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Mother of the Believers Umm Salamah Hind girl Abi illiteracy Almkzumip

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Its inception Umm Salamah and encounters rates Bonsab the Messenger of Allah and the rest of the Mothers of the Believers Ms. pedigree born of Umm Salamah Hind girl Abi illiteracy Hudhayfah bin invasive bin Abdullah bin Omar bin Makhzoom bin vigilance once ibn Ka'b bin in Mecca, and her mother Atkp girl Amer Alknanah. Originated Umm Salamah in the house of pillowcases Quraish houses, Her father Abu illiteracy was Sadat built Makhzoom and known for his hyper-existence until the title Bzad behind where he was if he travels does not leave from accompanied carries intake and heirlooms but guaranteed to do so. The mother Salamah brothers Amer who safest day open Mecca, and Abdullah has the safest and emigrated before the opening, and immigrant Aslam also premarket then was of Muslim leaders in the wars of apostasy, a cousin companion Khalid bin Walid and the leader of the Infidels of Quraish Abu Jahl Amr ibn Hisham, it is also the sister of the Companion Ammar bin Yasser breastfeeding. her life before her marriage to the Prophet Mohammed before Islam, married a girl Hind Abi illiteracy of her cousin Abu Salamah ibn Abd al-Assad Makhzoumi They were former to Islam. As intensified harm the people of Mecca for Muslims, he migrated with her ​​husband to Abyssinia, and gave birth to her son Salamah there, then returned to Mecca after the Muslims in Abyssinia was that Islam was spread. When they returned to Mecca, they found Quraish still controls, did not enter Mecca but one of them in the vicinity of a supervision of Mecca. Income Abu Salamah and his wife Umm Salamah in the vicinity of his uncle Abu Talib, and remained in Mecca until the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Yathrib, understanding migration, but people were prevented from Abu Salamah walk by to Yathrib, migrated solo son Salamah. Umm Salamah has been mourned in sorrow, until her family to slavery intact, and left cause them to Yathrib. Umm Salamah came out plans to emigrate to Yathrib without companion, Othman bin Talha He saw her, and asked her for the part, I told him. He took Bouktam Daptha, and deported them to the outskirts of Yathrib, lock due. In Yathrib, Umm Salamah, I gave birth to three sons Omar and Dora and Zainab. In his three years, her husband was wounded in the Battle of a wound eloquent, even under the corollary died in 8 Jumada II 4 e. her marriage to the Prophet Muhammad after the expiry of her 'speeches Abu Bakr, then Omar ibn al-Khattab, Ferdthma did not agree on any of them. Then speeches of the Prophet Muhammad, kissed Umm Salamah. He went out in his October 4 in a room mother of believers Zainab Khuzaymah girl after her death, and her dowry was no more than a simple mattress fiber filling, and as newspaper and dense and a millstone. Salamah mother was standing at the Prophet Mohammed, Faroe Negus gave to the Prophet Mohammed suit and Ooaki of caught, and he gave each of his wives woman ounces caught, and gave Umm Salamah rest of musk and Hilla. Her daughter Zainab tells that the Prophet Muhammad join him one day Hassan and Hussein and Fatima, and said: «God's mercy and blessings be upon you, people of the house, he Hamid Majid.» Wept Umm Salamah and her daughter Zainab with her, asked her about her crying, she said: «O Messenger of Allah, _khassthm and let me and my daughter . »he said:« You and your daughter from the people of the house. »As I said Aisha, the Prophet Muhammad when he prayed age, income on his wives and one single, begins Umm Salamah because they Okprhn, and sealed Aisha. The Prophet Muhammad also advisable her mind and takes it, Verwey it after admitting Khudaibiya, the Prophet Muhammad to his companions he said: «Arise Vanhroa, then Shave», Vtbato his companions to their dissatisfaction with the Magistrate items, grieved the Prophet Muhammad and entered the Umm Salamah that were with him in those Umrah, told her what had happened from the people, she said to him : «O Prophet of God Would you like that? Get out and do not speak one word from them until the slave women your body and calls Halqk Faihlqk. »Went out, did not talk to anyone of them even do that; slaying and throat, when he saw his companions that they Venhroa, and make some of them shave some as it was Umm Salamah, the cause of the descent of some verses of the Koran, has said Mujahid bin Jabr she said one day: «O Messenger of Allah, invading men do not invade, but us half the inheritance.» came down the revelation, saying the Almighty: not Taatmnoa what Fadlallah by one another for men's share, which acquired and women share than earned, and ask Allah of His bounty If God is knowledge of all things and saying: that the Muslim men and women and believing men and women and Aleghantin and Aleghantat and truthful and Alsadqat and patient and Alsaberat and humble and Kchaat and graffiti and Almtsedkat and fasting and the ignorant of and conservers guard, holsters and who remember Allah much and the memories God has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward as narrated Amr ibn Dinar for her son Salamah, she said: « O Messenger of Allah, we do not hear God the women mentioned in the Immigration something? »came down the revelation, saying: and he heard them, Lord, I do not take the work factor of you male or female, some of you of some of those who emigrated and were driven from their homes and traumatized in Sapele and fought and died for their sins Okfrn and Odechlnhm are Gardens underneath which rivers reward from God and God has a good reward her life after the Prophet Muhammad after the death of the Prophet Mohammed, were needed Umm Salamah, her house, and embarked on worship. Many have resorted to it to hear the talk and AlTafaqah in debt to flag the provisions of the law. I have heard Umm Salamah of the Prophet Mohammed and his daughter Fatima, as recounted from her first husband Abu Salamah ibn Abd al-Assad. Narrated by the creation of many of them the mother of believers Aisha Abu Sa'eed and her son Omar bin Abi Salamah and Anas bin Malik and Buraidah bin Husayb Aslami and Solomon ibn Buraydah and Abu Rafi and Ibn Abbas and Saeed Bin Musayyib and Solomon ibn Yasar and brother ibn Salamah, Abdullah bin Abi Malika, popular, and black bin increases and Mujahid and tender Bin Abi Rabah and the month of bin Hawshab and Nafi ibn Jubayr bin restaurant and equivalents bin Dungeons and her daughter Zainab and India girl Harith descriptive girl Shaybah descriptive girl Abu Obeid mother was born Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman bin Auf and Umrah girl Abdul Rahman, Umm Mohammed bin Qais and Umrah girl snake and Jsrh girl hen mother Msawr Humairi mother of Moses (confidential) and mother missionary. The Umm Salamah, the second-most women narrator to talk after the mother of believers Aisha, where Root 378, according to a recent estimate Ben remained immortalized 13 of them newly agreed, and himself three Bukhari, Muslim and thirteen. As he reported in his Musnad her golden newly 380, and the total Marwiyaat as stated in the newly masterpiece supervision 158. Most of the Narratives of Umm Salamah in provisions and singled out acts of worship mainly Ktharh, prayer and zakat, fasting, pilgrimage and in the provisions of Funerals and Arts and behaviors. As recounted in Maghazi and grievances and strife. were not Umm Salamah completely immune to politics, he wrote to Uthman advise him after things disorder in his reign, and after the murder of Uthman and sedition that occurred among Muslims, Umm Salama wrote to Aisha while Himmat out to Basra advising them not to go out, Vhkurtha Aisha, and made ​​clear its intention to reform that between the two clans. As I wrote to Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan Ali he preferred to remember him. The Umm Salamah eager to Muslim unity, when presented the mystery of Ben Oirtah to the city in succession Sid, and refused to pay allegiance, he came Umm Salamah, and she told him: «swore allegiance, has ordered Abdullah bin Zama nephew to pay allegiance.» As defined by the eloquence The rhetoric and Glaajaz and enable them to language. her death [ she died Umm Salamah, in a November 59 e and was told 60 e and was told 61 e and was told 62 e, was the last wives of the Prophet Muhammad's death, and was buried in al, and had been recommended to pray by Saeed bin Zaid to get sick, but Aovi and died before them. their children grew up the children of Umm Salamah, the Prophet Muhammad house, and the wife of the Prophet Muhammad son Salamah from his cousin Umaamah girl Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib, has lived Salamah even succession Abdul Malik bin Marwan, and died in the city and her son Omar was narrators talk, narrated by his mother and narrated by Saeed bin Musayyib and Wahab bin Kisan and Qudamah bin Ibrahim, and died in 38 AH. As Zainab has recounted all mothers of the believers Aisha and Zainab girl colt mother Habiba, narrated by Urwa ibn al-Zubayr and al-Qasim ibn Muhammad and Ali Bin Al Hussein, the son of Abd al-Barr she said that her name was libra Vsmaha Prophet Zainab. Zainab was married to Abdullah bin Zama black bin al-Asadi and she bore him. The latter was the daughter of Dora and her name was said paper

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