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prophet, peace be upon him Generator and the environment

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The Prophet - peace be upon him Generator -:
In the morning on Monday, the ninth of March, for the first year of the elephant incident, corresponding to April 20 of the year 571 AD [1] The Prophet of Mercy was born and the Holy Prophet and the Seal of the Prophets and His Messengers and Akram Creation: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib ibn Hashim ibn Abd Manaf son Qusay bin dogs bin once ibn Ka'b bin Louay son Ghaleb bin Fehr.

Some accounts reported that his mother gave the girl a safe in pregnancy did not find what you find women usually of weakness and pain, but he was a lamb easy easy blessed, Roy as she heard the phone cheer by saying:
"You have brought this nation Sir, if fell to the ground Vcoli: I Oaivh through the One, from the evil of every envious, and toxicity of Muhammad." [2] .

As established by the mother went out with him Noor lit between East and the West, until it lit up the land of palaces Bosra Sham, a born in Mecca [3] .

Environment Prophet - peace be upon him - and upbringing:
The Arabian Peninsula at the time where the worship of idols and idols, and belief in superstition and ignorances had spread, and spread descendants menial bad habits and traditions unsightly, such as adultery, drinking alcohol, and daring to murder and bloodshed, the killing of children and female infanticide - any Dvenhn Hayat - for fear of poverty or shame.

As was the prevailing tribal fanaticism severe that drives the owner to advocate for the people of his tribe the right or the hero, and boasting Balohsab and genealogy, and concern for the honor and prestige and reputation, which was often lead to wars and battles between the tribes years Taiwilat continue, and shed the blood cheap, despite the banality of reasons that caught because of those wars.

Despite the emergence of the Holy Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - in this ignorance atmosphere but from a young age not contaminated by any of these gentile and customs deviant, and did not engage with the people of his tribe in their transgression and their oppression, but God save it from falling into that than that from an early age.

The text belongs Karim Mohammed - peace be upon him - with great rates to an old family among the Arabs, it was the ancestors of the supervision of the Arabs and the best in the biography.

He was born - God bless him - a poor orphan, lost his father died Abdullah during pregnancy his mother gave the girl safe.

It was usually the Arabs have to pay their children at birth to nursing mothers living in the desert; in order for Abteke deployed in urban diseases, and to strengthen their bodies, and to master the language of the Arabs in eloquence Mahdhm [4] .

Therefore pushed safe girl gave her newborn Mohammed - peace be upon him - to the wet nurse of Bani Saad called Halima.

Halima wonders have seen from the pond this blessed child Mohammed - peace be upon him - where the milk has increased in the chest, and increased grazing in the pastures of sheep, and increased sheep Smona and meat and to us, and changed the lives of Halima of drought, poverty, hardship and suffering to the best bumper and the pool is fantastic, I discovered that Muhammad - peace be upon him - he is not like all children, it is a blessed child, and Astiguent that person will have a huge affair, was keen on him and his presence with them, and were very loving to him [5] .

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad was - peace be upon him - six years his mother died, He lived in the care of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, who gave him great care, and it was repeated so much that this young man will have great significance, then Abdul Muttalib died when the Prophet - peace be upon him was - eight years, and the era of Bkivalth to his uncle Abu Talib, who has the right of his nephew do better.

Providence before his mission - peace be upon him -:
At a young age was the Holy Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - works in herding sheep [6] , and then went to work in the trade until Feb, and showed great skill in business, and known for his honesty, truthfulness and generosity of ethics and good conduct and mind most correct and great wisdom.

The Prophet of Mercy Muhammad - peace be upon him - distancing himself from all the qualities of ignorance ugly, was not drink alcohol, do not eat from the sacrifices which are offered to idols, and did not attend any holiday or celebration is held to idols, but was known for his strong condemnation of idolatry hatred and maximized , so that it was not love just to hear the alliance Ballat and Uzza and two Snman of note was the Arabs and Aazmonhma Aabdonhma and well-traveled alliance with them [7] .

It was not the Prophet of Mercy Muhammad - peace be upon him - Quraish youth involved in binge and amusement and boards of singing and playing and wine, and it was fun and condemns adultery with women [8] .

The Great Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - in his people the advantage of good moral character, so he was the greatest of chivalry, and the best in attitude, and most of them dream.

His nickname, help the needy, and afflicted subsidy, and honoring guests, and kindness to neighbors, and the fulfillment of the Covenant, and the chastity of the tongue, and was in the top of honesty even known among his people as " honest and trustworthy " [9]

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