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A small story about the generosity of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

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** In the name of God the Merciful **
story about the generosity of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Peace, mercy and blessings of God moved me generosity of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in conversations Group I loved to move it to you my friends to know Aktruakther personal Ka'aba peace be upon him. he prayed God him an example of kindness and generosity, he was not given a liquid he finds what he gives, he asked a man suit was worn, and entered his house Fajalaa, then came out in his hand and gave it to him, and asked the man gave him a sheep between two mountains, not the man was certified, he sped up by a looks behind him, fearing that the Holy Prophet is due in saying, then went to his people, he said to them: "O my people converted to Islam, Muhammad gives the tender of poverty is not afraid!" ... Suffice it in inferred generosity of God be upon him talk bin Abbas, who Bukhari: "said bin Abbas, when asked about the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him:" The Messenger of Allah finest people and was most generous in the month of Ramadan, when Jibreel met him Vidarch Koran, was Allah bless him Lucille finest from the blowing wind. " and cited Here are some Examples curiosities on the quality and generosity, peace be upon him: * gave the Holy Prophet Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him from the gold unless Itq carry. * * and gave Mu'awwidh Ben Afra fill his palms jewelery and gold because he received a gift of wet and cucumber. came a man asked him, he said to him what I have nothing but Apta Ali (ie Buy what you need on my account and I Osddh about you, God willing) If we received something we spent! ". Allah bless our beloved best prayers and purer delivery, how great merits, and more virtues, O Allah, I ask a drink from the basin No systems then never. I wish you a happy Ramadan and Hkuraaaa

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