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The names of Allah ** meaning of each name

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1 The names of Allah ** meaning of each name on Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:34 pm

God: It is the greatest name that the uniqueness of its right Almighty singled out by himself and made ​​him the first names, and added the whole it is aware of the same Almighty.
Rahman: Many of Mercy, a limited name of God Almighty and may not be said to Rahman to other than Allah, because His mercy encompasses all something which is most merciful.
Merciful: Is Moneim never, Almtvdil always, Farahmth does not end.
The king is God, King of Kings, King, the owner of the Day of Judgment, and Malik creation is the absolute owner.
Holy: Is Taher El Menzah all the flaws and imperfections and all What is surrounded by minds.
Peace: is the publisher of peace between the creatures who delivered the same from shortage, defect and yard.
believer: he who handed his heirs of torment, and who believe slaves as promised.
dominant: Sergeant Hafiz everything, based on his creation to their work, and their livelihoods and Ajalhm, in charge of their care, prevention and maintenance.
Aziz: Is the solo pride, apparently invincible, strong omission was not overcome with something which is often everything.
Jabbar: He who carried out his will, and no one comes out for appreciation, which is omnipotent for creating what he wanted.
arrogant : it is the transcendent qualities of character solo greatness and pride.
Creator: is Alvatr creator of all things, and estimated his Almujd of things out of nowhere, he is the Creator of all maker and created.
Albarye: He who created mankind in his ability not an earlier example, is able to highlight the amount into existence .
Photographer: is that photographs of all assets, and arranged gave all of them a private image, and the individual, is characterized by the various and plentiful.
Ghaffar: He alone who forgives sins and to conceal defects in the world and the Hereafter.
Kahar: It is often that conquering his creation given complete authority and ability, and sent them away what he wanted voluntarily and involuntarily, and underwent majesty everything.
Wahab: Is Moneim on the subjects, who gives without compensation and gives the need without question, many blessings, permanent tender.
Razzaq: He created livelihoods and gave all creatures livelihoods, and extends each object as they need it, and the preservation of his life and forfeits.
Fattah: He who opens Closed things, easy to difficult, and in his hand the heavens keys and the earth.
Knower is the one who knows the details of things, and the minute things and Khvaya consciences, and souls, do not keep in his whit, Flmh surrounds all things.
clutch Basit : He who caught livelihood of who he wants of creation His justice, which expands the provision for whom He wills of His slaves quality and mercy is the Almighty clutch Basset.
-reducing Lifter: Is that reduces humiliation for both overwhelmed and force and went to his law and rebellion, He lifted His believing slaves acts of obedience, a lifter heavens .
goats humiliating: He who gives strength and prevail and severity to those willing Viazza, and deprive those who pleases Ivlh.
Samie: is that nothing is hidden in the earth or in heaven, He is the All-Seeing.
Seer: He who sees all things face value and its interior, which is the ocean each photoreceptor.
rule: He who separates his creatures as he wishes and separates between right and wrong do not ward off His decree does not overturn the judgment.
Justice: Is the campus of injustice to himself, and make it to the slaves taboo, it Menzah injustice and inequity in judgments and actions which gives everyone his right.
Latif : Is the mainland Comrade slaves, kicking and facilitates and improves them, and attach them and so kind to them.
expert: Is Alim minutes things, not is hidden, do not forget the knowledge of anything, it is the world of what was and will be.
Halim: is the patient who waits but does not neglect, and Leicester sins , and delay punishment, Virozk Orontes as alive and obedient.
Great: He who does not greatness beginning and no to His Majesty the end, and not nothing like Him.
Ghafoor: Is the curtain for the sins of His slaves transgressor for their sins and the sins.
Shakur: He who Azko has little of the work of slaves, Vidhaaf them the penalty , and thanks to slaves forgiveness for them.
Ali: Is the high amount is not surrounded by a description prescribers transcendent for peer and antibodies, all meanings of height fixed his Mata and oppress the affair.
Great: is the great Galilee with pride in his qualities and his actions do not need to be something not incapable of anything (not like Him something).
Hafiz: He who does not bear save something if Kmthagal powdering Athanasius kept not changed nor eliminated nor marred switch.
abhorrent: Is Almtkvl delivery livelihoods Creation them a Hafeez and able and the Almighty and the estimated and thus extended.
Haseeb: is sufficient from which the adequacy of slaves who it Accreditation enough subjects thanks to him.
Galilee: it is the great absolute characterized by all the attributes of perfection and Almnaot perfection El Menzah all lack.
Quran: is a lot of good horse Muti who does not follow tender which is the absolute Holy Mosque of the types of goodness and honor and virtues Mahmoud effectively implement.
Sergeant: Sergeant, which monitors conditions the people and knows their words and count their business a Hafiz, who does not miss him something.
respondent: Is which corresponds to pray and question the tender and acceptance does not ask others.
broad: He who has expanded his living by all His creation and His Mercy encompasses everything surrounding everything.
Hakim: It is right in masterminding Latif in appreciation expert realities of things Alim wisely affordable All creation and spent goodness and wisdom and justice.
Loving: is loving slaves, and beloved in the hearts of his heirs.
Majid: is the deep end in glory, a lot of charity thanks great tender mainland.
Emitter: is the emitter Creation Day of Resurrection, and emitter messengers to the subjects, and emitter aid to the slave.
martyr: is present who does not miss him something, he is familiar with all the sights he knows its details.
right: He who has the right right in his own words and in favor of close friends he is worthy of worship.
Agent: is the sponsor moral character based Bomoarham it is assigned it took up and will suffice, and sacked him enjoined and grant him.
strong: is the owner of adult perfect full ability Ghalib invincible Vqute above all strength.
strong: it is strong, which does not require the signature of his rule to Jund or periods not to a specific.
Guardian: is loving Nasser who obey, grant victory to close friends, and overcome his enemies, and incumbent things creatures and protect them.
Hamid: It is due to the Hamad praise, who does not praise is disliked.
Reckoner: He who counted all his knowledge, not miss them accurate nor Jalil.
Alambdye: He who created the objects and invented Starting is a previous example.
restorer: Is that restores creation after life to death in this world, and after death to life, the Day of Resurrection.
giver of life: is the creator of life and give unto those willing, salutes the creation of nowhere and then restore them after death.
fatal: it is estimated death Each of the fatality nor deadly else, conquer slaves to death whenever he wants and how he wishes.
District: is characterized by eternal life that has no beginning nor the end of it the rest from eternity and never a neighborhood that does not die.
Gayoom: It is based himself, the rich from the other, which is based masterminding It is created in they constructed and their livelihood.
Allowajd: He who does not lacking anything and incapable of anything find everything they are asking, and aware of what he wants.
Majid: is his perfect finite and splendor Bahi, his splendor in the descriptions and actions which treats the subjects Paljod and compassion.
One: Is individual unique in itself and clarity and actions, one in his undisputed one, is not a partner Almighty.
Samad: He obeyed who does not spend without order, which is intended to in cataclysmic events is the purpose of worship in the tasks of religion and worldly.
Kader: He who is able to find a non-existent and execution on the as much as prudence dictated, not plus it nor less about him.
Muqtadir: He who is able to repair the creatures on the face can not be other.
Payment: is the one who offers the things and put them in place, it ought to have been rendering his foot.
backside: He who delay things Vidaha in place backside for those willing, from the ungodly and the infidels and all worth the delay.
The first is that not preceded by the presence of anything, it is the first pre-existence.
The other: is the remainder after yard of His creation, eternal survival Livni all has to stay alone, it is not nothing after that.
apparent : Is that appeared above all and exalted it, the apparent existence of the large number of subdirectories.
subcontractors: is the world insiders and exposing, which is closer to us than his jugular vein.
governor: Is the owner of the things disposed of his will and wisdom, which performs his command, being the rule.
transcendent: It is that the bulk of the AFC Liars, and promenade for the whispers Almthiran.
righteousness: is compassionate to worship His righteousness and kindness, and the questioners in good tender, which is honesty as promised.
Tawab: He who reconciles slaves to repent even turn to them and accept their repentance Vikabl pray for the tender, and repentance forgiveness sins.
Avenger: Is that divides the emergence of tyrants, and emphasizes punishment for disobedient, after Excuses and alarm.
Amnesty: He who leaves Almaakhaddh the sins and reminds you of defects is erase bad deeds and exceed all sin.
Raouf: Is Almtattv guilty of repentance, which is serious benignity and Ptattvh, Leicester defects and then forgive them.
Malik King: He disposed of his property as he wishes irreversible to his rule, does not overturn his order.
with glory and honor: Is the solo qualities glory and perfection and greatness, competent Balakram and dignity of a people because Weigel.
spondylitis: it is fair in his judgment , which redressed the oppressed from the oppressor, then completes amended so he accepts the unjust after satisfy the oppressed.
Mosque: He who collect all Alkamalat, Mata and a description and actually, which combines creatures similar and disparate, which combines the first two and the others.
rich: He who does not need a thing, which is laid for everything else-poor to both booed.
Singer: is the Giver of riches to worship, sing of wills riches, which is sufficient for those willing slaves.
Muti inhibitor: He who gave everything, and prevents tender for whom He will plague or protection.
Harmful useful: it is estimated Ldhar the one who wants how he wanted, and the estimated benefit and good for those who wanted how he wanted it all to appropriate wisdom Almighty.
Light: is Hadi good that instructs Bhdaath whom He shows the right, and inspires his followers, apparent in itself, appearance of the other.
Hadi : It is indicated for the creation right through his words guide hearts to know, and souls to obey him.
Badi: He who can not be imitated one in his qualities and in its provisions, or an order of affairs, it is updated Almujd on a non-example.
The rest: He alone his stay, Permanent presence prescribed to stay eternal, N of the courtyard is the rest without end.
heir: Is the Permanent Alobaky who inherits creations after yard of creation, which inherits the earth and them.
Rasheed: is happier than willing Barashadh, and miserable than willing to deport him, great wisdom adult Rashad .
patient: Halim, who is not Iegel disobedient outrage, but forgive and delay, nor indeed accelerates premature.

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