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I love muhammed » greats converted to islam » Christopher changed his name to Jesus and to Oolderajo Ahmed and stressed that Islam is the light of a new two

Christopher changed his name to Jesus and to Oolderajo Ahmed and stressed that Islam is the light of a new two

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issa and Ahmad Islam income after he saw that the solution to their problems and are one of the workers institution Yamamah Press inside the presses have been months they became Muslim at sensitizing communities Balbdaah Office and the story they became Muslim says Issa, who was called before Christopher I work here seven years ago and I see in front of me a lot of things that call me for this debt, but I have not noticed invitation one to me to Islam that you once inside the newspaper printing presses and work and all of a sudden I came upon a book in the Philippines with a number of other books I took this book and as I went to the house I read this book I found the words beautiful and when my sleep came to in a dream an old man with a white beard and is calling me to Islam and that it is right and actually attended the next day to Khalid, one of my colleagues at work and asked him to go to declare an Islamic and actually contacted sensitize communities office and we went out there and had embraced Islam, thank God, I live comfortably and tranquility here in the Kingdom has informed my family Basalama and they told me that this matter up to you and Sodaohm to Islam if I came back there as I had been sent to one of my colleagues there in the Philippines books about Islam in the Philippines and read it and then announced his conversion to Islam, thank God, and I am as Issa says consider myself born Mnmund that entered Islam and I'll be happy with the entry of every person of this great religion that called for by the Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah Allah bless him and so I tried to think about this great religion has found a welcome and encourage all of my colleagues at work within the organization ..

His colleague Ahmed, aged 46 years and before that was called Aolderajo that the sweetness of Islam lies in that religion to all people not only on the people or a particular category, and so what I saw through my dealings with the brothers here have invited me my colleague in the work of Jesus through the Giving me books in the Philippine explains Islam calls for love has converted to Islam before several days and found it difficult in the first day of fasting. But after three days of fasting and found the sweetness of Islam and fasting cure for many diseases has been the silence of the rest of the day and became the fast with something endearing Ahmed said that he has two daughters, one 12-year-old and the other smaller and Sodaoheme to Islam, God when I came back out there and was credited with an Islamist after God of Sheikh Ibrahim Alhinan Dosari imam Ali bin Abi Talib Balbdaah who Guenna certificates.

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