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the stages of milk be

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1 the stages of milk be on Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:06 pm

God said: )oan you in cattle for a lesson in which Nsagakm Btonh among the dung and blood for us pure palatable to Harpan(alnhal: 66. linguistic meanings: Alvrt is what in the rumen. It was: is Alsrgen as long as in the rumen. Some commentators said that the meaning of "among" they mean some Alvrt then some of the blood, in spite of their lack of knowledge of how not seen by humans only after centuries of revelation of this verse. that the word "pure" in verse further evidence that the milk materials get rid of the blood after the conclusion of Alvrt, has alluded to this sense Tabari said: (concluded from mixing with the blood and Alvrt did not mingle it). Indeed scientific: after that man discovered the secrets of digestion and stages and functions of the digestive organs and blood circulation and function of the heart and blood vessels, and the functioning of the body and its relationship with the digestive system and other parts of the body including the udders of milk glands and mammary in cattle, enable rights figure out a way to be the milk of food that you eat cattle. phases of the composition of milk pure highly plausible: be configured milk in cattle arbitrator coordination flour and the gradient between the digestive system and circulatory system and reproductive system by deciduous glands in the udders and other devices where God made ​​each function and acts of private device carried out to consist - in the end - pure milk highly plausible drinkers. It can be summed up stages milk as follows: 1. Digestion (Digestion) is digestion on several forms of SQ digestion (motor) and digestion chemical digestion microbial by (yeasts) microbes in the rumen of cattle, the process of digestion begins in the mouth of both types: digestion (motor) and (yeasts) where they are cutting feed materials chewing, and mixed with saliva which contains the enzyme (amylase) that digest initially and then in the stomach, where the vehicle is digested mechanical and microbial and chemical. Then ruminate food mass of the rumen to the mouth to be chewed and mixed with saliva, then re-ingested to work it analyzes the rumen bacteria (sugars) and (proteins), then digestion happening (Alkhmaira) in the true stomach (Balbbsin and resonance). These operations and feed digestion turns to dung. And the transfer of Alvrt into the small intestine digestion process continues expose themselves Alvrt of digestive enzymes in the intestine, pancreas and yellow bile in Alqaibd.oppema are foods containing analysis on a very complex molecules into simple molecules, Valncha complex sugars turn into simple sugars, fat turn into fatty acids, proteins turn out to amino acids and peptides, and vitamins and minerals and water do not need to digest before it is absorbed, and turns hard after Alvrt digested in the gut to clear dung. 2. Extraction of between Alvrt: The Alkhamlat in the small intestine absorbs nutrients analyzed in several ways, and this material up into the small blood vessels under the epithelial tissue, and from there to the larger blood vessels, classified in current circulation. 3. Extraction of the blood: the blood and then the transfer of these nutrients to all cells of the body and which ones udders cells that absorb the milk components which are among the blood. 4. Manufacturing milk in the udder: udder and industrial city consists of cloves, and each clove consists of a number of lobules, and each lobule contains between 150-220 microscopic vesicle, and a microscopic vesicle installation looks like the bag is made ​​where milk is secreted. Each vesicle is industrial units independent composed of cavity to collect milk surrounded by one layer of epithelial cells (epithelial), and each cell in this industrial unit and an integrated stand-alone turning the inside of the combine from coming raw materials from the blood to the droplet milk excreted in that cavity. The epithelial cell (epithelial) dairy that makes God within them all the milk of various components of manufacturing operations, is up the basic components of the milk to the basement membrane of the cell deciduous, takes each component its way through to reach the appropriate section within the cell where conducted by the processes of the world of the secret and hidden -sobhanh -, come out of the Supreme cell constitutes a new material with other materials produced for us palatable to the drinkers. , Come with us trace the path of each material received from the blood, and what gets her in her journey across the cell deciduous. is shown in Fig transition milk components from the capillaries through the mammary cell to the cavity vesicle after exposure of them to its transformation into suitable for the installation of milk materials, and move another section processors mechanisms unchanged across the cell or cross paths between the mammary cells. 1. Amino acids: amino acids released that came from the blood, and go to the appropriate section of the factory, which is deployed on multiple ribosomes RER coarse grid. There are linked together to form proteins, then pour into the cavity of the vesicle. Thus milk available components of proteins. 2. Milk sugar (lactose): Enter the next glucose from the blood cell, it transforms some of the galactose, and entering together the Golgi apparatus for subjected to interactions lead to the formation of (milk sugar) (lactose), which is an important article of milk components. milk sugar, water and join the proteins waiting Other important components such as fat. 3. Fat: receive epithelial ready-fatty acids cells and glycerol, coming from the blood to form a fatty substance in the endoplasmic reticulum, which the fat comes out then in the form of a small fatty droplets combine to form a droplet more and more moving towards the upper membrane of the cell, even if what he relates inspired him Lord of the rally strongly to join the components of milk Previous. 4. Antibodies: Come antibodies from the blood through the basement membrane side of the cell deciduous, then carried by transport vesicles (carriers) across the cell to reach the inner surface of the membrane of the upper cell, posing this antibody immune in the cavity vesicle without these objects are exposed to something which has happened in components other than treatment and change. 5. Other components: such as water and white blood cells, and some ions and salts where make their way to the cavity vesicle through narrow pathways between cells. mammary glands that extract milk from Alvrt who pour blood components, and other blood components fixed the proteins the immune system and some of the enzymes and chemical compounds which consists in the blood, and then processing, add some material to him; Kskr milk. Thus ends the estimated journey order of God of the components of milk. The miracle: What was one knows before the autopsy devices discovered in the past two centuries the secrets of what is happening in the digestive system when animals and humans and functions of that body's complex and its relationship to blood circulation and the stages are milk in the stomachs of cattle. When integrated hardware industry and scientific experiments through centuries knew Rights to milk components extracted after digestion of food from between Alvrt, conducts with the blood stream to reach glands deciduous in female udders you extract the milk components of the blood without any traces remain in the milk of Alvrt or blood, and added to it in vesicles milk material galactose that make it palatable to the drinkers. These secrets were hidden from human beings, not Aki_voha only after a long journey of trials, scientific research, which lasted for centuries and used the devices manufactured for the first time at the hands of researchers as it did not exist in humans before. But the Quran exposed the most beautiful words and outlined the term before thousand and four hundred years, it is aware of Muhammad, peace be upon him among the other human beings in that time the secrets of the digestive system and circulatory system and minutes what's going on in the glands of milk but who knows the secret in the earth and the sky, and he knows the secrets of creation of objects ?, so that is a testament to the may reply to topics in this forum post supervision

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