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Fulfilled in the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

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Islam is a religion and respect for the fulfillment of contracts and covenants and conventions he says: O ye who believe! Fulfil [the utility: 1], and the Almighty said: Fulfil the Covenant that was responsible [Wallace DONC: 34]. He said: Those who fulfill the covenant of Allah does not break the Charter [Thunder: 20].

The Prophet (peace be upon him): "It was between him and the folk era; not Ihln knots and pulled by even goes running, or rejects them on both" [Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi].
And when presented to the Prophet (peace be upon him) a messenger Musaylimah liar, including Vtkellma said. He (peace be upon him): "If not for that of the Apostles do not kill, to hit Oanaqkma" blew his year not kill the messenger. "[Narrated by Abu Dawood].

An example of the fulfillment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Covenant with the infidels what came in Hudaybiyah story, and in that the Magistrate concluded by the Prophet (peace be upon him) with a representative of Quraish Suhail bin Amr, and it was the terms of the Magistrate that any man comes to the Prophet ( God's peace be upon him) from the Quraysh during the term of this Magistrate return it to them and that he is a Muslim, and while they are in the process of writing the rest of the terms of this conciliation, there came Abu Jandal bin Suhail bin Amr Ersv in chains, has come out of the bottom of Mecca even threw himself between Muslims appearance. Suhail said: O Muhammad this first Okadhik what he has to give it back to me. The Prophet (peace be upon him): "I did not veto the book yet," he said: If you do not Osag something never. The Prophet (peace be upon him): "Vodzh me," he said, what I Bmgizh you. The Prophet (peace be upon him): "Yes, please do," he said, what I Pfaal. Abu Jandal and started to shout loudly: O Muslims! Oord to the idolaters Evtnona I have come in a religious Muslim? The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "O Abu Jandal! Be patient and the referee, God will grant you and those with you vulnerable way out, I had we had between us and the people made ​​peace, and we gave him of it, and they gave us the covenant of God, do not Ngdr their "[Bukhari], as well as the escape of Abu Basir, a man of Thaqeef ally of the Quraish, he went to the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Quraysh sent in his application two men, straighten the Prophet (peace be upon him) under Khudaibiya agreement. In this guide to perfection and fulfillment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his respect for the covenants and conventions, even though it was apparent in the present Covenant prejudice against Muslims.

It is evidence of the fulfillment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to Kfar Covenant is the report narrated Bara that the Prophet (peace be upon him) what he wanted to do 'Umrah sent to the people of Mecca Astoznhm to enter Mecca, Vastrtoa he should not reside in only three nights, and enter only Bjelban arms (1), does not call for one of them.

He took the writing requirement, including Ali bin Abi Talib, he wrote: This is what the judge Muhammad is the messenger of God. They said, if we know you are the Messenger of Allah and not Nmnek Tabanak, but the type: this is what it sued the Mohammed bin Abdullah. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): "I am - and God - Mohammed bin Abdullah, and I - and God - to the Messenger of Allah," he said to Ali: "Messenger of Allah blot" said Ali: God never Omahah.

He said: "Vornah" showed him him, Fmhah Prophet (peace be upon him) in his hand when he entered and went days came high and said: Over your friend go home, he recalled that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Yes" journeyed [agreed] .

) And that the Prophet (peace be upon him and in them, including disobeying the command did not increase it to three.

He (peace be upon him) warned of treachery and failure to fulfill the promise: "the security man, killing him on the same, I am innocent of the killer, though the murdered infidel" [Narrated by women and horses.

He (peace be upon him): "What's veto folk era, but it was killing them." [Narrated by the Governor and corrected the conditions of Muslim and horses].

And seeks refuge Prophet (peace be upon him) of treason, which is against fulfill, he said: "... and I seek refuge in You from the betrayal they Bist lining" [Narrated by Abu Dawood and women and a man.
and the campus of the Prophet (peace be upon him) treachery, he said: "Everyone left Brigade known as the Day of Judgment by "[agreed].

And between (peace be upon him) that he does not invalidate a covenant, he said peace be upon him: "I do not Okhas Covenant" [Reported by Ahmad, Abu Dawood and horses].
(1) JELBAN Weapon: intrathecal including the sword and bow.

Rehab Biography of the Prophet 31
By: Prof. Adel Ben Ali Sheddi

Assistant Secretary General of
the Muslim World League

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