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Seven scientific facts truthfully attest Prophet, peace be upon him

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Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Koran was created him and his family and his family and him, and after: the most beautiful moments experienced by the insured, when he sees a miracle manifested in the words of human beings, peace be upon him, and since we live in an age of science and scientific discoveries, there is a need to search In conversations Mustafa peace be upon him to grasp the scientific references, including testimony to the sincerity of this illiterate Prophet, and such research can contribute to the correction look West for the Prophet of mercy and blessings of peace.

The first fact

Messenger of Allah said peace be upon him to his companions: (This will bring the total night and day) means that Islam will spread everywhere is received the day and night any in all the earth, and already says Bank statistics show that Islam exists everywhere in the world today !! Statistics tell us that 2025 will be Islam is the first religion in terms of numbers in the world, and this is not to exaggerate, but the real numbers are no doubt. These figures came from the non-Muslim scientists conducted these statistics.

Census experts confirms that the Islamic religion is the fastest growing, and that all countries of the world where Muslims by one way or another, and that Muslims are scattered in every corner of the earth, and our question: Is not this what happened with him the greatest prophet, peace be upon him ?!

The second fact

Scientific Miracles in the words of the Great Prophet peace be upon him: (made me land a mosque and pure) [Reported by Muslim], scientists have discovered a new research and existence of antibiotics in the dust of the earth, and these antibiotics can cleanse and kill such stubborn types of bacteria, including proving that the dirt disinfectant . In the new study the scientists say that some types of dust can remove more resistant germs. Therefore they think today manufactures antibiotic killer germs stubborn extract of the soil. After many experiments in the laboratory and found that the dust can complete removal of a colony of bacteria within 24 hours, the same colony developed without clay Vtcathert 45 times!

Scientists found finally that the dust of the earth containing antibiotics, but not this property cleared of dust, life did not last due to sepsis, viruses and germs that spread up to rights and eliminate it, but the mercy of God required to put in the dirt cleansing property to guarantee us the continuation of life, not worth the Merciful God, to thank him for this blessing?

The third fact

Holy Prophet spoke very carefully about scientific fact scientists have not been able to see only a few years ago, he says peace be upon him: (The Hour will not even land of the Arabs back meadows and rivers) [Muslim]. has been scientifically proven that the Arabian Peninsula was once filled meadows and rivers are still traces the course of rivers to this day. It has shown that coming from the satellite images, which clearly show the many rivers buried under the sand in the Arabian Peninsula. And authorized senior Western scientists in the US space agency, "NASA" today that "the imagery radar of the desert have shown that this area was once covered by lakes and rivers, and the environment in which similar to those we see in Europe, and they will return one day as they were."

It confirms the US space agency NASA scientists that the Empty Quarter desert and the Arabian Peninsula in general was once covered by rivers and dense forests and meadows, and the animals graze in abundance where, and affirm the return of this land as it was in the future, and this is indicated by the Hadith.

The fourth fact

In an interview with the traffic on the straight, is this talk of conversations Scientific Miracles in the Sunnah, this hadith involves a scientific miracle in the words of the Holy Prophet of God and prayers: (Have you not seen how the lightning is due in the blink of an eye?) [Narrated by Muslim ]. It was found the full congruence between the speech of the Prophet, and what scientists recently revealed a complex and delicate operations occur in a flash of lightning, where scientists have found that a lightning flash does not occur unless the revelation of a beam of lightning from the cloud toward the ground and his return! In this modern signal that the Great Prophet, peace be upon him had talked about the phases of lightning with amazing accuracy, but also identified her time, and perhaps we are amazed if we know that the time needed for the lightning strike itself is the time required for the blink of an eye! This is what Tell him the greatest prophet.

Scientists found that lightning consists of several phases of the most important traffic developed and the process of return, and that time the lightning flash is 25 milliseconds is the blink of an eye the same time, is not that what the prophet told us about fourteen centuries ago ?!

Fifth truth

Scientists have recently discovered that forelock area (top and front of the brain) control to take the right decisions and therefore whenever this area was more effective, more active and more safety decisions were more accurate and wisdom, so that we find a prayer of the Holy Prophet: (Nasita hand) [Narrated by Ahmad]. In this delivery of the Prophet to God, that all would God, and that God controls how he pleases and is estimated to him what he wants. The other thing that revealed by the newly is that the corner area plays an important role in the upper processes of the human person, such as perception and guidance, problem solving and creativity, so this region blessings of God Almighty in his supplication: (Nasita your hand). In this scientific nice reference to the importance of this region.

After long studies of the activity of the brain scientists found that the most important area is the forelock, any frontal area frontal, and it is responsible for leadership and innovation operations, so the Prophet, peace be upon him emphasizes the importance of this region through his supplication and surrender to God Almighty, and this is a miracle attest to the sincerity as Kiev aware of the importance of this region at the time was not any one on the face of the earth aware of this? It is not God is the one who taught him and spoke to him saying: ( and your knowledge of what were not learning and you Fadlallah was great ) [women: 113].

Indeed sixth

Holy Prophet, peace be upon him says: (One of the signs is the sudden death shows) [Reported by al]. In this modern scientific miracle manifested in the medical facts are indisputable, and this miracle is witnessing the greatest of the Prophet peace be upon him when he is the messenger of God does not speak of passion. Through accurate statistics of the United Nations, which confirms that the phenomenon of sudden death, but did not show a newly continues to increase in spite of all precautions.

Cardiologist confirms that the phenomenon of sudden death spread so much in the past years, and that in spite of the evolution of the science of medicine, but the numbers of those who die suddenly are still increasing, and our question: Is not this exactly what it referred to the Hadith?

Seventh truth

Most scientists confirms that the pyramid is the best way to natural end to the human being, otherwise any attempt to prolong life above certain limits will have many effects the least of cancer, says Prof. "Lee Silver" from Princeton University in the US: "Any attempt to achieve immortality goes against nature." . Scientists have left the outcome namely that despite the billions spent for the treatment of the pyramid and prolong life, but the experiments were without any benefit. This is referred to by the greatest prophet peace be upon him, saying: (Daw O worshipers of God, God did not put any disease but put his healing disease and only one: the pyramid) [Narrated by Ahmad].

Thus comes a new science facts were not known by proving confirms this truth and sincerity of the Prophet of Islam message.

And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

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