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virtues of black bean

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Sayings of the Prophet about the virtues of black bean
conversations about black bean
Muhammad ibn shaft and Muhammad ibn al-Harith Egyptians said to us Layth ibn Saad Aqeel from Ibn Shihab told me Abu Salamah ibn Abdul Rahman and Saeed bin Musayyib that Abu Huraira told them that he heard the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him says "The black seed is a cure for every only poisonous disease" and poison: death black seed: Nigella * (true) _ correct 859 and 1069: The narrated by Bukhari and Muslim. Narrated Abu Salamah Yahya bin Khalaf told us Abu Asim Osman bin Abdul Malik said: I heard Salim bin Abdullah happen from his father that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: "You have this black bean is the cure of all but the toxic disease" * (true) _ correct 859 and 863: and narrated by Muslim. Narrated Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah narrated Obaidullah told us Israel Mansour Khaled bin Saad said we went out and us Ghaleb bin Abjar disease of the road Vqdinma city, a patient usually Ibn Abi Ateeq told us you this black bean So take them five or seven Vitzhakoha then Aqtroha in nose drops oil in this aspect and in this side, Aisha told them that she heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and says: "This black bean cure for every disease only be poison I said what poison said death * (true) _ correct 863 second investigation: and Narrated by Bukhari. [This black bean cure for every disease except poison. (True) _ corroborating Narrated by Bukhari and Ibn Majah from Khalid Bin Saeed said: We went out and us Ghaleb bin Abjar, fell sick on the way, Vqdinma city a patient, usually by Ibn Abi Ateeq, he said to us: you, this black sweetie So take them five or seven Vitzhakoha, Then Aqtroha oil drops in the nose in this aspect, and in this aspect, the Aisha told me that she heard the Prophet, peace be upon him say: I reminded him. [in black bean cure for every disease except poison. (Right). (Black bean: Nigella is. The poison: Is the death). [you this black bean; where the cure for every disease except poison. (True) Word says: truffle medication to the eye, though Pressed fruit of paradise, and that these black bean - means: Nigella who is in salt - a medicine for every disease except death. [black bean cure for every disease except poison. (True). [you this black bean, a Nigella, where the healing]. (True). Setup / Zakariya Hosseini Praise be to Allah, thank so much good and blessed it as our Lord loves and is pleased with, and prayers and peace be sent as a mercy to the worlds, our Prophet Muhammad, The God of the good and virtuous and his companions granite blessed and followers and followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment, and after: for Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him that he heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and says: «in black bean cure for every disease except poison». Ibn Shihab: The toxic death, black seed Nigella said. This hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari in his Sahih in the book Medicine door (black bean) number (5688), also directed by the modern Aisha number (5687), narrated by Imam Muslim from Abu Huraira In the book the door to peace Therapeutics black pill number (2215), and directed by Imam Tirmidhi narrated from Abu Hurayrah also in the book Medicine door what came in black bean number (2041) and said: In section Buraydah and Ibn Umar and Aisha, and the son of Omar numbers (3447- 3449- 3448), narrated by Imam Ahmad in al-Musnad from Abu Huraira number (7287), he said the editor of the Musnad and directed by Al Hamidi (1107), as narrated by Imam Ahmad from the hadeeth of Buraidah Aslami may Allah be pleased with him, and talk Aisha. explain the modern saying: « in black bean », in the novel Muslim:« The black seed is healing ». In the novel Ahmed datum: «you this black bean where the cure for every disease.» Black bean Ibn Shihab «Balhunaz has been interpreted.» Ibn Hajar and interpretation of black bean Balhunaz to fame Nigella have said then, but now Valomr versa, black seed months when the people of this age of Nigella much, and interpretation is the most Balhunaz and months. Ibn Hajar said: Ibrahim Al Harbi and transfer in «strange talk» about Hasan al-Basri as mustard, and told Abu Obeid Heravi in «strangers» it Elah, and the name of her tree «Aldharo», said the essential: Is gum tree called Alkmkma brought from Yemen, and smell good and used in incense, Hafiz said: I said, not to be here assertive, and quoted the verse saying: interpretation first Balhunaz in two ways: first it is the most telling, and the second: the large number of benefits other than mustard and al. as saying: «for every disease»: This is broader than that used on one side, and how one, but used a single any alone without addition, the vehicle added to other materials, and crushed, may be used Ocala, and drink, and Sauta, and dressings, and so on. Hafiz said at the opening: "It was said that saying« every disease » appreciation: accept the treatment, they benefit from the cold diseases, and not the warm, yes may fall in some warm diseases land offer very fact, the cold wet medicines forces them quickly implemented. " Then he said, "said the scholars medicine: The printed black bean hot crusty, a gilded inflatable, useful than a quarter fever, and phlegm, were open for the shot and the wind, dried injury stomach, and if sounded and kneaded with honey and drank hot water melted pebble and manage urine and menstrual and milk, and where evacuation and cutting, and if you drink, including the weight of the weight of water benefited from shortness of breath, and dressing them benefit from the cold headache, and if cooked scrimp and rinse them benefited from a toothache, has stated Ibn al-Bitar and others who have class in the vocabulary that you mentioned in benefits and more of it. " said Khattabi in Flags talk: "This pan-word, which is intended to particular I mean, saying:« for every disease »- It is not meet in everything from plants and trees, all the powers that correspond to complexions are all in addressing the ills of the various and differing natures, but wanted it heal for every disease occurs from moisture "oh. He said Abu Bakr ibn Arabi: "Honey when doctors closer to be a medicine for every disease of black bean, however, the disease What if drinking honey owner to hurt him, if you mean by saying in honey : «when a cure for people» Most likely, he carried the black bean on it first. " Someone else said: The Prophet, peace be upon him prescribe medication according to the watching of the case patient, perhaps as saying in a black bean and approved disease of cool temperament, meaning shall be saying: «cure for every disease.» Any of this race, which took place to say it, and customization Balehitah common lot and God knows best. Then Hafiz said: "Sheikh Abu Muhammad ibn Abi Jamra:" People spoke in this modern and singled cousins, and Rdoh to tell the people of medicine and experience, not subtle error, this man who , for I if we believe the people of Medicine, taught them agreed often but it is the experience that built on the thought Galb- Vtsidik of does not speak of a first passion, and his first acceptance of their words. ended. "The guide offers him to cousins ​​that have to be that what is generally individuals and installation, and canoeing in the not so apparent departure from the talk, and God knows best. " Oh. Of conquest. The owner of the masterpiece Ahwadhi after leg say rhetorical, and bounds beyond words for Tibi is quoted as saying: "and his verse in the right Balkis: {and best of everything} [ant: 23]. And says: {destroy everything ordered Lord} [Ahqaf: 25] in the launch of Commons and will regard. " It ended. It was: are lingering on the totality, and answer the rhetorical words of the poet say: not the God Bmstnker that combines the world in one regard to the words Tibi, is subject to two verses prevents bring them to the House of Commons at each one on what is known, and the sayings of the door Vhmlha general is appointed for saying God bless him and where: «but boring.» Such as saying: {The man is in lost * Except those who believe and do good deeds} [era: 2.3]. Oh. I have these scientists already Ibn al-Qayyim Almighty God have mercy on him, he recalled in recycled increased Part IV black bean and talk contained therein, and the number of benefits and modalities of their use, he recalled that passed down for open-Bari and increasing, as if the Keeper quoted some of what was written on the black bean and diseases dealt with and Tdawiyeha and healed them, God willing. black bean when the old and modern doctors first: When old: in search Oaadah Dr. Hossam Arafat under (black bean with white hands) says: "When I removed the Lord« Carter »curtain revealing archaeological important, a King Pharaonic tomb «Tutankhamun», did not know what the black oil color that was found within the collections of this young King, and later known as the oil «Nigella sativa» or «black bean». known to the ancient Egyptians plant Nigella sativa, but did not know the specifically how they used in their daily lives, and they know her as «Centt», but the discovery of oil this plant within Collectibles one of their kings demonstrates conclusively how important this plant in this period. it indicates the Old Testament in the book «Isaiah» to the importance of Nigella sativa, roads followed then for oil, has been known plant Hebrews who grows widely in Egypt and Syria, as «Kitzh». He wrote «Disekurides», a doctor Greek famous lived in the first century AD - that «seeds» Nigella sativa has been used to treat headaches and congestion nose and dental pain, in addition to being used to expel worms, as well as used as a diuretic and milk. In the Islamic heritage was reported interview in Sahih Bukhari for Aisha, she said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: «This black bean cure for every disease but boring. » I said: What poison? He said: death. The Peronist wrote one of Muslim Scholars (1048 - 973 AH) for Indian origin to this plant and the extent of the nutritional and health value, and occupies Nigella sativa in Greek medicine - the Arab - who put founded «Hipaqrats» and «Gallen» and «Avicenna» great stature; where was of great importance in the treatment of liver and digestive system diseases, and in his famous book «Law in Medicine », see Ibn Sina that Nigella sativa can stimulate the energy and helps to overcome fatigue and stress." What is the blessing pill? is vegetarian herb grow annually in the Mediterranean region, but it is grown in many other regions in North Africa and Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Second, in recent studies: I have recently emerged through studies and research conducted on the black bean they play an important role in strengthening the immune system in the human body , As the body's ability to cope with diseases strongly linked to the immune system, the black bean Ptqoatha of the immune system form the misery of each ills, which are useful in the treatment of diseases including cancers and AIDS is incurable and human diseases. Benefits therapeutic black pill: - volatile oil found in the pill black contains a substance (Alnegilon), a anti-histamine, including the benefit of black bean appears in asthma expand people's treatment, and in the treatment of high blood pressure to expand the blood vessels, and in the treatment of certain gastrointestinal diseases remove infectious and intestinal cramps. - contain black bean materials have the status of antibiotics ; microbial growth stops, and do not allow to grow in nutrient medium containing the black bean. - extracted from black bean dye her properties sedative and hypnotic nice, hence the usefulness of black bean emerged as a drug house; especially in the placement of dental pain Balgrgerh, and usefulness of hypnotic light can be used for children . - black bean contains Aathre oil makes it useful in cases of intestinal colic repellent gases. - proven modern female students that black bean activate the immune system in the human body by increasing the proportion of T-cell immune, compared with T-cell inhibitory, hence the usefulness of black bean in the fight against diseases in general , and viral diseases in particular. diseases addressed by Nigella sativa (black bean) hair loss - headaches - insomnia - the lice and their eggs - the dizziness and pain Alozn- for favus and Ialbh- for Qhoba- of Obstetrics and Gynecology - dental pain almonds and Alhngerh- love Alchaabab- diseases Algeldah- warts - for vitiligo and leprosy - to speed the healing of fractures - for bruises and Alradwd- disease Alskr- for high blood pressure - to dissolve the cholesterol in the blood --inflammatory renal - to break up the kidney stone and Trdha- for indigestion Altbol- to prevent urination Allaarada- for Astsaga- infections Alqaibd- fever Alchuquih- of bitterness and Hsutea- for Tahal- Thoracic and Albrd- of the heart and session Aldmoah- for colic Almaoa- for Ashal- of vomiting and Algthian- gases and Altqlsat- for Hmodh- for Colon- diseases Alaaon- for Omaba- for Blharca- to expel Aldedan- for Akm- for Broustata- for Egrahh- of cancer-weakened Gansa- weakness Am- to open the appetite - for the treatment of lethargy and Alxl- to activate mental and speed Alhfez- for the treatment of AIDS. This is, and how to use black bean found in the special herbal books, and God is the Healer. mentions Dr. Hossam Arafat that more than 150 research, recently published in various scientific journals for the benefits of using Nigella sativa, which emphasizes the many benefits mentioned by the ancients for this plant, and comes most of these research from Europe, specifically Austria and Germany, which come in the forefront of countries calling for the revival of herbal medicine Ktb alternative, and so Nigella sativa in a variety of medical preparations appeared between tablets and capsules and drinks and oils In many European countries, as well as the United States, in addition to the countries of the Arab and Muslim world. modus operandi: scientists worked a long time ago to figure out how to work the black bean and especially its role in the healing process, which summoned the knowledge of the seed components, which were found to contain many vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein, as well as some fatty acids is saturated. It is worth mentioning that many of the vegetable oils such as cumin oil contains many basic and important for healthy skin, hair and mucous membrane fatty acids, as well as adjust the blood level and the production of hormones in the body process and other vital functions of the job. As Nigella sativa containing material «Alnigillon», a crystalline substance was drawn for the first time in 1929, and is Alnigillon is a natural antioxidants such as Vthiaman «C» and «A», as well as glutathione, which plays a key role in protect the body against the risk of so-called Bahaward Free free radicals and there are many research recently published about the role of protection played Alnigillon in protecting the body from the risk of many Western materials xenobiotics. uses black bean: 1. source of energy: It was found that Nigella sativa help keep warm the body's natural, especially since the nature of Western food and dominant now on dietary habits in different countries of the world, such as: eating ice cream, yogurt, pizza, cheese, hamburger, etc., consume a lot of vital our energy, leading to the emergence of many diseases. 2. Breastfeeding: help Pill Baraka on milk production, as well as a source important food for mother and child alike. 3. immune: demonstrated some studies catalytic effect of Nigella sativa on the immune system; which explains the meaning of «cure for every disease». 4. child: nigella seeds contain acid arginine, an important and necessary acid for the growth of the child. 5. aging: The black bean healthy food important and useful for the elderly; view because they contain multiple nutrients and variety. After: it with the presence of studies and medical research modern conducted about what guided him Prophet him, this research conducted in the Middle West and in other times, and looking where specialists in medicine, science, chemical and biological, and dazzling the world including proven that the Prophet, peace be upon him.

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