse than the day one? He said: I have received from your people it encounters, and it was the most received them on Aqaba, as I introduced myself to Ibn Abd al-Ialil bin Abdul fatigue, did not answer me to what I wanted, I started and I'm anxious on my face, did not Ostvq but I am a century foxes, raising my head, if I cloud may Ozltinay, I looked, if the angel Gabriel, Vadani, he said: God has heard the words of your people to you, and returned to you, sent you the king of mountains to tell him what you want them. Vadani King of the Mountain and greet, and then said: O Muhammad, said that while you want to apply the Alokhcpin them [1191] mountain Mecca Qaiqaan and Abu Qubays toxic so to Azmanma and Khconthma. ((Fath)) Ibn Hajar (1/76). ; The Prophet, peace be upon him: but I hope that God comes out of the solidity of the worship of God alone, not associating anything with Him)) [1192] Bukhari (3231) , and Muslim (1795). .
- In Khudaibiya: called the Prophet, peace be upon him the writer, said the Prophet, peace be upon him: ((type: In the name of God the Merciful., said Suhail: The Rahman, sure of what know what it is, but type : O God, in your name. Muslims, he said: God does not we write only the name of God the Merciful. The Prophet, peace be upon him: type: O Allah, in your name. Then he said: This is what the judge Muhammad is the messenger of God. Suhail said: God, if we know you are the Messenger of God, what Sddnak from home, nor Qatlnak, but type: Mohammed bin Abdullah. The Prophet, peace be upon him: God, I Messenger of Allah, and Kzpettmona, type: Mohammed bin Abdullah ...)) [1193] Bukhari (2731). .
models from the wisdom of the predecessor Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him: Ibn Abbas God bless them said: ((The Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him came out, and Omar may Allah be pleased with him speak to people, he said: Sit down. But he refused, he said: Sit down. But he refused, witnessing a Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, inclined to people, and left Omar, he said: After, it was you worshiped Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Muhammad peace be upon him had died, and those who worship God, the God neighborhood does not die, God said: and only the Prophet Mohammed had accepted free of the Apostles to thankful [Al Imran: 144] and God if people did not know that God revealed even followed Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, Vtlqaha him to people, what hears the man is not followed)) [1194] Bukhari ((1241). . Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him: Umar said: ((approved Lord in three, I said: O Messenger of God, if we took the Maqam Ibrahim Chapel? came down: and took the Maqam Ibrahim Chapel [Al-Baqarah: 125] And I said: O Messenger of Allah, if your wives introduces them to the mainland and the ungodly, Flo told them Ihtjbn that? Verse came down the veil. And met the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him his wives in jealousy, I said to them, hoping Rabbo said Talegkn that Abdelh pairs good of you Muslim believers Qantat Taibat Aabdat tourists Thebes and virgins [prohibition: 5] , he said, came down as well)) [1195] Bukhari ( 402), and Muslim brief (2399) and the word of the steam. . Othman bin Affan may Allah be pleased with him: he ordered the companions if they differed in something when collecting the Koran that Aketboh language Quraish, they did, even if copied newspapers in the Koran, responded Othman newspapers to Hafsa, may Allah them, and sent to each horizon of prospects a Koran which copied, and ordered including one else from the Koran in every newspaper or Koran to burn [1196] ((proficiency in Quranic sciences)) for the resettlement (1/165). . Hassan bin Ali may Allah be pleased with him: Aloamc said: (Hassan is still aware of the wisdom even uttered) [1197] ((ordered by Ibn Abi Shaybah)) (35220). . Hazem Abu Salamah ibn Dinar lame: for Abdul Rahman bin Zaid bin Aslam said: (I never saw anyone wisdom to the nearest of Abu Hazim) [1198] ((recipe elite)) to Ibn al (1/386). . Omar bin Abdul Aziz: Ag Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik, along with Omar bin Abdul Aziz Vosabhm lightning and thunder, until almost Tnkhala their hearts, He looked to Omar Suleiman, with a laugh, Solomon said: O Abu Hafs, have you seen such a night or never heard of? He said: O Commander of the Faithful, the voice of God's mercy, so how about if I heard the voice of God torment? He said: This one hundred thousand dirhams, its incredible. Omar said: or better than that O faithful? He said: What is it? He said: folk Sahbok in the grievances of them, did not reach you, you sat Solomon individual grievances. The event of Suleiman Bin Abdul King Solomon said to him: O Abu Hafs, I am and Lina what you may see, and not us masterminding science, what I saw of the general interest of Famer it, was of that age is isolating pilgrims workers, prayer, and held on time after it was Omataat about her time with the great things he was hearing from the age where, it was said that Suleiman pilgrimage saw creations position he said to Omar: As you see this creation that does not count the number but Allah? He said: these parish today, tomorrow they _khasmaak, wept Solomon crying heavily [1199] ((the virtues of age)) to Ibn al (52-53), ((Sir Heraldry)) to the golden (5/121). . Imam Shafi'i: came man of the people to speak to the Shafi'i is in Egypt, and asks him about the issue of speech, he said to him Shafei: (Do you know where you are? The man said: Yes. He said: This is the place where drowned God in him Pharaoh, tells you that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him is the question about it? He said: No. He said: Is it spoke companions? He said: No. He said: Do you know how much a star in the sky? He said: No. He said: Vkkb of them, you know sex, Taluah, demise, mm create? He said: No. he said, is something you see from the eyes of creation I'm not you know, speak in the science of his Creator ?! then asked Shafei on the issue of ablution overshot where, Vfraha on four faces, did not hurt in any of that, he said to him: everything you need in a day five times let his knowledge and cost aware of the Creator? If Hjs in your conscience that refer to God, and to the verse: and your God is one God there is no god but He, the Merciful [Al-Baqarah: 163] ) [1200] ((Sir Heraldry)) for the golden (10/32). .

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