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How the Prophet knew that cats and dogs are unclean pure?

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Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in many of the conversations confirmed that cats are pure is unclean, and he called the rangers and rafts in the houses, and the ablution of the water that I drank it Cat and considered clean. The question arises: Is the Prophet illiterate PBUH doctor laboratory to say The Pussy pure and not Bnjs, said that the dog is unclean and this semi-known to all the day and proved scientifically, how aware that there is no in Pussy bacteria. For we learn on this research and the laboratory facts contained therein, where we have some experiments were scientific results matching as stated by the Prophet fourteen centuries ago. Some of the facts and science and experimental documentary about the cat and called the cat - Alsnor- Aldion - cat - Wear (the tone of the people of Syria) - Almh (the tone of the people of Morocco) - Alqtauh (the people of the Arabian Peninsula). Of known clean it for himself cat habits even if the world Pasteur said that cats are clean animals because of spending their day in cleaning themselves, and there is no area in the cat's body to the mainland and only this cleaning. Given the exposure of cat external environment skin will not be surprising to know that there are cells which act as defensive such as white blood cells and skin contains many cells modulate the sensitivity of the dermis cells. The surface of the tongue is covered with a number of outcrops edged serrated shape, this large square outcrops conical them real chilled or very useful brush to clean the skin .alqtt equipped with the best machine for cleaning a tongue Valstah coarse removes dead hair and cleans lint remaining. It is not surprising that the cat likes milk, but how to use it to his tongue to lick the milk is difficult to imagine, and when sensitive tongue cat will find it covered sharp Pintoouat working comb teeth work was some thought that these outcrops are using small pockets for carrying the liquid to the mouth to be swallowed, but this imaging that we will see now will prove that it is not the way it works tongue .bdla of this method is that some people imagine that the cat drink out the cat makes the belly of the tongue to the surface of the liquid or liquid milk, where it holds a way that does not make any of it back to the pot. Sndekm now with laboratory analysis of what is found on the cat of bacteria and microbes, if any. Lab tests after examining different sets of samples of different ages of cats and from different parts of the animal's body (back - soles stop and foot - mouth circumference - tail) where he was taking swabs of the study were grown on among transplant own germs (negative gram - positive gram - center EMB - amid Moler henton - amid Blood agar), has been taking private samples from the inner wall of the mouth and tongue surface and reached the following results: 1. Each results from the outer surface was negative 2 percentage plantings that gave a negative result was 80% for samples taken from the wall of the mouth. 3. took samples from the surface of the tongue and the result was negative. 4. type of bacteria that have emerged during the study in all it was the germ of cliques, one of the natural cliques that co-exist in humans in specific proportions (Ontorpakatr enterobacter - Streptucox streptococcus - Staphylococcus Staphylococcus ) was less than 50,000 colony numbers (fifty thousand colony) 5. We did not appear in any of Agriculture clique bacterial complex. As you can see, the laboratory analysis documented from several sources to prove that it is not a cat germs and microbes and saliva Tahir disinfectant. Statements by specialized physicians with the knowledge of germs, said Dr. Georges intentional (Head Laboratory in the Department of Veterinary Hospital): rarely find bacteria on the outer surface of the clamping If found, the cat will be patient. Says Dr. Jane Gustavsen: After analyzing a set of samples to compare the saliva of both human and dog and cat and found that the highest antibacterial is when the dog and the human comes by for a dog quarter comes cat by half for a human being. and Dr. Veterinary processor said in hospital Veterinary in Damascus Said well-being that cats have antiseptic substance called lysozyme. And cats hate water and move away from it because the water is the home is ideal for bacteria, especially if stagnant and cats maintains a constant temperature Vtptad from the sun not come close to the water so that bacteria do not move her and this accounts for the lack of spores on the fur of cats who keep it dry always. Some facts Sunnah The Sar Pussy Taher not being naajis Vlhadit girl heel bin Malik Kabshah that Abu Qatada - and her husband's father - entered her poured water for him and light a cat came to drink from it he tipped the pot even drank said Kabshah: Franny look at him, he said: Otaajabin Oh my niece ? She said: I said: Yes, he said: The Prophet, peace be upon him said: not Bnjs it from rangers on you and rafts. " Ali Bin Al Hussein, Anas Ibn Malik said: (The Prophet came out (peace be upon him) to the land of the city is said her Btahan, he said: "O Anas pour me and light" poured water for him, when he had finished his need accept to the pot has tomcat Volg came in the pot, stood Prophet (peace be upon him) pause even drink a cat then Todo, I mentioned to the Prophet (peace be upon him ) is the cat, he said: "O Anas that the cat of the pleasures of the house will not Iqdhir something will not defile him." It was narrated from Dawood bin Saleh al-Tamar from his mother (that Mulap it gave to Aisha-page mash came out and Aisha list pray, she pointed to it that its lost , I put it and when Aisha wives, came Pussy ate them eat it, or told the summit, and when I turned, said to the women clean, Fjaln Atakin into the mouth of the Pussy So I took her Aisha Vodartha then ate and said that the Messenger (peace be upon him) said: It is not Bnjs, it is one of rangers and rafts to you, I have seen the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) ablution thanks narrated that Abu Qatada, may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him in Pussy said: (It is not Bnjs it from rangers on you and rafts Narrated by Malik, Ahmad and the people of the four Sunan. Valhrh If you are a pure body, pure saliva, Rigaha Taher, Vsarha Taher, the rest of her drink, or the rest of what you eat Tahir). The miracle of this medical results and experiences that we've made ​​in the competent germs laboratories shows us that the cat his body clean completely and it is cleaner than human sapiens, and that Allah Almighty this cat provided glands protects the skin from germs and tongue which protrusions helps clean the body and up to almost all the places alone and even vertex cleans the back of his hand and that their saliva in which the proportion of germs less than in humans by a quarter and the sterile and antiseptic substance, and that when he drinks from a bowl drink it human thing does not fall out of his mouth in this pot. And of the Hadith, which passed us shows us that the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace when considered Sar Pussy Taher and Todo him he gave us medical reference to the purity of this cat and only what was Todo Bsarh. Glory to God how he knew the Prophet (peace be upon him) that the cat is not Bnjs if it was not a messenger of God who does not speak of passion. And the truth of God Almighty when he said in his case: What is a passion that is only a Revelation revealed (3-4 star

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